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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Adventures of Snake VII- Ccoursey Reporting…

            We had started our family, our clan, and things were coming together.  Kimber was awesome.  Snake showed a bit of interest in her, but Poet stepped in and stomped that…  That ended up backfiring and Kimber and Poet became a bit more than friends.  ::Sighs::  I think that was the point where Snake decided we should be more than friends.  He started getting friskier and more free with his comments.  We would take the two out hunting, shopping, or spend a bit teaching them about the club.  I was usually with Poet and Kimber with Snake.  I loved them.  I am tenderhearted anyway, but I became attached fast, because they were as excited about everything as I was.  We had very little in common, but it was the fact we were taking the journey of Second Life together and relying on each other that bonded us.  

            Snake was spending more and more time pulling me away from the others to ‘show me things’.  We sat on top of Castle one day while he explained the art of cam’ing around.  Another day he spent showing me how to make walls and giving me what textures he had.  Then there were days were I would tell him, “If you want to talk to me, then dance with me.”  I get bored standing in one place, plus even to this day I absolutely love the dances.  We’d sneak out while the others were shopping or doing whatever it was they did, and we’d go different places checking out how the dj’s talked and how the club looked.  

            One night I suggested that we all go to Skinny Dip Inn.  Every man I’d been talking to wanted to take me to Skinny Dip and it seemed the place for young and old.  Snake had never been, neither had Kimber or Poet.  First off I have Snake in my ear about how laggy it is, then he was shocked at all the noobs in one place other than a mall, and it was his perfect spot once he saw couples having ‘relations’ on the beach in the open.  Yeah… Snake was and will always be a perv.  He jumped in a few boxes and things didn’t seem to be working out.

            Snake is a nice guy, he knows quite a bit about computers, and knows how to talk to people.  However, Snake’s avatar needed a bit of work.  He liked having a big body, but what he didn’t realize was his head was a tad small for it.  He wanted longer hair, but it looked cheap and greasy.  We won’t even get started on his skin.  Second Life is all about visual stimulations, when you stop to think about it, that is the reason we are all here.  We could chat on any old room, but the visuals are what keep us coming back.  Snake is a very smooth talker, even his body couldn’t slow him down, but Skinny Dip provided a challenge he just wasn’t ready for.  
            When he was talking about how bad the hunting was, I had to step up to prove him wrong.  Kimber and Poet watched, listening and snickering from the side lines as we argued.  Then I pulled out one of the best hunter’s tools I had at that point received: A ‘Free Hugs’ sign.  I’d hold this sign above my head and just start walking down the beach, it didn’t take long before men surrounded me.  I’d start talking to them all, keeping up with all the conversations until one stood out, then I’d tp him back to clan land.  Snake was… he was slack-jawed for lack of a better description.  I remember the words, “What in the hell?” coming from his mic several times.  Poet and Kimber loved it. 

            Snake will always be better at one thing than me.  Snake is a ‘closer’.  I could bring dozens of men back to clan land, but I only bit one out of twenty.  It was truly pitiful when you saw how many I was actually bringing back.  Sabrina was impressed with my numbers, but I was a bit ashamed, because if I’d bit even a tenth of them I’d brought back my soul count would’ve been so much higher. 

            My Polish man started getting more clingy at this point as well.  He was beginning to pick up English for me, joined a motorcycle club, and wanted me to settle down in Second Life with him and partner and have his pixel children…  Great man, but just not my thing.  I was happy running around, I enjoyed the challenge of trying to find new members for our little family, and I like talking too much to take up with someone who couldn’t understand and get jealous.  He refused to dance with me and that was one of my favorite things.  I care for him to this day, but not as much as he wants me to.  He’s one of my best friends, someone who I can count on for a few nice words when needed.   Plus, he really, really didn’t like Snake.  Snake had held up for me, stood beside me, and was teaching me so much.  His dislike was unacceptable in my eyes, so I kept him at arm’s length. 
            Polish didn’t seem to mind Poet and was happy that I was happy.  He declared me his ‘Vampire Princess’.  Kimber thought he was a sweetie and was impressed when I’d tell her some of the things he would say to me.  I wasn’t impressed as much as she was.  I cared, but actions are louder than words.  I was doing my thing and happy, he was doing his.  We were taking two different Second Life paths and I could live with that, he wanted me on his.

Snake realized I wasn’t interested so much and left me alone to my ‘Polish time’, because by this time in our game he was constantly on call or im’ing me.  Just because he was interested in me didn’t mean he was stopping his ‘pixeling parade’ through Clan Land.  Poet and Kimber were disgusted a bit by how many he seemed to bring through.  I’m sorry, but a man is gonna do his ‘man’ thing on here.  Get it out of his system so to speak.  I just warned the girls that chose to talk to me and ignored everything else that was going on, because I wanted no part of it. 

Cris Coursey


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