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Showing posts with label summer. Show all posts

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Shark Week At LeLoo's World- Stacey Cardalines Reporting...


Summer is known for her iconography, things like beach days, cookouts, fireworks, parades, baseball and so forth. It is also known for Sharks, 

Sharks- unfairly- are summer's main Villain. A shark could kill you in a blizzard if you crossed paths, but you are more likely to run into Mr. Toothy during the summer months, when you are swimming. This sort of ties Summer and Sharks together. That's why the Discovery Channel does Shark Week in July, and it's why LeLoo's World is currently doing Shark Week.

I talked to LeLoo for a while, forgot to ask her what the sim does the rest of the year (I know she does some Halloween stuff, which I will check out at a future date), but we can get to that later. People like LeLoo, who have an interest and start building that interest into an actual sim, are who make SL go. What she is doing now is Shark Week. LeLoo is a shark lover, and she gives the sim over to the Fish Fatale every July. She expects to leave the sim up for about three weeks, so get to steppin'.

Sharks predate man, predate Moses, and at least some ancestor of theirs probably ate a dinosaur. They are, as Dr. Hooper described them, a perfect engine. They swim, eat, f*ck... nothing else. There will never be Shark Culture, Shark Science, Shark Economics... they are not in the running for Species Most Likely To Create Space Shuttles. Sharks have little need for all that stuff humans worry about, which is a shame because they'd really enjoy all the attention and celebrity that they get on the Discovery Channel. They just hang out and chow. Very few sharks right now are saying, "I haven't written anything for a month, Lanai is going to fire me."

Sharks and humans should never meet. Humans aren't designed for the water, and we only move through water with great difficulty and innovation. We need things like boats, inner tubes, scuba tanks, submarines, flippers, masks and wetsuits. Sharks, who need to be pushing through water in order to breathe, are equally unsuited for the dry land part of the Surf & Turf. Sharks are aware of this, and only come ashore by accident. Humans, on the other hand, figured out ways to survive in the water. Sharks, just by doing what they do, disturb that equation.

Humans pretty much run the planet, and are the masters of all they survey. That gets a bit touchy if a tiger or a cobra is around, but that's why the gods made guns and Rikki Tikki Tavi. For the most part, humans can avoid being killed by animals if they avoid areas that Lions or Crocodiles hang out. However, you can get Offed by doing something as simple as swimming, and it doesn't matter if you are swimming under the lights of New York City if a shark comes around. In fact ("fact" in this case means "legend,"), the first white guy eaten by a shark in America was killed in the Hudson River.

An American can laugh off a bear attack as a deep forest thing. They can laugh off alligator attacks as a Florida thing. But we all like to go to the beach, and we all like to go swimming. When we do that, we sacrifice our place at the top of the food chain. Humans don't do that too often, and the psychological effect is profound.

The Discovery Channel does not devote a week to people getting hit by lightning, although- according to the stats I'm looking at- you are 50 times more likely to die from a lightning strike than a shark attack. Come to think of it, I'd watch a show where it was just people getting hit by lightning, so maybe that's a bad example. 

OK, you are 800 times more likely to die of Extreme Cold. Aside from people who live in alligator country and want to laugh back at Yankees who laughed at them getting snatched by a crocodile, very few viewers would tune in to watch a week of programming devoted to people freezing to death. It would be a week of basically the end of The Shining. Freezing people just sit still and freeze, if you were clicking by and saw a show on it, you'd think the video broadcast had seized up. Bad for ratings. No Va.

There are at least some years where more people are killed by a vending machine toppling over onto them as they try to shake a Snickers loose than are killed by sharks. There is no sim on SL devoted to vending machines falling over onto people. I know... I checked. I'd also watch a show about that, but we're near the end of the tangent.

Freezing to death, getting hit by lightning or having a Coke machine fall on you, while killing you as dead as a shark would, won't eat you afterwards. That fact, plus the shark's basic Jungian archetypical role as America's Dragon, propel them into Superstardom.

