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Friday, April 12, 2013

Alledgedly The SL Enquirer is the longest running (true) and most expected back stabbing news source on the grid. (false) According to this Avatar? I'll let you be the judge of that... - Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

     As most readers already know. The SL Enquirer likes to keep it real and address issues that present themselves in a professional manner but when I feel like I have to dodge and weave sucker punches that most would get tagged with, it gets me upset…

This person wants to make a poster with false claims... I'll tell the full story...

 I dislike peeps that would shy away from issues or act like problems don't exist and not grow the berries to step up and tell a person what they really think about them, if it is just. Don't you hate fakes and bitches with attitudes? I'm referring to the term for some men in Second Life. 

 I for one have trouble holding back when I have something I need to say, especially when some half witted clown tries to assassinate my character or taint the reputation of this here news source.  I'm no stranger to dramatic attention seekers, spewing garbage to gain some sort of personal satisfaction in trying to defame me and other people in Second Life. People who work hard at what they do and aren’t trying to get over on others. I’m that person until I get provoked and have to defend myself.

 I was a Mafia news reporter for a couple of years and held my own with all those big bad bosses who seemed to melt like butter whenever I walked in the room. I've had my fair share of threats and harassment, but all in the same breath of air I was being asked to be Godmother of the most feared and respected families in the virtual world. What's up with that?

 It is clear that when I say no, feelings get hurt and peeps try to find a way to test me for a weak spot. I have to say, No one has succeeded yet. It has been over 7 years, I am still here and all those that have tried in the past have been silenced with rebuttals against their claims or simply gave up trying and scattered off elsewhere.

Personally I think if that is the height of their creative genius. I pity the fool that approaches me again trying to make claims that do not fit the theme of our newspaper or my character. My main concern is practicing the golden rule and treating people the way they treat me. If they act up, I teach them how to treat me.

I'm no angel and my adviser can agree. He has gotten me out of situations where I would have been forced to take another round of anger management classes in real life. I refuse to sit in a room of crazies again and talk about feelings, but I did break myself from wanting to beat the crap out of people first and ask questions later. That's my past and since then, I learned how to be a lady and handle things with words in a virtual world where it is impossible to reach out and slap somebody whenever the urge presents itself.

I totally will admit that when I am crossed, I know how to wield my pen like a sharp sword and cut through those that dare to challenge me and what I stand for. I protect SLE fiercely. It is my baby. I did not create it to bring shame and harm upon the community. It is a forum for creativity, freedom of speech and a way to promote those that are worthy of our spotlight.  When people take a stab at me, that gives me the green light to go all in.

Sometimes that includes shining a big ol' spotlight on those that don't really deserve my time or energy, but need a swift kick in the ass for not approaching me personally with issues and being themselves what they claim this organization is. Go figure... I bet if I looked behind my back, I'll have a bunch of knives in it from people that think I don't know how they are, but believe me I do. 

Let me begin by saying. The person in the picture with a knife wedged in his back is a person I recognize. Not because I actually backstabbed him but because of those tacky freebie flip flops and that pitiful wig. No name needs to be mentioned. *cough* Robert *cough*. O.o  Look at it as I am sparing him shame and embarrassment since his profile boasts him as an SL Live Music Film Producer, past Honored Guest for SL9B,Including three awards for  his work. His profile even says, "Your avatar is the visual handle or display appearance you use to represent yourself.  Use it wisely and respectfully towards other sl members.  Don't forget that there’s REAL people with REAL emotions behind each avatar you see"

 What a crock....   This person is none other than a wannabe machinima producer that secretly tapes musician performances, puts them on youtube and then turns around and hands them a ridiculous bill for his service. He may have some supporters, but the musicians I spoke to are playing a different tune.

The drama all started last year, when he came to the media center and inquired about SLE doing a story on a set of annoying griefers that he claimed were relentlessly harassing him and hurting his business. At the time, I had an incompetent staff member that tried to befriend the griefers for more information and it turned out the griefers used what that staff member had said, against Robert. It was something about him “crying in our office.”

Because of that, I caught the brunt of the backlash when I did not do the backstabbing. The staff member is no longer with The SL Enquirer. My decision to not publish the story was due to a 10 minute shocking audio of my accuser threatening the bantering griefers and clearly saying he would go to the UK and blown their (BLEEPING) heads off.  I’m sure he would not want something like that circulating to the public. It has since been lost in the paperwork and I have no intentions of digging it up to further my proof but I’m sure he knows exactly what I am talking about.

That audio was made before he came to my office to complain about his trouble with them and asking me to post news about it. When I refused to cover his story due to the over the top dramatics of listening to that audio, that’s when he got mad and the knife got plunged in my back with his stupid poster.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Let me end this with thanking my accuser for the free advertising with his poster. Good or bad publicity works for me. Next time, please make sure to tell the full story Robert… Tsk Tsk.


  1. wow jajaja dont get on this girlz bad side lolzzz i met lanai before and she is such a sweet person and is willing to help anybody who is coming to her. Maybe he said some very bad things in the audio for her to refuse to help him lolzzzz


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