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Thursday, August 15, 2013

RA YA Designs is Taking Mesh to the Next Level- Piers Diesel Reporting...

In Second Life mesh has come leaps and bounds from clothing, shoes and hair to furniture houses and accessories.
However, there is something I discovered which uses mesh in another format that is very clever; mesh avatar models!
 You may have seen them around the grid. They can be in the shape of an avatar on the floor, draped over chairs or objects. Their appearance is very realistic and attention to detail has definitely not been spared. To me this has taken mesh out of the norm and to a whole new level.
To find out a bit more about the creator of RA YA Designs, I contacted Ryan3D Resident to tell me a bit about these mesh models and also about himself.

Interview with Ryan3D Resident

Piers. How did you start creating in Second Life?
Ryan. I am in second life due to creation. In real life my occupation is 3D creations.
Piers.  Can you tell me a bit about your background in 3D work?
Ryan. I have been working on designing for 15 years. I can say that I have a command of this subject
Piers. Can you tell me a bit about your avatar mesh people you have created?
Ryan. At first, I thought I would create hair, clothes, shoes etc. However, because I have no time for these, I thought what I could do without professional knowledge at short time and I wanted to do things motionless. As there are a lot of entertainment places in second life, I have first started doing drunk people models.
Piers.  What else do you create in Second Life?

Ryan. I have been designing drunk people nowadays. I am going to start producing things my store doesn't have such as clothes and accessory. However, I expect that people would like to use these products and don't complain of them. For instance, creations that eliminate problems causing inconsistency of a mesh clothe with avatar.
Piers.  What else do you like to do in Second Life apart from creating?

Ryan. Design work is not for second life. My hobby generally is about designing. In reality, I have drawing ability. My favorite thing is transferring my technical drawing to digital places and living on this.

Piers.  What new things can we expect to see from you in the future?
Ryan. My last target is always producing mesh avatars. However, this is an occupation taking much more time. I don't know how much time it takes. My next objective is producing figures that have much more details and realism. In summary, I am planning to do different things regarding model and accessory.

RA YA Designs is not only creative but also “thinking out of the box” with regards to what mesh can do in Second Life. Seeing what has been created with mesh by RA YA Designs is only the tip of what mesh can be used for apart from clothing, hair etc.
The future of mesh seems to have no limitations.
I would recommend heading down to RA YA Designs and taking a closer look at these creations or logging on to Marketplace.
RA YA Inworld Store

RA YA Marketplace Page
RA YA Group: 89852b38-2ee5-340d-ae85-5bbcb9b99800


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