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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

YOU DID WHAT?! - Funny and Embarrassing Stories in the Virtual World- Nehem Resident Reporting…

Second life is many things. It can be used for work, play, fun or drama. It can also be embarrassing or downright hilarious. 

As we go through our second lives, we often run into our share of insanity with friends or family. During these times, unforgettable moments are created. We can laugh about them now, but at the time we were left feeling absolutely mortified. As we recall our stories, we feel a sense of accomplishment as well. We realize how much we have been through in our years in the virtual world, in both good times and bad. Let´s dive into the stories of some everyday residents, and have a good chuckle at the many things that can happen in the vast world of Second Life ©.

Lovely lady bits:

Admit it. Whether you are male or female, at some point you have wondered about your.. *bits*. However, if you are new to male or female parts inworld, they can be tricky!!!!! The colors often don´t match your skin tone, the hud is terribly confusing, or you just plain can’t get it to sit where it should. As I am sure you all know by now, you cannot wear clothes over them. This is the story of one resident’s struggle with her, "bits and pieces". 

" Ok, I bought a woman´s lady part, and I had quite a bit of trouble getting it onto my avatar. I had to have my roomie and a friend help me, which was bad enough! I had NO idea your clothes would not cover it, so I got dressed and went out to a club with my friends. I was dancing the night away, when suddenly, I got a notice from my landlord stating that my lady parts had been found in the neighbor’s lawn, and had been returned to me!!! I nearly died of embarrassment!!"

Hot and Heavy: 

Love is in the air quite frequently in second life! Romance often blossoms for the best of us. There is also a steamier side to everyone´s story. A little conversation sets the mood, and we are off to dream land with that special someone. Steamy conversations often pop up without warning, but who can resist, even while working? Surely, not our next young man.

" I was running a club that had just opened. My Second Life girlfriend was there of course, to support me, and help me bring in more clients and VIPS . The place was packed, and at the time, I was hosting. At the time , I ran several IM and group chats, and my girlfriend thought it would be funny to start a steamy conversation with me, to see if I would get distracted, or to heat things up for after the event. Well it began to get really intense, and without even noticing, I had not only posted in group chat, but in local as well!!!. Needless to say, my face was red , and I got teased for a week afterward. "

Running wild and free: 

Be careful when playing second life! Especially if you do not live alone! It always seems like the moments we would rather keep private always happen to pop up just when they are most inconvenient. It is especially bad when you teach a family member to play, and then let them log in on your land just when something mortifying is on the horizon. 

" I had just purchased a new sim, and did not yet have anything on it. My fiancĂ© began playing around and chasing me in a car. Somehow, I can´t quite remember, he ended up chasing me naked. To make it more funny I suppose, he ended up putting on a giant discolored man part , and chasing me around the entire sim. I began to get cheeky as well, so to be just as silly, I PUT a man part on too, and began to chase him around. Just as we are playing, my real life father walks in to see his daughter chasing his soon to be son in law around with man parts on. He logged out of second life, and stated calmly to me; " I don´t even want to know." I was mortified! "

If we learned one thing from all of our experiences, it is definitely that life is ever changing. I believe it is amazing to look back on all of the moments and adventures we have been through and cry or laugh at them. When we are down, thinking about stories of the past , can brighten our day and make us truly appreciate who we are. 


  1. One time I let a friend borrow my home to spend time with his dates and when I came home one day I found an a** attachment on my floor. It took me a little time to think about how I would approach my friend and let him know he had left his a-hole at my house. I ended up returning it to his inventory so other visitors to my pad would not think it was mine! We never talked about it. I'm sure he was too red-faced to respond. Needless to say, he had to get his own place to bring home chicks and do whatever it is he does.

  2. My most embarrassing moment was when I was at this guys house laying in his bed naked. Things were getting hot and heavy and we were steaming up open chat since no one else was around. All of a sudden his girlfriend drops in right on top of us and he quickly logged off, leaving me to teleport out to a random landmark , naked, because I had nowhere else to go! I never saw him again after that.

  3. During my days at the STA sim in late 2007, I was hanging out with a few furry friends at a table when a newcomer came up to us, "Hello freaks," and then asked us how to do things, acting like he hadn't just insulted us. In the middle of all this, his tag changed to that of a "Free Sex" group, to which my friends responded, "And you call US freaks?" Finally one guy went up to him, and did the "Herbal Essence" gesture, which has the avatar thrusting forward with the "YES! YES! YES!" sound effect, "Okay pal, you've had your free sex." And the rest of us burst out laughing. The troll just stood there, dumbfounded for a minute, before porting away, "Oops, was it something we mentioned?"

  4. LOL Bixyl, that gave me a good laugh. I've also had my fair share of some weird occurrences through the years. I remember when I first started hiring people for SLE and this oddly shaped naked avatar sporting a chicken on a stick showed up at my office and inquired about a job. Since he was clearly unprofessional, I let him know that we do not hire naked avatars or noobs. He went on to ask me for sex until he got the steel tip boot right off the sim! What is up with these bold avies approaching media personnel like they have no sense? Another time I was asked if English was my second language, apparently because of the horrendous typos that are sprinkled about SLE. *shakes head* lol

  5. BAAAAHAHAHA! Funny stories!


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