Shark Week at LeLoo's World is a fun visit. It is a beach scene, although my Cape Codder beach radar tells me "Atlantic Canada" for some je-ne-sais-quoi reason. You can very easily spend a pleasant SL beach day here without even being interested in sharks, I posed with two sandcastle snowmen and floated on an inflatable shark which didn't try to eat me. One thing I learned as a wandering reporter is that sim design should have a main theme, like Sharks, but should also have a basic background blueprint, like Atlantic Canada. This sim nails that. It is a perfectly normal beach... with a deadly twist.

If the editors include the picture with me, the shark and the surfboard, know that I spent quite some time trying to flip from shore onto that surfboard for a more effective, close up shot. I was a cheerleader for the SLCS for a while, and I was- and am- very good at the flipping part. I can pretty much flip up onto any surface, and land on a dime. I'm known for it in the circles in which I travel. I could not stick that jump. I tried 25 times, each failure dunking me about 20 feet deep in the ocean. I had to walk out, too. I couldn't just flip back onto shore. The surfboard was about a half meter further than my best leap, even with a running start. Pissed me off... but that's not the sim's fault.

The other stupid thing I did was try the Dunk Tank. This is the basic carnival dunk tank, where you throw a ball at a target and dunk the person sitting over the water tank. This may be a Massachusetts thing, but this is a job usually handled by an insult comic in a clown suit at all the carnivals I go to. "Try to drown the rude, rude clown." However, at Shark Week, the water tank has a shark in it. I was by myself on this assignment, so I couldn't throw the ball while concurrently sitting on the dunking platform. I offered a fellow visitor 100 Ls if she'd sit there while I dunked her, but she declined.

I did sit on the platform (I nailed that flip), and even dropped into the tank for a picture with the shark that came out so well that I declined to use it. I jumped back on the platform, and then jumped off the platform afterwards. Too late to stop myself, I realized that I was emulating Fonzie. I was jumping the shark. I always knew that day would come, but the sudden self-realization was like a hammer blow.

Friday, June 10, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 8 Days Left to Win from Island Weekend's Summer Giveaway


Island Weekend is hosting a Summer Giveaway that is sponsored by some brands of talented designers. Island Weekend has paired up with The Bearded Guy to offer you a chance to win 1 of 5 gift cards (values vary from 1,000L - 5,000L) and one lucky winner could win 5 Backdrop Fatpacks. To enter for a chance to win one of these amazing prizes: 1. Like & Follow @IslandWeekend.SL & @TheBeardedGuySL2021 on Instagram 2. Share the Summer Giveaway post to your story 3. Comment your inworld SL name & tag 3 of your friends The Winners will be announced on June 18, 2022. Good Luck! Island Weekend has also paired up with Heartsdale Jewellery to shower you with gifts. To get all 6 of these jewelry gifts for FREE: 1. Join Island Weekend 2. Teleport to Island Event Office & join Heartsdale Jewellery group 3. Click each box to collect your jewels! Thank you for participating and hope you stay in our event group for updated news on our event launch dates, raffles, giveaways, and more!

Any questions about the giveaway, please contact Cocohantas.
Island Weekend Instagram:

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

How do avies spend Summer in Second Life? -Becca Drascol Reporting

Seasons in Second Life:

For this reporter a change of season doesn’t mean what I’m doing is any different. However a lot of people are very into season changes. Many change up the look of their sims, perhaps even buy a new wardrobe or engage in seasonal activities like swimming and boating in the Summer and skiing and ice skating in the winter .

Some clubs and other venues hold special seasonal events too. For me I do enjoy hopping around taking photos in SL of different types of season themed venues.  I set out to interview some avies to see what they do.

What avies are doing in Summer SL Style:

DustiRose Dobbs: Pretty much dancing at beach clubs and starting to think about the Fall fashions.

Becca Drascol: Are you thinking of designing special clothing for Summer?

DustiRose Dobbs: I have made a few things already and I have them for sale in my store.

