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Friday, March 29, 2013

•the event• H O L L Y W O O D

What do you think when you hear or see the word Hollywood?  Glitz, glamour, fame, fortune?  All of them of course!

And what about the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame?  It was created in 1958 as a tribute to artists and other significant contributors within the entertainment industry with the first star to be permanently installed being that of director, Stanley Kramer. Honourees receive a star based on their achievements in motion pictures, live theatre, radio, television, and/or music, as well as their charitable and civic contributions.

And now in Second Life we have our very own Hollywood and walk of fame presented by non-other than the inimitable Ivy Maverick in conjunction with the ever magnanimous Ramses Meredith, who is also responsible for the sim design.  Way to go you two, it is stunning.

Ramses surveying his handy work from the roof tops

Yes, yes, I hear you!  What in heaven’s name is Hollywood in Second Life?  Well I asked Ivy exactly that.

So Ivy tell us how - the event - come into being?

“I have wanted to branch out from Hunts and do an event, something that would be fun and different. “

What is the purpose of - the event - ?

“The Purpose is to bring brand exposure to our Designers and show the residents new releases and walk away with a representation of each and every store by way of a "Swagbag" gift.  It is also to honor some of our Famous Designers, Bloggers, Photographers, Models, and DJ's. “

What is the significance of Hollywood as the theme?

“I am from California and used to Rollerblade on Hollywood Blvd and go to the theater with my grandparents. It's a place near and dear to my heart.  It's a place you can be discovered and possibly have your dreams come true. So much Movie star history is there.”

Are there going to be fashion shows and special events within the event itself?

“We will have the BOSL Fashion show of some of the new releases featured for the event on Saturday March 30th 10;00 AM SLT and 2;00 PM SLT.”

How many 'events" will be held each year or is this purely a one off thing?

“We are not sure at this stage, it could be just once off or if we feel inspired we could do another "location"”

How many designers are involved in - the event -?

“There are 80 designers participating in the Hollywood event and each was required to make one new release to be released specifically at the event and also make one “swagbag” gift available.”

I took myself along to the Hollywood sim to play paparazzi and have included some pics here.  I have to mention I saw Dean Ashby of Redgrave sporting a very interesting look, nudge, nudge, wink, wink….  Not sure that I would have been very popular if I had published it though.

If you are looking to glam up your wardrobe, or even if you are looking for your 15 minutes of fame then a visit to –the event – Hollywood has to be on your to do list, you never know what could be around the corner.

•the event•  H O L L Y W O O D
 March 30th - April 14th. 
The most anticipated  event is coming to SL. Gizza, Gabriel, Redgrave, NCORE, Rfyre, Egoisme, Violator, Tres beau, HUMANOID, Mohna Lisa,Chop Zuey, BOSL Fashion show- MANY MORE AMAZING Brands!


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