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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Extending an Emerald Hand Beyond the Virtual World- Davvek Suun Ki Reporting...

We see movies about superheroes and wish the world had these costumed champions.  We look for good amongst all the challenges in real life.  Now, in a time when uncertainty seems to run so rampant; it’s good to know people are still at their best.  Just like that, a call for help is answered.  The popular sim Second Life continues to be a popular medium for virtual interaction.  Once again, The Green Lantern Core of Second Life (SL) has set their sights on another charity project.  This time their specific focus is for Community Outreach Programs. 
“The Green Lantern Core (GLC) was started in 2004 as a simple Green Lantern fan group and has since evolved into a multi-national public service organization. They are a tightly-knit group of like-minded residents who volunteer time assisting others and helping to make the Second Life experience a positive one for all.”
(Quote - GLC website) -

Each new graduating GLC class composes a (SL) Charity Project.  This latest batch of Emerald Protectors has set their goals on a special project – The Anime Twin Cities - L.E.G. Community Fund, an Outreach Program.  To assist this program, Second Life activities and donations are generated within this virtual world and the in-game revenue (Lindens) is converted back to real world currency.  The group was able to raise $15,000 Lindens which will translate into a little over $60.00.  Every donation makes a positive impact.
“The L.E.G. Fund, sponsored by Anime Twin Cities, a non-profit corporation, maintains a Charity Fund year round. They are based out of Minnesota.  The Charity Fund consists of money donated & set aside specifically to help people in financial medical need.   The Fund looks to raise dollars in order to cover medical expenses & the shortfall of insurance.  This organization and its “Anime Detour Project” also do an annual convention; run by fans for fans of Japanese animation, manga (Comic), video games and culture.”(Quote - Anime Twin Cities Website) -
Two of the Green Lantern Core’s newest members (GLC 10th Graduating Class):  Davvek Suun Ki & Daysting Darkward (real names withheld); assisted in hosting this virtual event; gave their insight into the Green Lantern Core and their Second Life charity experience.  “I think it’s an incredible way to make a real life difference using a virtual tool.  I’m proud to be a GLC member”, stated Davvek .  “With the diverse groups that attend Anime Detour every year& the members of Anime Twin Cities, along with groups like the GLC, Second Life is an excellent way to raise money for their community fund on a global scale”, stated Daysting.
The SL Charity Event was held on Feb. 2, 2013 and was a great success.  Many SL residents attended.  The GLC sim was beautifully decorated with stages and hosted many activities – “Best in Green” Fashion Contest, Photo Contest, & a Raffle for a SL item.  Music & dancing were in play, with people getting to know each other.  A good time was had by all supporting a worthwhile cause – Kudos to everyone!
Who says superheroes don’t exist?  We say they do!  Our hats are off to you Green Lantern Core of Second Life.  May your mission, vision and values continue to be a guiding beacon.  Until next time, keep that green light burning bright.
(Release: The Green Lantern Core originated in Second Life, an Internet-based virtual world video game, developed by Linden Research, Inc. All material stated, other than things known or believed to be in the public domain, are copyrighted by the author or credited to the appropriate entity. As a result, all trademarks, logos & titles mentioned herein (Green Lantern & Anime Twin Cities), are the intellectual property of their respective trademark owners. All donated Linden Revenue is solely collected, converted and donated to the respective & approved Charity Group; selected by the Green Lantern Core in Second Life.)


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