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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Apple of my Eye: New York City SL- sarahelisebeth Brenham Reporting...

 The  world is known for its diverse cultures and magnificent cities. Some people might not get the opportunity to travel and this is where virtual programs become useful. 
Second Life allows users to create and explore replicas of locations found on Earth. While SL has thousands of sims to highlight, there is one that is a staple of Second Life.

New York City SL owned by Joi Price, on November 1th, 2011. After the sim had been debuted to hundreds over the course of the day, Ms. Price decided to develop the sim further “We created a community where living, working and playing effortlessly merge together.” New York City SL is divided into several “districts” or sections, just like the island of Manhattan in the state of NY, U.S.A. is in the offline realm. 

Looking for a trendy party dress? How about a designer suit? A new do? All of these things and more can be found on Fifth Ave in their couture boutiques. This area does feature a store where new designers can sell their wares. Racks Fifth Department Store offers products from some of Second Life’s rising creators.

Want a high fashion piece of apparel but not at a price that only Julia Roberts could afford? Soho offers outlets that carry items that will make you look your best at rates that will not make you get multiple jobs when the credit card comes in the mail. 

You will need a break after all that shopping and exploring. Why not head to Promenade Park for a picnic or to read a good book before tackling the rest of the emporiums and activities that this sim has available.

Browsing markets is not the only pastime that New York City SL has. This sim hosts events almost every two days, such as balls and movie nights. Be sure to join the sim’s group and/or visit its website to stay up-to-date for information and events.

Have you always dreamed in living in a city? New York City SL offers lofts and apartments at prices that will allow you to reside in a comfortable place while enjoying a location that is always busy. Rates start at $500 and go as high as L$2,000. Are you a designer and looking for store space? This sim also has shop areas to rent! Each market to lease costs L$1,000. 

Are you searching for a job in a dynamic company? New York City SL is currently hiring for positions in the writing and business worlds, including careers in planning and helping with events. Don’t have any experience in these professions? No problem! Internships are available for people to hone their skills and possibly advance to a job in the field that the internship was in. 

In the next couple of years, Ms. Price hopes that her staff will expand so even more opportunities can be presented to the New York City SL community.



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