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Friday, June 21, 2013

SLE Guide to the top Recreational Water Sports Sites – Glossom Resident Reporting…

After a long Winter and rainy Spring, we all feel like going out on the streets as soon as the first rays of sunshine appear while craving for those long hot summer days. As temperatures soar there is nothing better than being surrounded by the refreshing sea water. Therefore, it’s time to say goodbye to the couch and start taking advantage of the energizing sun and of Second life’s excellent conditions for the practice of Water Sports.

Before bathing season started the SLE has sent its team of experts into the field to examine the water quality and beaches conditions and facilities. What comes next is the result of that thorough examination.

Here you will find some information on the various Water Sports available on four outstanding regions awarded with the SLE's blue flag.

Roddenberry Dive Team Scuba at the Star Trek Museum

Although it is located in a region that hosts one of the most famous science fiction museums, you don’t have to be a Trekkie to fully enjoy this piece of natural beauty rich in sea life during the practise of the two main activities that have steadily grown in popularity over the last decades: scuba diving & whale watching.

Grab your free Scuba Diver Outfit available onsite and pop on the tour that will lead you through the exciting underwater world: swim among the fishes and the various species; be conquered by the astounding richness of the colorful coral reefs known as the rainforests of the sea; swim with George and Gracie, the whales from Star Trek IV; the pirates’ shipwrecks will give you hopes of finding a hidden treasure on the seabed.

But like anywhere else, danger is also around the corner here, making this tour a more adventurous journey. You are now under the eye of Bird of Prey, the legendary man-eating bird that rests above water in its hunting pose. Also be aware of the venomous sea snake that, although is shy and usually quiet, it will be ready to bite you when feeling threatened by your presence.

Back on the ground you will find souvenirs and further information on the Roddenberry Dive Team.
This is definitely a place to visit and explore for those who like to have their feet off the ground.


Aloha! Welcome to the Water Sports paradise. The Hawaii region consists of a cluster of islands networked by lagoons and backwaters and by narrow wooden bridges. Water is the main element to explore with a big variety of sports and activities available to all.

While traversing the walkway to the beach your eyes will set on a beautiful light Blue Ocean with one of the prettiest shores ever seen. As you reach the beach you will find all the necessary props and facilities for spending the day in the warm waters of this tropical island.

Some of the recreational Water Sports available here are Jet Skiing, canoeing, sailing, swimming, fishing, wakeboarding, catamaran with sails, surfing, windsurfing, whale riding, wave jumping. Additionally, you can ride the dolphins and seals or explore the ocean in a small submarine while watching the whales, the octopus and the manta ray.
After a long and intense day of sports, you can enjoy the beautiful moonlight while dancing under the clear stars or sip an exotic drink in one of the campfires located on the sand.


When we arrive at Imzadi Resort a wide open beach to relax and enjoy the sun awaits us. Still with your feet on the ground you can observe the clear waters and have your first insight of sea life as the whales and seals natural habitat is not far from the beach. With a little luck even a baby orca and its mother will show right in front of your eyes.

Grab your free Scuba Diver Outfit near the pontoon and take advantage of the diving tour available to offer yourself a romantic midnight dive and be enchanted by the light emitted by sea life, pure natural fireworks.

On the south side of the island there are free-to-use canoes and many opportunities to swim in the open waters across the region. To make sure you will not drown the necessary props have been set up for your enjoyment. If you prefer calmer waters, Imzadi Resort is also prepared for that. Visitors can float in a big pool with an integrated bar, spend some time in a whirlpool or use the resort’s sauna with attached swimming pool.

It is a great getaway for beach and Water Sports lovers.

Oniro - Romantic Land of Dreams

When the sun is setting and you feel like combining Water Sports and a romantic environment, “Oniro - Romantic Land of Dreams" is the perfect place to be!
An artistically crafted gondola will take you on a tour through canals, lakes and the most beautiful cave you have ever seen. After this first impression of the region, explore the colourful nature yourself by Jet Ski or surfboard, float quietly in the water or watch the peaceful whales and fall in love with these islands and with what the ocean around them has to offer.
A special hint for you is to search for a ship wreck in the ocean: dive into the sea right next to it and explore a wonderful underwater world, full of sea animals, plants and vibrant colours. Magically, you will not need any scuba diver outfit to breathe in these waters, so you can extend your stay in the sub aquatic giving you the unique opportunity to be romantic above and under water and dance to the rhythm of the sea.

Happy Summer!



  1. thank-you for giving our sim oniro such a wonderful review =)

  2. Very interesting arthicle .... thank you for your wonderful information about what possibilities we have this summer !!!


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