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Friday, June 21, 2013

The Black Crow is Watching! - A New Dramedy Section Coming to The SL Enquirer- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Second Life© may seem like “just a game” to some, but to many others it is more than a pastime.

 It becomes an extension of people’s lives once they meet friends and get involved in the various activities that supply them and others with entertainment and even a supplemental income. The virtual world can be very unpredictable in a sense business and people come and go. It can also be a buffet of downright incompetent residents who haven’t the slightest clue how to make friends and be part of a peaceful and productive environment. Recently The SL Enquirer went on an undercover mission to observe some of the hangouts across the grid and was amazed to see just how differently people act when they don’t think anyone with the ability to share these stories with the masses, is watching how they really act.

Our first stop was the “Safe Hub” provided by Linden Labs. That place is usually filled with bewildered noobies at a loss on what to do with themselves. It can be a real pitiful scene watching them waddle around like blind penguins and begging for sex or Lindens. The fiasco gets worse when voice chat is added to the mix.

 From the SLE’s position sitting on a wall and observing the main landing point. We noticed an avatar sitting in kiddie buggy with a tip jar attached asking for 2 Lindens from the already broke avatars standing around. He was on voice chat and had a demeanor reminiscent of Napoleon Dynamite somehow thrown into a bad Half Baked sequel. In the background in between his senseless banter you can hear him hitting what sounded like a water bong.

The next voice  heard  in this ridiculous ramble circus sounded like a foreign telemarketers, his accent made it difficult to decipher what exactly he was trying to say but his swearing was clear enough as he started to argue with a female avatar. The female avatar appeared to be a coyote with a pink skirt on. She was a hot mess and her level of self respect made a crack addicted prostitute appear to have high ethical standards.

 The big question that came to mind was why where they just standing around wasting valuable time making no sense and finding entertainment in half witted arguments, name calling and broken English rants. It is understandable that Second Life’s intentions where to make it our world and our imaginations, but these are exactly the people that prevent Second Life from being taken more seriously by people that have something to offer or big corporations and brands that may have had an interest and landed at a place like this.

First impressions mean a great deal and can leave a sour taste in the mouth of educated and creative people that have no time for this type of behavior. Could anything be done about these place? Should anything be done? Or should we just brush it off and say, ”Welcome to Second Life where clowns and professionals mix and mingle!

The SL Enquirer has a plan and we are going to take action our way. Stay tuned for some drama and comedy.

If you read this and act the fool in Second Life, you might just be rounded up with the rest of the clowns and put on display in what will be our new “Dramedy” section. It will serve 2 purposes, to entertain and inform our readers while sharing who these avatars are and giving residents an option to add them to their ban and mute lists to help prevent the spread of these hot messes across the grid.

Be aware of The Black Crow, he has been released on the grid and has started taking names.  


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