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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Adventures of Snake VI: Branching Out- Ccoursey Reporting…

            Snake was DJ’ing for half the night then I would take over.  Poet was an absolute blessing.  He was already a valued member by logging in, volunteering ideas, and he was a hunter.  Where Snake would DJ and have a crowd of women, I would be surrounded by men and trying to push them the stripper’s way.  Poet was bringing women in, he was running interference and it felt like he was trying to look out for me when Snake would take off.  Snake did take off- often.  It bothers me the women he associated himself with were so quick to be alone with him, I would tell them he was a ‘dog’ and they were all over him.  *Shakes my head*  Poet and I discussed the club and clan, he became a true friend I valued and trusted.  He also was able to bring into clan his first blood doll- ‘Kimber’.

            ‘Kimber’ was as sweet as could be, she was very aggressive, maybe too much so at first, but willing to learn.  Snake had turned Poet quickly and when he thought Kimber was going to be a hunter.  He was ready to change her and make her Queen since I didn’t want it.  Kimber was extremely excited about the opportunity Snake threw her way… even with me in his ear telling him it was too fast and she might not be what we had discussed about having with the next Queen.  She was a younger girl and Snake was a known womanizer so I was constantly warning her away, because at that point I felt he was making false promises to gain another conquest and I liked Kimber.

            Snake was in my ear the entire time, the family we’d discussed was forming before our eyes.  We were all dressed in our nicest Gothic attire and watched as she was turned with innocent excitement. 
            I had my big, bloody family and I was thrilled.  I took them to all the places Sabrina had taken me, I offered to give Kimber the shape Sabrina had given me, and I was wrapped up in the goals Snake had set.  We took them both hunting, we split our time, and we had a blast…  Snake begin showing me things that I hadn't really realized or even thought of: the art of camming around, building, huds, etc.

            We were hunting constantly, even meeting new people it was like a side comment- “Hey, wanna be a vamp?”  Just to see if it would work.  I picked up a girl like that, she was so very nice, but seemed so very young.  She acted innocent enough, even Snake wasn't trying anything with her.  We worried a bit about that, since we ran a strip club and some of the language wasn't fit for a minor around clan land, but Poet and Kimber were fine taking her out shopping and dancing.  We were all on our best behavior around her.  She was the reason I saw my first kitchen on Second Life… No clue why one would need a kitchen on clan land, but they were all moving into the rooms Snake had fixed up and ‘nesting’.  It was quite a experience seeing the different personalities coming through as they decorated each of their spaces.

            Snake started to take up with one of the strippers, ‘Anna’.  *Sighs* One night after closing the club, which I did myself since he was always disappearing with the current flavor I was finally able to go to my room…  It was a nice surprise after being called every which way to entertain, flirt, hunt, or even date.  Just going to my room to jump on the trampoline and im people was like a mini vacation.
            When I got to my room , I found out another rude, but unforgettable fact of Second Life.  The sex beds whisper through walls…  Who knew right?  So I knew he was with ‘Anna’ and I also knew I’d been running my butt off while he took up with these random women.  So I did what any person would do in the situation. I jumped in his box, telling him how gross he was, how sickening, and gagging and putting choking sounds in the IM.  He paid me back in kind, by pasting parts of the emotes.  Finally, when he realized he couldn't keep up with my opinionated monologue of his actions he took her and left.
            One day Victor came, taking me out to go hair shopping.  I needed Truth hair, apparently it was the rage among women.  I was in his ear telling him what all had happened.  He was happy that I was, he also told me it would get easier as I went since I had something not many had on SL: The gift of gab.  I was happy to talk to people, enjoyed hearing their opinions, and learning things from whoever’s box I chose to jump in.  He explained not many were like that, most had preconceived notions of the people they chose to associate with where I would talk to anyone, and I wasn’t the least bit shy…  It is SL- why be shy?

            Things just kept getting better.  I had friends, I had an ‘SL Family”, and I had a decent job as DJ.  I was getting a regular heart breaker though.  I didn't want to be a girlfriend, a partner, or even steady.  I liked the thrill of the hunt and pose balls were the last thing on my mind.  We were getting decent crowds to the club and people were starting to say ‘hey, would you like to dj at mine’ or ‘can you dj for my friend’s place’.  People were remembering my name and introducing me to others: whether they were club owners or other vampire clans.  My circle was starting to branch out, but I was only concerned with my little corner of SL and my clan.  I never realized how big my circle was becoming.


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