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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tips on How to Find Your Little Piece of Paradise in Second life- Tea Couturier Reporting…

Finding a home to call your own in Second Life© can take some time. 

There are a couple of options you can choose from:

1. You can rent a house or apartment, either fully furnished or empty, where you can put your own personal touch on it and make it feel more like home. Be aware that most furnished properties have low limits on prims. Mesh furniture and décor items would most likely be your best bet for a little personalization.

2. You can rent land and place your own abode there. This option is a little pricier but has its benefits for personalization. With this option you can choose beach property or grassland. It all depends on what you like and what will make you feel more at home.

To start house hunting, look at your options and don’t just jump into the first available land you see. Do your research. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with neighbors or a landlord that will make your second life miserable.

 There are options and ways of doing this in an easy and time efficient way.

You can start on SL marketplace where you can buy a folder for 0L. It will be delivered to you in world and include a list of the sim owners, land they have available for sale and houses priced per week. This information will also include how many prims it allows and LMs so you can easily teleport there and have a look around.

 The second option is using the SL search engine for rental properties and visiting their main offices and see what they have for rent. Most major land/home rentals have an office with information available.

If you choose to buy your land, you would still apply the same rules of doing your research on what best suits your needs.  Be sure to seek out a land manager or sim owner and them your needs so they can help narrow down your search.

Sometimes it can be helpful to ask friends and use word of mouth to help in searching, as usually this is how you can get a feel for who to rent from or not.

 It is good to keep in mind that because someone has had a good or bad experience in renting land or houses from the renter does not mean it would be the same experience for you so please use this and all the other tips as a guide. Only you know what you are looking for.

 Whether you are house hunting or land searching to buy/rent, It is all based on what you want, where you want to live and your budget. Always remember there is a price out there to suit your needs, but remember the lower the budget will also mean the lower the prims and possible quality.

Below you will find some locations to begin with. Happy house or land hunting!

Lorena Chung Estates

North Shore Estates



Azure Islands

Jessica Chung Estates


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