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Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentines Day Is Approaching...Are you Ready? Jaded Exonar Reporting....

Valentine's day.  Romance, roses, chocolates, music, and moonlight...But in Second life, we have the chance to  really  express ourselves.  Why not give something just a little different to your loved one this year?  After all, I've been searching the darkest, most secluded parts of SL to find  a few gems that might just surprise you!

Now the race is on to find that all important present!  How would you describe your sweetheart?

Traditional Romantic?
Then you can't go wrong with a red rose!  But how about this great find from 'Life Is A Rose'?  This is no ordinary rose...This is the Ultimate Musical Rose!  This menu driven beauty plays a great selection of romantic songs, including:
I Wanna Grow Old With You
Unchained Melody
She's Like The Wind
I'll Be There
Everything I Do
Eternal Flame
Close My Eyes Forever
So much romance for only 100L!  How can you resist?

Perhaps you need something heartfelt?  How about some footprints in the sand, especially for them?  Scullys shop is offering exactly that - With a love poem!  This would be an amazing surprise, and with plenty of poems to choose from, you can be sure to find just what you're looking for, and for only 10L!

Cuddly Romantic?
Ah, we've all seen the cute stuffed animals carried around by lovers in SL - But what about a musical one?  One that changes colors, has changeable text, plays 10 love songs, emits particles, AND gives 8 types of chocolates?   Haven't seen one? Well now you have!  This is the 'Some Bunny Loves You' gift from 'Forever Eden'!  Adorable, personal, and full of romance for just 675L...That's a lot of originality for your Lindens.

Not quite what you're after? Well hold onto your seats.....I managed to find 'The Love Bear'!  This really is 'all singing and all dancing'!   Confused?  Watch your loved one click on the box, and watch as the love bear comes out, blows a kiss, holds up the romantic sign, and presents chocolates and a sparkling ring!!  THEN s/he climbs the box, holds up a glowing heart, throws it into the air, catches it, and the word 'love' floats from the heart to your loved one!  THEN s/he makes a somersault and...well, you'll see!  With over 100 seconds of animation for just 987L, this is truly a gift for all the soppy romantics out there!

Cool, Edgy,, Devil-May-Care?
Love tattoos?  Then this is right up your ally!  -=[ Ais Ink Tattoo ]=- by Aischa Akina is the ultimate in personal tattoos!  Simply fill in the desired name into the provided notecard, and return it to recieve your personal tattoo for your sweetheart!  What makes these different?  They are not mass produced, and with and message or name incorporated into any of the many designs on offer, you can be sure this gift will be as individual as your sweetheart...and all for 150L!

It's awesome, it's unisex, and it's JCNY!  This is the 'Time'riser Engraving Edition' of the Hyper-Gems Watch!  Yes, it has all the usual features including world time zones, date display, color changeable, and all with that incredible design and quality JCNY are so well known for.  But what really sets this apart is the free engraving!  Using the order form provided, you simply choose that perfect, private and personal message/name  to have beautifully engraved onto the strap plate.  For 2,499L this is an extravagant luxury sure to show off your commitment...and your taste!

Hot, Sexy Extrovert?
Oh boy, have I found just the thing for you!  What could be better than you, wrapped perfectly lying in wait to surprise that special someone?!  'Freaky Design' have created the 'Present Avi'!  It looks amazing, and can't fail to raise a smile - Available in both male and female versions, it's a great start to a hot night in, for just 70L!

More heat?  Then you need 'Wrap Me In Ribbons', by Lexi Roxan!  This is the ultimate in sexy, and will let your special someone know  exactly  how you feel, with just a tiny bit of luxurious ribbon....and some scissors to lead the way!  Available for men and women, at only 199L....A snap!

But what about a special gift for  all  your friends this Valentine's Day?  (This is the piece de resistance....Drum roll please!)  What about Herpes!!!  From Arduenn Schwartzman, this is ingenious....After all, at 1L it's fabulous value for the gift that just keeps on giving!  Spread the love people, and have a fabulous Valentine's this year!


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