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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Adventures of Snake IV- Ccoursey Reporting...

                Snake , my liege, my boss, my friend was devastated that I was putting in my notice.  Victor, my closest friend, wasn’t pleased.  He told me to walk away from the clan, have fun like him, forget those that didn’t like me, that they shouldn’t ruin my experience. 

 Between the two of them I was torn…  On one hand I did enjoy talking to them, I did have fun at times, but I didn’t want to have Amy or Ophelia on my mind while I was dealing with my real life.  Snake went out of his way to have someone teach me to DJ even so I wouldn’t have to work the pole any longer.  I felt lost and lonely on Second Life, I wasn’t getting a lot of the concepts, and there was a lot of drama.  I logged off, telling Snake and Victor I would think it over, but it just seemed too much for too little.  I could just give them my e-mail.

                Logging back in, I was dreading the two of them ganging up on me.  One, I don’t like discussing my real life on here and I didn’t want to explain to the two of them that I didn’t need that extra stress.  However, logging into my room I found myself falling through the sky.  My stuff was still there in the sky, but I was flailing until I smacked the ground.  Buildings were gone, there was no one around, and I was as confused as the first day I logged on.  Snake jumped in my box and the first thing he says is, “Don’t panic”.

                Panic?  Try chewing my bottom lip in confusion.  I teleport Snake to me and he starts to explain things to me.  1) The Queen left, taking her stuff with her.  2) Amy left him and the clan.  3) We were the only active people left in the clan and pretty much the club.  I was ready to walk away as well, because really what could I do to help him?  I could barely dress, let alone change my shoes.  He was determined that we were going to rebuild the club and clan, that we could do it.  *Shrugs*  At that point, I had nothing to lose.  So we started rebuilding the club, concentrating on that.

                Victor was very smart on clubs.  He explained that the dance floor was too big, that open chat wouldn’t be seen at certain points on the floor.  He also pointed out how the chairs were on the opposite side of the floor diverting the stripper’s attention.   He told me, but didn’t really talk to Snake at that point.  I mentioned these facts to Snake, let’s just say at that point everything I said was over the head and under his butt.  He was talking to me constantly, but I don’t think there was much listening going on.
                We put the club back together, hung out a bit, and just found our feet that night.  The next night I logged in to find Snake had built another castle and had made me my own floor.  Having been given a small room to start with, with little lindens, a huge floor of my own was a big deal, especially since it had beautiful wall paper and halls even.  He made sure to put hallways in, giving me a beach ball to kick around so that I could practice walking, since I can’t walk a straight line, (Not even to this day).  I brought Victor over, excited.  Snake had filled my head with ideas, he’d given me a place, and I was beginning to believe we could do this.  I was beginning to believe we could build our own clan/family and this time they might actually like me.

                Victor came to see my rooms, was happy that I was staying, but was trying to keep me calm and tell me not to let it go to my head…  Just don’t change, he repeated.  I will admit to shrugging that off, because Snake had me excited, he had me thrilled at the possibility of having close friends like I’d seen others have in clans.  Even Sabrina came by to see my new place.  She was nice enough, but when I was talking about the way Amy had treated me and never having anything do with Snake, she shied from the subject as if she didn’t believe it either.
                Between Snake and I we were able to pull in traffic to the club, which we were able to rebuild before the weekend.  He was surrounded by a lot of women, and I had a lot of men around me, but we had traffic and between the two of us we were able to dj and keep the club open and going with a small crowd.  Seeing us do this, I believed his words.  The two of us were on calls and im’s constantly, and we were making a go of it.

                We even started hunting.  Hunting was completely different with another person than on my own.  I’d been thrown to the wolves and floundering my way around Second Life.  Snake had his own thing and tried to take me to his usual spots.  They didn’t work so much for me, but he had taught me the basic things to look for in potential victims: bling, typing hands, and vampire avatars.  Different ways to point out noobs, especially ones that might be interested in the dark fantasy.  He also went through the things not to say to men that might lead them to believe I wanted more than their soul, because my first victim thought we were going to be partners after I bit him.  That wasn’t an experience I cared to repeat.  

We hit clubs, malls, even teaching SIM’s trying to find people that might want to be part of our small clan.  Me, the noob, and Snake, the big, scary vampire man, were talking to many people, but there just wasn’t any biting.  Then I get a teleport from Snake to come now.  I appear beside him and another large pale man.  Snake then introduces me to this man, ‘Poet’, as his sister.  “My sister would be happy to help you…”

Cris Coursey


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