Becca Drascol: How do you spend Summer in Second Life?

PoppaSlim Resident: I usually just hang out in the social sims and chat amongst the people.  I’m goofing off with people most of the time xD.

Becca Drascol: Do you change wardrobe any or go to any different type of venues during Summer?

PoppaSlim Resident: Sure, I change depending on the location, but generally I have a handful of outfits for my main avatar.  I have more but it's hard to find clothes that fit properly.  I  went to venues on occasion but only when friends invite me to go with them.

Becca Drascol: How do you spend Summer in Second Life?

Tor Draconia: Usually changing the landscape of my sim.

Becca Drascol: Is there anything else you do differently or special in Summer?

Tor Draconia: Not really. I do at times shop marketplace for new season clothing.

Becca Drascol: How do you spend Summer in Second Life?

Jaydianna Spellhunter: In the Summer I love to explore the different sims, meet new friends and party with old friends. Go to the beaches, sun tan on yachts and swim with mermaids. Attend bonfires, explore fairy woods and meditate with all manner of creatures. Just live it up and have fun :)

Becca Drascol: How do you spend Summer in Second Life?

SrDracoThe Unsung: Mostly dancing on beaches.

To sum it all up:

While some avies don’t choose to do anything out of the ordinary for Summer. Those I spoke with tend to do some of the normal activities of the season such as beaches and enjoying time virtually outdoors while enjoying time with others.

 Even though Second Life is for the most part a social world, some do get into the mood of the changing seasons. I do suppose it’s a matter of how into the virtual life one chooses to get.  Just because it is our Second Life, does not mean it can’t have some elements of realism. However you choose to spent Summer, I hope you enjoy it!

Monday, June 18, 2018


It's summer in Second Life and we have the perfect set for you to laze around the pool, on your deck or at the beach.

It's summer in Second Life and we have the perfect set for you to laze around the pool, on your deck or at the beach.

The KiX Lounger set from our KiX on the Beach range is original KiX mesh and stuffed full of texture changes to compliment any setting.
The Lounger: Land Impact is only 5 and available in adult or PG versions with multiple texture changes for the wood, the towels and the cushion. Cute and hot animations and props to make your day at the pool go with a bang!
The Table:  Land impace of only 2 and also has the same wood textures as the lounger and decor props that can rez via a button.
The Table & Parasol.  With a land impact of only 4 this has 3 different parasol texture options and the same wood choices, all available on touch from the menu!

There is more!  With every adult version you get a PG lounger free; for those moments you have to behave. 
Where can we get it? I hear you cry.  Illuminate Home and Garden is the only dedicated original content monthly Home and Garden event on the grid.

TP on over to our booth and see for yourself... watch out for the waiter

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Enjoy the End of Summer in Sceond Life! - Camury Reporting

Looking for something to do in Second Life for the end of summer? It is still time to take advantage of the hottest season of the year. So get out and have fun! Click for some fun activities for your fun and memorable summer. This year, discover new places, try new adventures. There is nothing like enjoying Second Life beaches - clean water, fresh air and the sound of the breeze in the trees. For those hot summer days, take time to relax. Here are some beaches to visit this summer. We've put together some of the best spots for you to have fun. Do not forget the sunscreen!

Secret Beach
Come surf and relax in this tropical paradise of white sands and blue skies! At Secret Beach you can lie down, relax, have fun with friends, make new ones or hug someone special at one of the many romantic spots. Enjoy to make friends with the tanned bachelors who sunbathe in naturel. Then you will love the Secret Beach, the luxury naturist beach and, who knows, start a new romance! Shhh! Its a secret!!
Maturity Setting: Adult

Baja Shore
Come to this beach and discover a romantic scene for you and your significant other. Take a look at this wonderful SIM, full of incredible panoramic views and wonders of nature. Breathe in the fresh air and relax on the fine white sands of this natural and romantic beach. Browse, stroll along the coast, or simply relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature on this nostalgic retro beach. Explore with friends or loved ones this romantic photogenic beach. Do not forget your camera so you can take home some photographic memories of your visit!
Maturity Setting: Moderate

