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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

From Fantasy to Reality with DJ Megan Release- Nomad Aries Reporting…

The virtual world is home to a wealth of talented and creative people which is evident wherever you go in Second Life©.  

 Through following their dreams and developing their skills they not only master their craft on SL, but they are able to take those skills and make them into actual life skills that crossover into the real world. One person who definitely has succeeded in this is DJ Megan Release. Megan is an immensely talented artist and DJ with an extensive ability to play many styles of music professionally.  Megan loves music, lives music and does it all passionately in both worlds.    

Recently I interviewed DJ Megan to find out the beginnings of her journey on Second Life and how the SL experience helped to improve her real life skills.  Not surprisingly, Megan thought since she DJs in real life she would check out the DJ scene on second life.  She found clubs that host DJs and they played the music that she spins in real life.  Megan found she loved the experience on SL and it allowed her to test out new tracks before using them in the real world.

   Megan began spinning at an early age influenced by her older brother, who also DJs.  Exposed to the music, the atmosphere and vibe surrounding the DJ world, she asked her brother to teach her.

"I started out on turntables using only vinyl. My brother would not allow me to learn DJing with software and it turned out it was a godsend. Eventually I collected a great number of dance music vinyl and bought my own mixer and turntables. This really is a step I recommend DJs to take because nothing compares to learning on vinyl. Mixing, beat matching, levels, pitch control, monitors, headphones, all of these are necessary in order to learn properly. From then on, a few years later I started working with software and MP3s" said Megan.   
 In order to DJ in the virtual world you are going to need different equipment than what is required in the real world. Djing on SL is a different experience than the real world DJ experience.                                                                                             

"I just use software based mixing in SL. I did use my turntables for a few months when I started but finally decided on software based mixing for online only. So it's just my computer and mouse for SL. Some prefer controllers, which is fine but as I said, I put more time and money into turntables, monitors, coffin, mixer and more" replied Megan.  
 "The big difference for me in SL vs. RL mixing is in SL as I said, just software is used. In RL, it's more involved because you face the audience directly, you touch vinyl, the sound system rumbles, there are echoes from the bass off the walls and people. You are in the music/mix as they say. You can read the crowd's reaction. Not to mention the lasers, lights and colors. It can be a small intimate club or a large warehouse/outdoor festival or party. In SL you just DJ, sometimes you can read the crowd reaction by IMs you get or local chat reactions but it's not the same as in RL. RL DJing is a true art and skill because you have to pump the crowd up higher and higher. In SL, you are in a virtual world, so the vibe is harder to feel”.

As a dj becomes more skillful they tend to branch out and try new styles of music.  I asked Megan what style she began playing and if she expanded her DJing to other styles of music and if the SL DJing experience made this possible?

 Megan replied,  “I started out with trance, NU-NRG and UK Hardhouse in RL. Almost all my NU-NRG and UK Hardhouse vinyl is now out of print. They don't even release to digital format because they just don't want to go through the licensing process as I read from most of the producers and labels. So I just recorded most of that style of vinyl to mp3 myself. As for trance, almost the same issue with the older tracks. Nothing compares to the 90s trance sound. It was very special. When digital formats became the norm, trance changed a bit and was fusion with other styles.
  I get to try out other genres as well. Now I can spin Drum and Bass, Hardstyle and house frequently in SL. This has been an amazing step for me because in RL it's very expensive now to buy vinyl whereas in SL buying digital tracks, I can expand my tastes in genres and master those genres”.

We know now the differences in DJing in RL vs.SL, but did you find any similarities between the two ?
To this Megan replied,  “I would say the few similarities are beat matching, track selections on the fly, and proper mixing skills i.e. gain, volumes, fader, Eqing”.

Finally, I wanted to ask Megan what the greatest aspect of DJing on SL is for her and her reply was as follows:
“Honestly for me it's buying new tracks and spinning them in SL before I spin live in RL. It gives me a very broad method to test mixing, what goes well together and flows and to learn about each track. Plus I learn points to start and end on each track. One of the most important aspects of SL DJing for me is to learn the new tracks as I buy tons each week”.

  If you have never heard DJ Megan Release spin you should try to catch at least one of her sets. It's an amazing feeling to see and hear someone who brought their artistry to the virtual world and shares it with the rest of us.  It may inspire you to follow your passion and who knows where that may lead. 
Do you want to be DJ, be a photographer, paint or design ? Whatever your passion is, I am sure that you can find it on SL.
 I wish Megan the best of success and enjoyment in her music career, both on SL and in real life. 

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