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Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Into Action!!!! Warm Weather fun at Aero Pines Park!- Nehem Resident Reporting...

As we leap into April, many of us still feel ourselves shaking off the winter chill. We often trapped inside, and long for the warmth of spring. The wait is over! 

What is more lovely in the spring than a walk in the park? Aero Pines Park offers just that, and more. It is a massive 6 year old sim with a wide range of activities including: horseback riding, canoeing, balloon rides, and horse drawn carriage rides. 

When you teleport into the park, you are greeted by the Aero Pines Park recreation area sign. Click this Sign for a detailed brochure full of landmarks and information on the many activities featured in this lovely sim. I stopped at several of these amazing spots and had a blast along the way!

Riding a horse from the equestrian center: 

Horseback riding has always been one of my favorite activities in Second Life, and the Equestrian center did not disappoint. Don´t have a horse of your own? You can grab a free demo horse , available for three rides. Simply click wear on the demo horse in your inventory, and you are ready for a lovely afternoon of riding. Of course, you can always bring your own !! As you head out, there are several options and a seemingly endless trail full of beautiful forest scenery, you can even stop and have a picnic on the way! It is the perfect option for a delightful ,breezy afternoon .

(The Equestrian Center)

Canoeing through miles of open waters: 
There is nothing more suited to make you feel alive and free, than traversing through open waters. Head over to caverns, Waterfall and get ready for an adventure. Upon arrival, walk straight ahead to a small dock, where you are greeted by a beautifully crafted wooden canoe. Hop in the front seat , and you are given a paddle. Steer your way under bridges and around corners as you take in the freshness of the riverside. 


Champagne Balloon flights at Roxie´s Roadhouse
Catch some Air over at Roxie´s Roadhouse with an amazing Champagne balloon flight! You are automatically taken to a beautiful rooftop setting, featuring a delightful champagne display. It is the perfect place to be with that special someone, as it provides a unique romantic atmosphere. It is also delightful for a family venture (without champagne, of course!) If you are feeling a little lost, there is a detailed set of instructions provided on the floor, and you will be soaring in no time! The most incredible part of the champagne balloon flight, is you! You are your own pilot. Control where and how you fly, as well as the speed and height of the balloon. It is a little slow to start, but once you get the hang of it , you will fall in love. Feel the excitement as your soar over waterfalls, bridges,farms and waters. 

(champagne Balloon flights at Roxie's Roadhouse)

Horse Drawn Carriage Rides
The last stop on my on adventure in Aero Pines Park was the horse and buggy carriage rides! I suggest two people for this activity as it is more enjoyable. You get to drive your very own horse drawn carriage! Click on the sign above the carriage for detailed instructions. It is very important to read the instruction card, so you can make the ride as exciting as possible! When you sit in the drivers seat, you are given the choice of several different horses. You are then given a rezzer and whip. Simply wear these items and get ready to set off into the forest! Choose from several speeds and shadow options. You can even give your horse wings!!!

All in all, Aero Pines Park is the perfect place to take family and friends for a springtime getaway. There are tons of amazing activities for hours of entertainment. Best of all, it provides a safe and relaxing atmosphere, free of worries and work!

(Horse Drawn Carriage Rides)


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