Cape San Blas Beach
If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful beach to relax, Cape San Las Beach is the place to be. The beach is inspired by the charms of Florida's small town and seaside, landscaping and cottage style homes are chosen to evoke simpler days of the past. The beach at Cabo San Blas caters to ocean and nature-loving surfers who enjoy admiring the pristine sand dunes and wildlife on the serene Gulf Coast.
Maturity Setting: Moderate

Come and enjoy the beach and the waves in a great setting. Enjoy the evening breeze, the rich smell of the forest, the powerful and silent sea and all the imagination and comfort you can bring to your eyes and senses. Take a tour, listen to music or the sounds of nature and the environment, find hidden treasures and secrets. Let time run slowly for you.
Maturity Setting: Moderate

Lake Templeton Beach
Stroll through the blue waters and walk on white sand beach on Templeton Lake - a perfect place to relax and hang out with family and friends. This SIM is a community beach open to visitors. Enjoy relaxing on the beach or explore this region, where you will have the opportunity to explore the open waters of nine.
Maturity Setting: General

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What Tech-Savvy UK Teens Are Doing This Summer 2016

image borrowed from

Summer is quickly approaching and teens are getting set to have a bit of fun and adventure. However, some are looking to move forward with their lives in order to prepare for university which also means learning to drive. From hi-tech apps and gaming systems to online learner driving tests, many teens throughout the UK will be just as busy as they are entertained. Here is what is expected of tech-savvy UK teens for the summer of 2016.

Top Trending Apps for Social Media

Teens are the most social demographic of any age group. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, you will usually find your teen glued to his or her mobile phone messaging away the hours of the day. Well, move over top three apps as there’s a new kid in town, Snapchat. Last year this cool little app came in fourth to the expected top three but this year tells another story. In the US as well as in the UK, Snapchat beat out the previous top apps by at least one percentage point in a survey by banker Piper Jaffray. This summer expect UK teens to be snapping and chatting the hours away.

Studying for Their Driver Tests

Some teens are in their last year of school before going off to university and are studying for their driving test. Since they have to pass the theory first before they can take the practical, this is where they will be found a good bit of the summer. There are even online sites like Toptests where learner drivers can practice taking the theory part of the test to see what’s in store for them when they are ready to take the real thing. If you have a home PC or laptop and internet access, you might want to show your son or daughter where they can get the extra practice they need so they can ace the theory test when they take the official one.

Gaming the Hours Away

Gaming is no longer what it was when most parents were teens. Now it is all about an online community and all the leading gaming systems require internet access to reach the higher levels of the games. Kids are no longer solitary individuals gaming from a console in their living rooms cut off from the rest of the world. Whilst they are physically in the same location, they are also connected to a global group of kids playing the same games either as team members or in competition with one another. Worrying about your teen spending too much time alone? Maybe you needn’t worry as they may just be connected with hundreds of others their same age!

So what are tech savvy kids doing this summer in the UK? You will probably see them attached to their mobile phones or iPads but you probably shouldn’t worry if they are getting the proper socialisation skills. They aren’t alone in their digital world and many will actually be learning something. If you are concerned, check out what they are doing and what sites they are frequenting, but when all is said and done, you’ll see they’re probably just having a bit of summer fun.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Best Beaches for Summer in Second Life- CeciliaRosalieReporting…

Summer is here! So what is missing?

