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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sigma Upsilon Nu, SL Sorority – 2013 May Band Together for Lupus Events

Through out the year, and especially during the Month of May – National Lupus Awareness Month, the Sorors of Sigma Upsilon Nu continually commit their efforts to shed light on Lupus as a significant public health issue that requires national attention and action now. Our 2013 Fundraising goal is L$100,000.

All are invited to join us in our efforts support our efforts and attend our month long series of major events and ongoing activities.  All funds go to Lupus Foundation of America or LupusUK .

Major Events

Friday, May 3rd - Lupus Awareness Month Kickoff
(6pm - 8pm slt) 
Sigma Upsilon Nu Ballroom
(6pm - 9pm slt) 
Sigma Upsilon Nu – Island Carnival
Saturday, May 11th – The Sorors of Sigma – White Party 
(6pm - 10pm slt)
Sigma Upsilon Yacht
Saturday, May 18th– LUPUS BEACH PARTY & BBQ
(6pm – 10pm slt) 
Solelua Beach
Saturday, May 25th - 3RD ANNUAL LUPUS CHARITY  MASQUERADE JAM - Purple, Black or Silver Formal
(6pm - 10pm slt)
Sigma Upsilon Nu Ballroom
Allniteradio DJ Information
TUESDSAYS,  6pm-8pm slt
May 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th
Pajama Party with DJ MzLadyEbony
THURSDAYS,  6pm-8pm slt
May 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th
Throw Back Thursdays with DJ Allnite
FRIDAYS, 5pm-7pm slt
May 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st
Sex Chronicles with DJ Shan

2013 SuN Lupus Awareness Foundation

***Supporting Lupus ~ Different ways to SUPPORT***

The Lupus Awareness Foundation group was founded to Educate ~ Support ~ Fundraising for the Lupus cause. We appreciate all the wonderful support our fundraising events generate &  all  monies raised are paid to RL Lupus charities through our giving sites.

Want to help?
There are different ways to contribute to the Lupus cause ~

1.  Direct donations through our site or in-world donation boxes.

2.  Sponsorship ~ for owners/designers, donating an item for sale in your shop as a 'Shop For Lupus' with a % or all lindens going to the Lupus Foundation.

3.  Sponsorship for DESIGNERS ~ Donating a One-of-A-Kind design to auction during the month of May with proceeds benefiting Lupus Foundation.

3.  Placing a donation/Information Kiosk at your site during the month of May.

4.  Placing an add in "Our Voices" Special Edition May Issue

5.  Sponsorship for Photographers - donating your time and talent to "Our Voices" Special Edition May Issue

6.  Become a sponsoring business by Donating $L1,000.00 or more for the Month of May.

Direct donations

You can donate in one of our donation boxes or @ an event. If you prefer you can donate through our giving site where donations go direct to the Lupus Foundation of America or LupusUK .

All sponsors are included on all marketing material, posts, website and blog as well as any advertisement and interviews during the month of May.

For more information contact Ngozi Nyoki or Cleopatra Kellman in-world, on FB or send an email to Subject Line: Lupus Awareness Month

 History of Sigma Upsilon Nu, SL Sorority
The S.u.N.rise

Sigma Upsilon Nu, SL Sorority was born in the hearts of its founders on April 9, 2010 when dissatisfied with a lack of consistency with standards within their former organization, Cleopatra Kellman (Big Sister Everlast) and Angel McMullen (Big Sister Gemini) set out to create a sorority based on sisterhood and integrity and excellence. Neylaan Kytori (Big Sister Steadfast) and Monique Kessel (Big Sister Go Hard) were brought aboard to complete the founding team. Sigma Upsilon Nu was created to offer women within the SL community a place of sisterhood with attention to standards and integrity.  Upon the formation of Sigma Upsilon Nu the founders thought it necessary to activate the role of Mentor.  Soror Deeva Allen aka Big Sister Wisdom, served as the first Mentor of Sigma Upsilon Nu.

The Dawning of a new Era

On April 29, 2010, Sigma Upsilon Nu crossed its first official line - Evolution which consisted of Sorors Floetry Catnap aka Big Sister Passion, Former Soror Jennyfer Silverfall aka Big Sister Dazzle, Former Soror Lustfulbarbii Sugarplum aka Big Sister Fuego, Malika Shepherd aka Big Sister Quietstorm, Former Soror Rubee Sugarplum aka Big Sister Heavenly, and Tierra Xue aka Big Sister Sixx.  As we continue to grow our goal is to continue to walk proud as a panther, as delicate as an orchid, and to provide strength as we take from the onyx, our sorority jewel.

The Mission of S.u.N. 
To generate UNITY among all women by fostering a strong sisterhood based on Individuality, Honesty, Loyalty, Respect, Responsibility, and Excellence.


Excellence Through Unity

Sigma Upsilon Nu Lineage

Cleopatra Kellman
Angel McMullen
Monique Kessel
Neylann Keytori

Deeva Allen - Big Sister Wisdon
Kandi Rang
Acuminous Watanbe - Big Sister Acumen

Cashmere Kellman - Big Sister Madame Butterfly

CandidateVeyah Resident - Big Sister Tenacious

Chickie Ashbourne - Big Sister Allure

Cuddles Gans - Big Sister Perseverance
Diamanta Hartnell - Big Sister Diligent

Diamond Meness – Big Sister Assurance
Floetry Catnap - Big Sister Passion
Honey Franizzi - Big Sister Conqueror
Jayla Winkler-Rossi – Big Sister Notorious
Kemijah Renegade - Big Sister Inspire

Michaela Melodie – Big Sister Black Swan
Misha Flanagan Unsung - Big Sister Sho-Nuff

MochaCoco Chenelle - Big Sister Clairvoyant

Naiema Rexie - Big Sister Spirit

Ngozi Nyoki - Big Sister Courage

Ranesha Caramel - Big Sister Dignified

Shanina Chenaux - Big Sister Reverence
Shelby Matfield - Big Sister Sublime

Suzette  Laviolette-Abbot - Big Sister Vigorous

Tierra Xue - Big  Sister Sixx
Tae Carter – Big Sister Tranquility
Tyrisha Neox – Big Sister Serenity
Yasmina Lemon – Big Sister Harmonious


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