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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gaming in SL: Vegas in Second Life- Piers Diesel Reporting...

Second life as long as I can remember has had a gaming culture. There have been place where you can gamble and win Lindens and sometimes lose Lindens. That is what makes it a gamble.  Casinos are illegal in Second Life and have been banned but there are places that you can still participate in gaming that does not go against the TOS.
Whatever your views are on this activity in Second Life, to make SL a world which equals Real life in certain aspects, contests of chance where you can win money, is very popular in Second Life and will always be.

 To find out what kind of money was being played at these venues, I went down to 3 different types of gaming facilities, offering different lay outs and unique games.

My first stop was Ocean view gamers

This sim is dedicated to playing games to win Lindens. Here you will find:
Greed or No Greed
Byngo Bonus
Wacky Animals
Solitaire with and without contest
Diesel Games
Gridwide solos
NoDevil Wheels
Reel Wild.

Since opening its doors in 2004 the traffic has been semi high at 21,965 people but the wins have also been high .
Playing the games you have a chance at winning  anything from 0L-10K in Lindens
One winner walked away with 3500L on one game then 2500L on another game. This person spent 500L on each game before they won the prize money. So in total, this person won 5000L  if we exclude the money paid out to win.

 My next stop was GREEDY BASTARDS No Devil Reel Wild Wizard Crazy 4Play

As soon as you teleport in, a bot greets you and hands you the rules for playing here. The place is set out completely different than Ocean. Greedy Bastards is set up as a modern style casino and has a host who acts as your croupier, however, there are other games there were you can play solo.
Here you will find:
No Devil Reel
Wild Devil Hunt
Wizard Crazy
4Play Stomp
The Fox Destiny
Prize money again can vary from 0-10K Lindens
The most I could see anyone winning for the time I was here was between 100L-750L.
Since opening its doors in 2012 the traffic has been high and around 27,049. So this tells you how popular it is.

 My last stop was STUDIO 777 Game Dance Club Treasure No Devil Reel Wild Zyngo
This is a very well-known establishment but is probably well known for the games they have to offer to win money. Here they have not just made it about spinning the roulette but have also created a dance floor with club nights for those who would like to not only throw the dice but also get down on the dance floor.
Here you will find:

1000 Games: Enchanted, Party Crasher, Wizard, Money Vault, Devil Hunt, Gold Digger & Kickers to name but a few. Nightly Vegas Events. Also they have DJ & dancers Ad boards, Trivia & Shops!

Since 2011 there has been 30,395 people Teleporting to the sim. However, with there being more to offer than just the casino I am not sure how much that is in traffic for the casino or for everything at Studio 777 but they have a lot to offer.

To see the prize money that has been won I would have had to go real close to the players playing as it was busy so new scores were being added each time. However, just like the other 2 venues it had a steady stream of players wanting to play to win Lindens.

With all the prize money being won, you could get the impression that there is easy money to be made here. Play for certain amount of money then win 100L+ for not even having to work for an hour doing a job in Second Life. However, it is just like everything else, sometimes you win some and sometimes you lose some. Once you are aware of this and are fine with it, then you can make money playing the games in the casinos in Second Life.

Friendly Warning: Please game responsibly.  These games can be very addicting. Be sure not to bet your tier money away or you may be left homeless in Second Life!


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