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Showing posts with label Nomad Resident. Show all posts

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Justitia Virtual Legal Resource Village-Legal Assistance for the Virtual Worlds- Nomad Aries Reporting…

Did you ever have questions of a legal concern or feel the need for legal advice on Second Life?   Were you aware that there is legal help available to residents of Second Life?

Most of us never consider seeking a lawyer.  We conduct business and acquire possessions and land, create products, sell them, produce works of art, literature and music, and most of us never run into any conflict. What if you do? Where can you turn for advice and resolution?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

From Fantasy to Reality with DJ Megan Release- Nomad Aries Reporting…

The virtual world is home to a wealth of talented and creative people which is evident wherever you go in Second Life©.  

 Through following their dreams and developing their skills they not only master their craft on SL, but they are able to take those skills and make them into actual life skills that crossover into the real world. One person who definitely has succeeded in this is DJ Megan Release. Megan is an immensely talented artist and DJ with an extensive ability to play many styles of music professionally.  Megan loves music, lives music and does it all passionately in both worlds.