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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thanksgiving in SL? Jaded Exonar Reporting.....

November 22nd 2012 - A time for reflection, appreciation, and time in the company of loved ones.  Whatever your Nationality, this is a Season worth enjoying....But will anyone be celebrating in SL?

Evola Courtois:- " I have no idea - I might dress up as a turkey!  I'm thankful for all the creative outlets in SL, all the great people - And of course for Cali here! "

Cali Courtois:-  " Well I work on Thanksgiving, but I come online at night so I can celebrate in both worlds.  I'm thankful for Evola here - We've been together for three years now -  And for all the amazing things we can do in SL together!  "

Sammy:-  " I'm six, and I'm looking for an SL family - I would just like staying with them and doing everything normal families do at Thanksgiving.  If I could get a family, that's what I would be most grateful for. "

Leesa Donner:-   " Well I usually put some things out - turkeys, and a feast.  As for being thankful, I really am - I had breast cancer this year in RL.  The Truthball Cafe is all about being thankful, so we can all enjoy the peaceful nature here. My SL friend Jessie Kleiner did the landscaping; she made it come alive somehow, and really helped me during my recovery. "

Many residents agree that Thanksgiving is as relevant in SL as it is offline - A time to reflect on friendships and families formed across the world.

Few have done more to encourage this strength of community through Second Life, than Devon Madrigal and Jeweliette Darkfold.  As Owner and Manager of 'Misthaven' respectively, they have created a beautiful and caring PG community, which has gone from strength to strength since first forming in December 2011.  As a SL family for almost three years themselves, they know just how important lasting friends and family are in any life, and welcome everyone to join them this Thanksgiving.....

 This year will be our first Thanksgiving together in Misthaven, and we're really looking forward to it! Our plans include a community Thanksgiving feast, and gathering for some conversation & game playing. Both of these events will be open to everyone across the grid, just like all of our other major community events (Usually one a month!). Our community feast is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 17th at 8:00 PM SLT, games to follow. We'll also have a second feast & games on Sunday, Nov. 18th at 4:00 PM SLT for those who can't attend the evening feast on the 17th. The feast and games will take place in Misthaven Park, in the middle of town.

It isn't hard to think of what we are thankful for - There are so many things!  We're thankful for each other, and that we were able to create Misthaven, and keep it running smoothly and successfully for almost one full year now! We're thankful for our wonderful founders ('Ardy' Ardvarkboy Ballyoo, 'Bingo' Zachbrox Resident, and Daniel Whelan) neighbors, friends, and visitors, past and present, and the diversity that they have brought to our quaint little community. We are also most definitely thankful that such a place as Second Life exists, without it none of this would be possible, though we would like to kick SL on occasion when the lag hits or glitches happen, it's only because we enjoy being here in this world, and because our friendships here mean so very much! "

 If you're joining us in SL for Thanksgiving this year, it really won’t have to cost the earth for you and your loved ones to enjoy all the trimmings at your own Thanksgiving table!  Purple Moon has laid out a stunning array of Thanksgiving goodies, from the all-important table and turkey, to a variety of side dishes and even invitations!  With some great season offers, it's well worth a look!

There are also two great hunts scheduled, with Nocturnal  'Thankies Hunt' running from 5 -30 November ( ), and the 'Gobble Gobble Hunt' from 1 - 30 November ( ).   

Whatever you decide, there really is plenty to choose from for the season, with so many people continuing to give us reasons to be thankful.  I hope you have a busy and very happy run up to Thanksgiving.


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