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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Strutting Down the Catwalk in Second Life- Sarahelisebeth Brenham Reporting…

Tiviyah Resident/ picture taken by Fuzz Lennie

Many dream about becoming a model. But do people really know what this industry is all about. Come with me as we explore this profession.

Everybody wants a job that is financially and emotionally fulfilling; whether it be in Second Life or Real Life. Some professions require more of one’s mental resources, in exchange for a bigger paycheck. One vocation that while emotionally rewarding can also be mentally and financially draining. The career that I’m referring to is modeling. 

 Let us explore all sides of this vocation, so one can have the true view of it. This review will be especially helpful for those thinking about getting a job in the Fashion industry. 

Becoming a model isn’t difficult. Only thing you need to know is how to make a good shape, where to buy good poses, hair, skins, clothing and accessories. If it’s so to get a vocation as a model, then why aren’t more people doing it?

 There is a big difference between getting a profession and being successful at a career. This is definitely the case for the modeling world. The modeling industry is extremely fierce. There are only a few spots for those to be named one of the best in this field. So, how can avatars become a top model?

If you have dreams of being an in-demand model, then it would be wise for you to start your journey towards being one, by enrolling in a school that teaches modeling.
 In Second Life, there are many modeling schools for avies to choose from. This wide array of academies and agencies, provides avatars with a better chance in finding an establishment that fits their budget and needs. By attending a school that offers classes, you will be able to show potential employers your credentials, which may increase your chances in being offered the job that you are applying for.

Another thing that most agencies will require from you when you go through the application process, are good photographs and a portfolio.  Whether you learn to take quality pictures on your own or have them taken by a professional, great photographs are the things that a model should always have. You never know, that one picture can catch the eye of a popular designer or agency owner.

RhinnaLynn Lane photo by pam astonia

Throughout the profession of modeling in Second Life, you also must stay on top of all the trends that occur in SL and RL. To stay abreast on what is current in the fashion fad in Second Life, fashionistas and many models have started blogs that are devoted to clothes and their accomplishments. This is a great way to self promote and get your name and face out there. In Real Life, magazines are the primary tools in keeping the public updated on what is hot in apparel and accessories. 

In the real world Modeling pays well for those that are successful and continuously grace the cover of top magazines.  Modeling In Second Life can be a very emotionally fulfilling career, but it won’t help expand your bank account in ways a real life career would.  Keep in mind that having fun and finding something that interests you in Second Life can be a great experience. Those who want to become a model in Second Life must have the passion for the field.

Here are some Modeling Agencies you can visit for a “Go-see”. Don’t’ forget to update your portfolio!

Avenue Modeling Agency and Academy

Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy

MANIERA Institute of Style and MANIERA Model Academy



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