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Monday, April 29, 2013

Protect yourself in Second Life with ☢ EXCLUSIVE WEAPONS ☢ Owned and Operated by Roby Tandino –Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

 Second Life is full of adventures and all sorts of things to do, but sometimes you need to sift through your inventory of gadgets and bust out some weaponry to handle your business and protect yourself from griefers, zombies or those e-gangsters and their goons on the combat role play sims.

It’s a vicious job with lots of bloodshed but someone needs to rack up on the body count and keep things in check. What happens if you don’t have weapons to protect yourself? You better run and teleport to Exclusive Weapons!

Let us point you in the right direction where you will find weapons, shields, magic spell casters and protection tools to help you feel safe and secure in areas you are not familiar with. There are even monitoring tools to protect your business too.

Recently I met Roby Tandino, the proprietor of Exclusive Weapons. This store is  one of the longest running Weapons distributors in Second Life boasting 6 years of providing protection to the community. Their best clients are informed clients and The SL Enquirer is here to help spread the word.

Hi Roby, let’s get right down to business and keep it real. Griefers can be a real pain in the ass and sometimes unloading on them is the best way to show them you don’t (BLEEP) around.  I know it is the reason I keep an arsenal neatly laid out in my inventory.  What inspired you to get into the weapon industry in Second Life?

Roby: My interest in SL began from reading a magazine article in Business Week. I initially came in with the intention of owning virtual land but unfortunately my first couple of days were mostly consumed by dodging bullets and orbits. The griefing actually intrigued me on how to protect myself and I went to a very well known weapons dealer named Lil Carducci. I remember bargaining with him to come down on the price of a briefcase that shot all type of bullets. He also recommended I obtain a shield system and directed me to the best weapons distributor at that time located in a land named Jessie. I was fascinated with seeing so many options for shields, guns, nukes, and spammers that basically hung around there almost each day and learnt the differences of each weapons creator and basically new which ones were the best to own. I got to meet so many weapon and gadget creators and developed friendships with the most popular ones in SL.

What actually puzzled me from hanging out in that weapons store was that the owner of kept accepting to sell any product from any creator without caring for quality. I recall one time explaining to a customer who asked me a question on a comparison of shields on which I suggested to buy the cheaper shield because it was better than another competing product and cheaper. The owner got upset with me and convinced the customer to buy a more expensive shield that he knew did much less than the cheaper one. It obviously was to maximize his profit but that bothered me. I personally went to each creator who I knew made the best shields, guns, store security programs and spy gadgets and explained to them I wanted to have a store on selling only quality creations. That’s when I decided to rent an apartment and sell their products from there. I named my store Exclusive Weapons. The rest is history.

Lanai : I’m finding it hard to part with my vintage Dopestyle weaponry, but I might need an upgrade soon. Can you tell me a little bit about the type of weapons available at Exclusive Weapons and what they do?

Roby: LOL. It’s funny you named Dopestyle. I was the one who had the creator of Dopestyle (Azurescens) to bring his product out to market. Whenever I had free time I used to go to weapon sandboxes to find new talent. Sandboxes is where the best weapons are made and most are just scripting and playing around. I came across Azure who was playing around with some of the things he created and I explained to him who I was and that he should sell his creations. A couple of months later he sent me a message that he was ready to sell and I had one of the first vendors to sell his creation and a freebie Dopestyle!


I’ve been in business for over 6 years only selling quality creations. I’ve seen the best weapons distributors come and go because of the same mistakes they each make. Now what that is- that’s for me to keep secret. But let me just tell you this- Profits don’t matter to me so much. I sell what I would personally buy. From the top of the line weapon huds, guns, spy servers, shield systems, pranks, spammers- I’ve got it all. One thing I don’t sell is JUNK products.



Lanai: I don’t like junk, it only clutters my inventory. I also dislike big guns, too much gore and explosives involved in my defense options. I’m more of a public humiliation Hud kind of girl when it comes to dealing with pesky griefers. Which Weapons HUD would you recommend for me?

Roby: There are several HUD Systems I would recommend. The problem is that I would not want to recommend one product over the other since I do also sell my own product line. All I would tell you is that if it’s in my store it will work as advertised and I only placed the most well known systems at Exclusive Weapons.

Lanai:  Fair enough. So I assume for the Warrior Rambo types that want to go all out blazing weapons, the same applies.

Roby: Yes, like I mentioned before, since I sell my own product line I would rather have you feel totally comfortable by no one pushing you to buy a certain product. If I sell it- you’re getting the top product out at the moment.

Lanai: I like that you pay attention to quality so anything purchased will be a great product. Some people might think that these are Griefer tool. What do you say to them?

