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Monday, April 22, 2013

An exercise For the Mind: The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior Game -Sarahelisebeth Brenham Reporting...

Do you like adventures? Me too. Come join me on one of SL's greatest journeys.

What is it with our fondness for expeditions as human beings? Whatever the reasoning is, we just know that we love to go on odysseys! The latest adventure that I went on was the Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior Game.

The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior Game was created and is run by the company, MadPea Production. This activity debuted on March 15th, 2013 and has been well received by all who have participated in it. The object of the game is to find certain items. When you have found everything that the pastime requires, you are awarded fifteen fabulous prizes. When the journey first was presented to the public, a cash gift of L$10,000, in addition to the other keepsakes, were given to the initial person who completed the quest. 

I will not be giving you all a full play-through of the game; just a few details of it. The reason I am doing this, is that I want everybody to still experience some surprises, that choose to play this game. I must warn you, those that have fear of blood, death and things that go bumps in the night, you will not enjoy this game. But for those who like or don’t mind the darker things in life, let us get a map and begin this adventure!

You begin on a boat with a TV and a crate containing the most crucial item that you will need for this game; the hud. 
Once you have purchased the hud, you will be asked to teleport to the location of your first mission. The puzzle that they start you with is quite simple. You just need to click on the charcoal hued brick wall and violia, you have just completed your first task! 

Immediately after you click upon the building, you are whisked away to the area of your next job.

The destination for your second hint and duty is on a beach. I initially had trouble finding the hint for this place, as I wasn’t quite clear on the game-play as of yet. I always try to play most games that involve logic, without help. But being that I didn’t really know how to play the game, I asked for assistance through the business’s group that made the activity. A sweet child answered my call for help and explained how the pastime worked and led me to the solution of that particular puzzle. I was to find dynamite to blow up that wall that you clicked to bring you to your current location. Once you collect the item needed, you are taken back to the place of your initial puzzle.

To create a hole in the establishment, click it the structure again and the dynamite will appear on the ground. Once the dynamite is on the soil, STEP BACK and click it. A hole will be made into the building and you will be taken to the sim to complete the first part of your third mission.

Your third task consists of locating three keys. The first key is tucked away in a cave that is on a GORGEOUS sim. I found this object easily. The second item was murder to locate! This key is very well hidden on the top floor of a store. The third key can be found in the underwater section of a shop. Once you have all the objects you need for this job, you will arrive back at the place that made an entryway to and go into the building. This structure is actually a huge cave. When you come to the door that requires the keys that you collected, click it and continue exploring this area until you find a door that needs a bone lever in order to be opened; thus your fourth task.

This is how the game is played. There are a few mini games entwined in this quest, to keep it fresh and interesting. This journey will certainly challenge you, but who doesn’t like a good challenge?


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