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Friday, February 22, 2013

DiversionZDance "Circus Diabolique" at Danse Macabre - LEA26 Performance Review- The SL Enquirer and the full house gives it two thumbs up!- Lanai jarrico Reporting…

On February 22nd. I received an event notification that read,

"Ladies and gentlemen allow me to direct your attention to the center stage where you will bear witness to terrifying sights that will haunt you to the day you die....behold the Circus Diabolique and let the nightmare begin”.

That was enough to make me dig through my messy inventory and pull out my best clown costume and get ready for the show.

As I continued to read, “Be drawn into the world of the dark circus in this second dance piece by artist Fae varriale and her dance company DiversionzDance, which was created as a vehicle for marrying her love of contemporary dance with a love of creating immersive artwork, Choreography, environment design and costume concept by Fae Varriale”.

By that time, my curiosity was peaked, I went, watched and came away with this to say…

The  mastermind of this mind-blowing performance, Fae Varriale along with Dubhna Rhiadra and Deadly Deed delivered a wicked show. For those that did not make it to this spooky circus themed performance, it was a full house. The show promptly began at 3:00pm SLT with eager guests sitting at the edge of their seats. With all seats taken, there were more avatars standing around the sides and in the back with eyes glued to center stage where the nightmare circus began.
With the perfectly choreographed dance moves, creepy clown attire and long sharp nails, moving eerily on a black stage with a backdrop of a  red faces, with their eyes gouged out. The scene was set for a virtual nightmare before everyone’s eyes.  The beat of the music played against the beating of hearts as all watched in silent anticipation for what was to come next.

This was truly one of my favorite performances in Second Life. Fae really brought forth her unique style and creativity and let it unfold on stage for all to witness.  I wasn't the only one that enjoyed the show, check out what other’s had to say…

martty (marttygehter) said,
 “kinda strange at first, but like it a lot, great music and the costumes are awesome”

Yuehlle (primodori said, 
 “compliments on a well planned performance”

Regina Ichimomo said, 
“it is really, really great! perfect technique of dance and choreography, I love it” 

Synful Aeon said,
 “The artistry of it was very unique(the set and the dancing) and the costumes were nice”

Penelope Parx expressed herself with a bold  “BRAVAAAAAAA”

Kiana Writer said,
 “ that was truly amazing ㋡”

Naiki Muliaina shouted,
 “Good stuff”

  Pia Klaar said,  “stunning work---you are all genius in creativity”

Air (aair) throws popcorn.

Medora Chevalier added,
 “ great”

Tasta Von Phoenix (jewel.visage said, 
 “really good job”

Naiki Muliaina *throws flowers and a pair of panties, but mostly flowers*

Brandi Whittenton said,
 “fantastic job dancers”.

ֆȶɛʋɛռ ɮǟӼȶօռ (thedoctor.garnet) said,
 “I loved it. The mirror section was amazing really fun to watch. These girls have a lot of talent.”

  קïӜєζated  G (gina.broono) said,
 “Fae, it was beautifully choreographed great set and costumes, wonderful ,I enjoyed very much”.

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