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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Get Ready For Baseball Season At Jersey City!

Stacey At The Bat A lot of people make an active effort to draw a solid line between real life and Second Life, especially in some of the sims I hang around in. That said, a lot of what goes on in SL is driven by RL. I live in Massachusetts RL, we just had 40 inches of snow fall in a week, and I trend toward warmer activities the moment I delve into this fantasy world that we all share. Fo' instance... the moment I open the SL Sports desk back up, we're talking baseball.
I've had this job for a couple of years, and it is hard to find baseball. Part of it is that it's tough to schedule the 18 people you need to play baseball to be on SL at the same time. There may also be graphic techinical issues, I don't really know that kind of stuff. I'm really lucky that I can even dress myself. The closest I've come to baseball is a batting cage some guy from Stanford made as his Computer Sciece thesis. I think I wrote about it, if you want to go hunting through the archives. I forget the guys name (my sisters would scold me for not remembering the Stanford guy's name, you never know when you might have to marry for money someday) who made the sim....

I had some surgery recently, and I will admit to some painkiller abuse. I don't really like to play baseball, anyhow, especially IRL. Either my eyes are too bad to see the ball until it is too late (everyone else's opinion), or the ball is too small (my opinion). Either way, I cower and go EEEEEEKKKKK a lot when I play baseball, especially for someone who's a bit of a tomboy. I was born in France, and that may be a variable at play in the equation.
 However, I do enjoy watching baseball, and enough people agree with me on this that baseball is still considered to be America's national pastime. Americans tend to be parochial. I moved to the Boston area from France as a child, had never seen baseball before doing so, and- by the end of my first summer here- I hated the Yankees.

 There may be something in the water or something. Naturally, parochial people like me want to represent when we go on SL, and you can't walk around nude all the time. Whether it is a chance to talk sports with a St. Louis Cardinals fan, or explain what baseball is to a German, or whether you want to rag on a Yakees fan... it's very important to have the proper gear. Many people come to me and say "Stacey...where oh where did you get that awesome Big Papi shirt?" When this happens, I always steer them to Jersey City. That's "Jersey" as in baseball jersey, not the state with the toxic waste and overpopulation. I shop here a lot for my job, and I'm not above sharing out my go-to spots with the people who read this story. It's what I'm here for, essentially. Jersey City rules so hard, you should have to pledge allegiance to it.

 They have jerseys for every team in every major sport. We're talking NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, whatever initials soccer has, NCAA and various custom gear. They have men's jerseys and girl versions of men's jerseys. They have home and away versions of some jerseys, and they even have some throwbacks. I got a jersey for every team in my town, a Tom Brady, a Big Papi, a KG and an old school Bobby Orr jersey that gets me props every time I wear it. As I am also a GOHA hockey cheerleader in my spare time, I also have a Red Wings jersey, a Toronto jersey, a Sharks jersey and a hard-to-find Hartford Whalers one. It's probably not a shock to anyone who knows me that I ended up as a sportswriter.

The jerseys go about $350Ls a pop, but I sleep at the SLE offices rather than renting a house, and can afford to squander a little rent money when I lose control of myself shopping. Anywho... here's the address to Jersey City. Get down there and show SL that you're ready for some baseball!


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