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Monday, June 24, 2013

The Master Entertains: Spotlight On RichyRich, Owner of Caged BDSM Gaming-Mackenzie Abbot Reporting…

BSDM has a dark and mysterious side that few people know or understand.  It's more than just spankings and other activities that people would class as "kinky". 

How do you combine BDSM with gaming and DJ events in Second Life©?
Richy Rich is a dom (dominant) and has managed to do just that.  As the owner of Caged BDSM Gaming, he seems to have found the right balance.  We meet at the venue and, as expected, he has two of his subs (submissive) by his side.  The place has a few VIP's milling around and playing the various machines but he greets me warmly and I begin asking him about his roots.

Interview with RichyRich

Mackenzie: So how did you get into Second Life?

Richy: I originally tried out IMVU but it wasn’t really what I was looking for, I tried a few other virtual worlds that claimed to be all that such as red-light. It was only by accident that I came across second life. And my first impressions were wow. And here I am 5 years later

M: So what made SL different "the one" for you?

R: well originally it was the way the world looked that caught my eye; the controls almost put me off the game forever. It was defiantly the look that appealed to me

M: What did you do in those early days?

R: I originally got caught up with bloodlines, one of my original friends’ anica took me under her wing and then killed me the bitch (he laughs and continues). I got friendly with her clan and they taught me the ropes. I then got my first club on a 4096 parcel and it all spiraled from there.

M: So how did you go from Bloodlines to BDSM? Was there a natural transition or was it sheer curiosity?

R: well, I got friendly with this girl and we kind of got friendly and she turned to me and said would you be my Master, I said to her that I was only really experience in bedroom bondage. But she offered to teach me. And that she did, her teaching me brought out the Dom in me that was hidden. And now he is there to stay.

M: I see. Now people see "BDSM" in various venue names and most would probably think it's chock full of bondage gear and spankings happening all around, that doesn't appear to be the case here....?

R: well to be honest it’s not my opinion that any tool is required in BDSM. One only needs his mind. Like in rl the simplest things can be put into a scene such a clothes pin. material things are non important in my mind.

M: So does that make Caged stand out of the rest? What's Caged's unique selling point?

R: what makes caged stand out is the atmosphere, the people. We have always considered anyone at caged to be part of our extended family. We all look out for one another. Support each other and we all love bdsm. So to me the selling point to Caged is the family aspect.

M: It certainly seems that way to me.  Going back to the Dom aspect of things, you have several "pets" here, how did they come about

R: Taisynn has been with me from her third day on SL. I didn’t own her too recently she had a breakdown of relationship and I offered to look out for her. And we grew closer. Till I offered her a collar. Feline was a club slave and she always showed me that I was her number one. Her loyalty to me never failed hence I took her under my wing and claimed her as my own. I am a Dom who looks for loyalty and honesty in a sub to me that’s the basis to the whole relationship.

M: So do you have an "alpha" female? Is there a pecking order or are they all treated equally?
R: no no no I don't believe in pecking order. I’m the Dom; you wouldn't have a dog and bark yourself would you? I treat my girls to their merits. I treat them all with love and care for them all. But I also look for their strengths and take consideration to the things they like. Therefore I won’t always treat them the same although my love is the same.

M: I see you've installed a Greed or No Greed arena and some new machines like Stomp the Fox and Double or Nothing, is that just part of the natural expansion of Caged or part of a bigger plan? What does the future hold for Caged?

R: well this is an interesting one, as any club owner will know in SL owning and running a club comes with great overheads. I have always tried to find the correct balance trying to cover as many of my overheads as possible. I tried a mall and this just didn’t cover the day to day running of the club. And with so many clubs out there I wanted to be able to pay my staff for the work they put in. I therefore tried gaming to try and balance some of the cost. So far so good.

As we finish the interview, I get a sense that he's a man on a mission.  What that mission is remains to be seen, but he appears to know where he wants to take the venue and what myths he wants to dispel.  His subs wish me a good day and I leave with a new outlook.  Many, obviously, overlook class or won’t see beyond their own misconceptions about others choice of lifestyle.
 Richy doesn't seem to care about the "haters" and welcomes and treats everyone with the respect they deserve.  As soon as someone appears in the landing point, they are greeted with a "good morning" and various welcomes, as well as being wished luck.  You rarely see that in gaming places and it's nice to be appreciated.
 As I'm about to leave, he points out to me that he makes very little profit from Caged; not from the lack of patronage or the unpopularity of the place (It's neither empty nor unpopular, the average daily headcount ranges from nine thousand to twenty thousand) but due to the fact that he plows any profit back into the club, either by adding money to contest boards, or rewarding his staff for jobs well done.
 Here is a man who is obviously not driven by profit, but by the loyalty of his staff and the enjoyment of his guests.

Caged BDSM Gaming can be found at Midnight Twist


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