Some nice places where you can get a tan and enjoy your summer, hang out with your friends and have some fun. I have highlighted the best virtual beaches  where you can enjoy a variety of summer activities from reading a book while sunbathing to surfing.
Let’s start with Baja Cove. If I was to describe this place with just one word, it would be fabulous.  This beach has a beautiful landscape with realistic sand and water colors. Free available towels for you to sunbath or enjoy a soft snack when you getting dry.  For those who are more active you can try taming the rolling waves on your surfboard.  If you are looking for a peaceful place to spend time with your friends or significant other Baja Cove also offers  nice beach houses rentals  

Next Beach to check out is Busty's Beach Island – It is a British Tropical Paradise.  It is set on a huge sim you definitely have to visit. There are a lot of attractions for you to see. You can take a tour around using a boat to find one of the hundreds spots to recline alone or with your lover. Choose to cuddle around a campfire or swim in the calm sea or in one of their luxury swimming pools. For those who like exploring, there are some hidden spots for you out there to find while you horse-riding if you prefer.

Have you ever considered going on vocation to Hawaii? Well if not, now you can! ALOHA HAWAII - TROPICAL ISLAND PARADISE offers the most realistic and fulfilling experience, the lush landscape is covered with palm trees and crystal clear  blue waters that will make you feel like you really are swimming and feeling the water on your skin.
After you enjoy your sunbath under the golden velvet sun you can enjoy a dance to some authentic Hawaiian music while sipping a nice cocktail at the Tiki bar or just a quiet time swinging on a hammock. For those who are keen on water sports, there is also jet-skiing available among other things like playing games or riding some land vehicles.

Lastly on your beach tour is Clear Lake Family Campground, which is a very realistic camping experience that the whole family will enjoy. Activities include 7 Seas Fishing, an Outdoor Movie Theater, Volleyball, Canoes, Swimming, Hiking, and much More! This summer destination is a must for those who love nature.  It has everything you might need for some fun in the sun.

What remains is you! Put your swimsuits on, pack your beach bag with snacks and don’t forget your floaters… It is time to go!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Beach Fashion: Summer is Nearly Here! Are you Ready for It? - Tea Couturier Reporting...

Summer is one of the top seasons of the year where we break out of the the cooler seasons and show more skin. As we approach July we will definitely looking for our beach wear! If you are stuck on finding that perfect summer fashions then fear not! I am here with a few suggestions to get you started.

*B.D.R.* Beach Day (Aloha Version) / Dollarbie L$1

I love this bikini set as it is so versatile and enables you to change textures but yet keep the same style. For the price it is defiantly worth the purchase.
This bikini set comes with:
 Bikini in 5 standard sizes (XXS-L) (Top and panties) 
 Alpha mask + Textures (Bagged) 
 HUD Driven outfit. 
 HUD texture options 
 Bikini in 6 colors 
 Metals in 4 colors

BE Designs: Amanda Bikini- Red. Dollarbie!!   L$1

This bikini set for only 1L. It is a little string bikini set which will fit nicely under your shorts or skirt when you head down to the beach. It included:
Bikini Top

[R3] - Kate Sarong [V3] L$199

A sarong is a must when at the beach and the Kate Sarong is a must have as it can change texture to mix and match with you swim wear.
It comes with a texture change HUD with 15 textures and of course is 100% Mesh

!Rebel Hope - Laguna mesh Sandal Rebel pack L$2,250

I simply love these sandals and will definitely get a pair for my beach wear even summer wear wardrobe. They are a bit pricey but with all the texture changes it will definitely work out and worth it for the price.
It includes all 8 leather braided lace colors. 6 bead and stone options and black or brown leather flip flop options.
These shoes are fitted for the following:
Slink Physique Mesh Body
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Belleza Venus Mesh Body

B&W - DIVINA Sunglasses – MESH  L$1

Sunglasses are so inexpensive in SL now days so there is no excuses to not have a pair. These sunglasses are only 1L but yet look so stylish no one will ever guess. It is made from mesh and has a size rezzer so you can either decrease or increase the size of your sunglasses to fit your face. The crystals I have been informed on these sunglasses have a special polishing treatment which shine with a unique and special way but can only be seen with viewers supporting this new technique.

Black & Red Racing Stripes Design Mesh Swimwear L$95

This tiny Speedo style swimwear with colorful racing stripes is 100% Rigged, built to show off your stunning physique & amazing attributes at the pool or beach! Look like you belong to the swim team with these hot trunks!
One of the 5 sizes will fit your body type. Alpha layer included.

