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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Farewell Bliss Couture - Tea Couturier Reporting...

Bliss Couture is sadly closing its doors after 6 years of being one of the Second Life’s  top fashion houses.

Bliss Couture is owned by Amutey DeCuir and many of her gowns and clothing have been worn by countless ladies in SL. The prices were to some expensive but to others it was worth it. Bliss Couture is located on its own sim. It has a large group of supporters who have remained loyal till the end. The group has 22,181 members and from the time Bliss Couture moved to its own sim, it has had 14,351 people visiting the store.

Bliss Couture use to  create glamorous clothing and had its own models who would showcase the clothing in the store. They were known as the Bliss Couture Super Models. To be a Bliss Couture SuperModel, it was not only a coveted position by all models in SL, but one which models were proud to say they were one, when they were lucky enough to be given the title.
It was only last year when Amutey held a contest to find Miss Bliss Couture 2012 which had a high number of models apply and was won by Calima Dufaux
To say farewell, Bliss Couture has hosted a hunt where clues were placed in a notecard and hunt gifts were scattered around the sim.
 I have never really been a fan of hunts because they can be time consuming and difficult to find the gifts. However, because I knew it was Bliss Couture, I expected the hunt gifts to be good quality, so I decided to participate in it.

Each clue lead you to the area the gift would be and once you got to the actual spot, it was not hard to find your prize. You do not need to scan the area. Which in a way is another reason why I kept going. During the hunt I became more and more determined to find each and every hunt gift. 
Finally at the last gift I had completed the hunt and came away with a few items I would mix and match with other items I have in my closet. I could not tell you the exact time it took to complete the hunt but to be honest I found it fun so this didn’t matter to me. I had completed it, I did not get bored as it was my first hunt, so I was tickled pink.
The hunt is a nice way to say bye to Bliss Couture and Bliss Couture customers and it was also fun to do.

Yes there are other good designers out there who create lovely clothing so we shouldn’t be sad. However it is more saying bye to an old friend in SL who we have grown to take for granted as a well-known fashion house in Second Life and we may have assumed would be around for ever.
Bye Bliss Couture you will be missed.


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