Roby: Any creation can be used as a griefer tool. It’s unfortunate but true. WE all have the ability of building- what if I begin placing boxes all over you and keep harassing you. That’s griefing and amine can do it. These tools are meant to protect yourself in an environment where you can’t reason with your griefer.

Lanai: That’s true. I noticed during my tour that Exclusive Weapons has 4 floors and a wide variety of weapons by different creators, can you tell me what each floor offers and which are your top selling products?

Roby: Floors 1 & 3 are meant for Weapon systems such as weapon huds, guns, spammers. Floor 2 is meant for Gadgets such as spy tools,store security systems, tracers, building huds, poofers. Floor 4 has Pranks, Pregnant enablers, and AO gear.

Lanai: Nice, you are very well organized. Do you create any weapons yourself?

Roby: I sure do. I am not a scripter nor builder however have met many talented people during my journeys and had them develop some weapon systems. The cool thing about is that I can sell it at low prices so anyone can enjoy some fun stuff.

Lanai: That is very thoughtful.  You have a massive collection. Do you still accept weapons from creators and vendors to sell at Exclusive Weapons? If so, what criteria do you look for?

Roby: I surely do. The store is not really that big when you compare it to others. I have beautifully made creations that actually are neatly placed in an organized way. My requirement for accepting a new creator is simple; Does the product do as advertised, Does it look good, Will the creator provide updates in case SL updates in-world such as when Havok 4 was implemented. Please also be aware- I do remove creators who do not provide excellent customer service with my clients if anything goes wrong. 

Lanai: Oh that’s good to know. I notice that customer service isn’t really on the top of some business owners’s list of importance and it should be.
Do you have an Exclusive Weapons Affiliate program for those looking to sell weapon on their combat sims?

Roby: I definitely do! I sell my own line of products which can be obtained in the Sl Marketplace online. Just type my name and my affiliated vendor systems are there. 20% commission for you and they do sell!

Lanai: That’s a fantastic incentive for affiliate distributors. What is the price range avies are looking at for a high quality Weapon?

Roby: This is a great question. Many things changed in SL a few years ago. All weapon systems were pretty expensive. Now they’ve come down on price due to old systems being leaked out for free. The problem with the freebies is that they don’t function well and will never get updated. I would say a hud system with the latest attacks, laggers, spammers, shields, land destroyers, pushers can go as high as 3500L.

Lanai: That’s not too bad considering they get upgrades when they are available. I know avatars need to be careful about where they use weapons because most places frown upon carrying guns or too many scripted attachments. Where do you recommend people try out their new weapons?

Roby: I always recommend to go to a friend’s land/sim or weapons sandboxes.

Lanai:Good advice. Is there a group avatars can join for new products and weapon update services?

Roby: I do have a private group but it’s only invite only. I should have about 800 active members. To get on it I’ll let you know in private.

Lanai:  Great, thank you. Are updates for existing Weapon Huds free?

Roby: Yes. I‘ve never seen one of my creators charge someone. If they would, I’d kick there vendor out of my store without thinking twice.

Lanai: lol, I like that you take what you do seriously. When I first got to Second Life , there were many weapons dealers, but they all seemed to die out. I’m impressed to see a weapons business that has been here for 6 years. As a top ranking supplier, can you share some of your secrets to success in the Weapons Industry?

Roby: Most stores sell any piece of junk they can to make a profit. I like to sell well made creations because I know they’ll work to the max but also because products are updated when needed. I also don’t concentrate on profit since I have a decent job in real life. Almost all my earnings are spent on land fees, investing in SL projects and going to charities to donate.

Lanai: That’s very noble of you Roby. Your profile states that you are a firm believer of Quality over Quantity. Can you explain the difference in quality between the weapons you sell and those other weapons dealers on the grid?

Roby: I sell only from the best scripters in second life. It’s that simple. I’m not greedy. I can easily make my store 15 floors full of weapons and gadgets but I don’t.

Lanai: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Roby: The Most Elite Avatars in Second life ranging from store owners, police forces, apartment owners and hero forces come to us for their needs. The motto I go by is: Our BEST CLIENT is an INFORMED CLIENT

Lanai: I like that motto, It can apply to SLE too. lol Thank you for taking the time to chat about Exclusive Weapons. I wish you many more years of success helping residents protect themselves

Roby: Thank you and be safe out there!

Lanai: Now that I have a nice stash of your quality weapons, I’m sure I’ll be just fine now J

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  3. Hey there disgruntle Anonymous, I apologize for not approving and posting your first comment due to me BEING ON VACATION... I appreciate that you voiced your opinion of The SL Enquirer within 3 minutes of your previous colorful comment. Next time have a tad more patience...A girl has the right to live a real life too. o.O

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