GAS [Mens MESH Sport Swim Shorts Bahamas - 6 colors w/HUD] L$ 99

It comes in 6 Shorts Colors: blue, brown, green, orange, red and slate. With a texture Changer HUD and is 100% Rigged MESH and also comes in Standard Sizes of: XS/S/M/L/XL


You can get the latest 2015 Second Life Grid Poll for Best Sunglasses, the DESTRUCTINATOR came out as the Best Customers' Choice for Advanced Stylish Protective Eyewear for ONLY 10L

Remember fashion is what you make it. It should reflect your personality and make you feel and look good too

Happy Summer Shopping!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Avie Poll: What is Everyone’s Favorite SL Summer Activity? Carrisa Silverfall Reporting

Even though September has begun we are still enjoying those last few days of summer fun and we wanted to know what do some of you do with your SL Summer?  Do you look for romance, seek out a new adventure like a role play sim, play some beach volleyball or simply sit in the sand enjoying the warmth of the sun? Or maybe you did all of the above and more…

Pamela Fishnet and Mimikrii are just a couple of people who like others, gather up your families and enjoy some wonderful quality time together.  For some our RL Summer time is about 2 or 3 months long and before you know it your children are starting High School or heading off to College.  Big changes ahead for your family, therefore making your summer full of activities that will be remembered for years to come is one of your most valuable treasures.  Check out Rasta sand – Surf, chill, have some ice cream at

While others are busy especially in the spring time with horses, dogs, and cats, having babies. BellaRuse58 enjoys racing horses, breeding them and in general enjoying the horse community.   You can check out her horses at Garifuna Stables & Market**ABC Horse and Pony Sales  This is a great way to teach children about animals and to learn responsibility, plus who doesn’t adore a furry little baby puppy, kitten and pony!

Lots of people love to gather around a bond fire or start heating up the outdoor grill to enjoy those summer treats like toasted marshmallows, bbq and adding their favorite liquor to ice tea or lemonade.  While enjoying each other’s company seems to be the first priority for everyone, swimming, hot tubs and waterfalls are a welcome reprieve from the heat of the sun.

Listening to music with friends and loved ones is another very popular past time in Second Life as some dance away as the sunsets other sit back just enjoying the moment is what FunkyGirl Neox does at Relax Club  People in SL love to listen to remixes from their favorite Dee Jay to hear a new spin on some old favorite tunes!  There are certainly all kinds of music in Second Life to explore and maybe even find a new favorite style of music.

While others get busy working on their SL business, putting together a beach and dance club area for all to enjoy like Pierre Balehawk of BNDC Club and Apartments  Many of us decide to start up a business in SL and test the financial market waters of SL.  Which can be a precursor of starting up an RL business, as it’s a great way to learn how involved it may be to have your own company.

Exploring Second Life is what we all do, especially in the summer when beach sims popup and jungles arise, while others form their own Role-Play sim with like-minded individuals.  It is a great way to learn new things, meet new people and take some time off from RL especially if you don’t have time to go on an actual holiday.

Yes Second Life people love ”soaking up the virtual sun” like Love Trill of FabFree and taking the time to enjoy loved ones company at the beach, walking through a jungle and creating memories to cherish later on, just like your RL Summer activities!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Color Trends Summer 2014- CecilliaRosalie Reporting

Oh yeah it’s true Summer is in full swing! As fashion never gets old or boring I am here with hot suggestions for this season’s wardrobe. The popular summer colors I am seeing is Pastels and Neutrals!

Designers take a modern twist on the traditional by pairing soft pastels with vivid brights to create a colorful equilibrium. Inspired by a mixture of blooming flowers, travels abroad and strong, confident women, designers use color to refresh, revive and defy conventional wisdom. The greatest thing above all is that because we are so accustomed to seeing them as nature's background, they can be creatively combined with any other color.