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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Easter: Interview with Pinky the Easter Bunny - Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

According to Google© search, Easter Sunday falls on March 31st this year.  It is best known as the most important and oldest festival of the Christian Church. It depicts the resurrection of Christ for religious observers. This holiday starts with Lent ; a fasting period, ending with The Holy Week. For Catholics, the Thursday before Easter is called Holy Thursday and Good Friday is also observed. Easter is also linked to the Jewish Passover. For many, the Easter Holiday traditions vary in different ways.

 For non religious observers, it is most likely the only day a year they go to church on Sunday. The Easter Bunny seems to be the main attraction and decorating eggs is the thing to do. Many buy baskets full of jelly beans, assorted candy, chocolate bunnies and fake grass filler. Local communities celebrate with Easter parades and a precession of local fire truck tossing candy at scattering kids along the road and the mayor rolls by waving like Miss America in a suit and tie.  Family gatherings seem to follow where parents display their little girls in pastel overly frilly dresses and dolling up little boys in shiny shoes, dress shirts, extra starched slacks, including creases and button up vests.  
   Sometimes overly excessive parents slap a fancy hat on their kids and parading them to Church and to visit the grandparents were they collect money,  sloppy kisses and take photographs to add to their albums, for later blackmail and embarrassing photo sharing with visitors and  high school dates.

 Oh the Joys of Easter! However you decided to observe the day, remember the real reason for the occasion.
With all that said, in Second Life, Easter is observed with themed dance parties, decorations and Easter hunts. Some even dress like bunnies and hop around the grid creating the holiday atmosphere. Others litter the landscape with Easter Eggs, pastel trees and vibrant green pastures full of colorful spring flowers.
While wandering the grid taking in the festive locations, I came across this year’s Easter Bunny Mascot. Apparently just like the last Cupid, the previous Bunny must have thrown down his costume and went on to a whole new SL profession; perhaps stripping down to a banana hammock at one of the adult clubs.

  Interview with Mr.Pinky the New Age Easter Bunny

Lanai: Hi Mr. Pinky, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to have a chat.

Pinky: Hi Lanai.  It is my pleasure. I love Easter and I’m so excited about my new job I could just lay a giant Easter egg right now!

Lanai: I would so pay to see that, but I’m not sure our readers would be entertained seeing such a painful looking thing like that go down. Let’s start with your name, Aside from being a powder pink color, smoking a….What is that? A carrot?  Why the name Pinky?

Pinky: I love the color pink and these carrot cigarettes are the new cool. The color pink reminds me of cotton candy, Elvis’s famous pink Cadillac, pink lemonade and close up views of porn stars in action.

Lanai: Whoa! Ok Pinky TMI on that last one but I appreciate your candidness.
Pinky: Thank you I try. I  also take after my mother. She has big ears too, except she has an overbite that can gnaw the lid off a can of beans. When I wear this hat, I kind of look more like her.

Lanai: How sweet… you must be a Momms’a boy.  You should be careful she might hear you!  Anyway Pinky, what kinds of things do you like to do to celebrate Easter in Second Life?

Pinky: I love exploring the grid on this awesome segway and egging all the destinations I feel aren’t festive enough. I enjoy making chocolate bunnies with Exlax as the main ingredient and give them to noobies. I also like to coast a mean half pipe on my skateboard. This bunny suit really cushions the fall and all the pretty girls come running to my rescue. It allows me to cop a feel as I act hurt and need them to help me up.

Lanai: Not sure how any of that is positive or relatable to Easter. I must say, you are pretty bold and mean too. You sound more like a greifer than a holiday mascot. Egging, exlaxing and feeling up on unsuspecting avies isn’t exactly being festive or nice.

Pinky: I try, but you should see the look on their faces. It’s epic!

Lanai: That is just wrong Pinky… but I have to admit when I was a kid I egged a few houses and cars in my day, but you know…what goes around comes around because  in real life, my sliding glass doors got egg bombed last year by bratty neighborhood kids. The bang was so loud it scared the bujesus out of me!

Pinky: Awesome! I knew you had some mischief in you.  I would have loved to see your face in that moment though. Those are the kind of reactions I live for.

Lanai: O.o  OK moving on…. Pinky, aside from what you mentioned above, is there anything you do that is in a positive way that brings out the best of Easter in Second Life?

Pinky:  Good question. Let’s see…I uh help populate the Furry community. Wooooey! Those females are animals in the bushes! I prefer them over these big breasted bimbos that bombard the grid. I like thick women too. Who wants a bag of bones? If I did, I would have chosen to be the Grim Reaper Halloween mascot.
Lanai: I’m sure it would suit you better, but to each his own I suppose.  Why did you choose to be the Easter Bunny if you are so Anti-tradition?

Pinky: That’s a good question too. I guess I would have to admit this is a spiffy jump suit; it sure beats the orange one I had to wear for five years in the pen. My decision to be this year’s mascot was easy. I simply snatched it off the real Easter Bunny’s clothesline earlier this week.

Lanai: Good grief Pinky!?! I don’t even want to know why you were locked up, let alone, set free. Besides that, you stole from the Easter Bunny? How could you??

Pinky: It was easier than catching a Leprechaun. I saw your last interview. *shakes head*. That's embarassing.   About my time in the pen, It’s a looong story. Anyway….I’d do anything to score an interview with you.  I bet you’d look great in a bunny outfit too mmm mmm mmmm. *wink*

Lanai: Creep! *sucker punches the Easter Bunny* I soooo wanted to do that 3 questions ago…

Pinky: X.X *hits the floor harder than a sack of nickels*

Happy Easter!

Special thanks to ionut Mode


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