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Friday, August 16, 2013

SLE Police Report: A silent pushing mime narrowly misses a bitch slap from Lanai

On the evening of August 15,2013 , fawaaz2013, a practicing mime of sorts (without the makeup) entered the SL Enquirer media center with a suspicious backpack and what appeared to be an idle arm sticking straight up in the air. 

Lanai Jarrico, SLE’s CEO swiftly approached him to ask if there was anything she could do to help and was rudely ignored and pushed up on. It appeared Mr. fawaaz2013 wanted nothing more than to repeatedly bump her, but not without a running start and hand in the air. 

Through the confusion Ms. Jarrico contacted another media personnel to witness the odd behavior and give assistance if needed. Upon Justice Brentley’s arrival, Mr Fawaaz turned his attention to him, all while remaining silent. As soon as Lanai started to wind back her hand to administer a bitch slap, the assailant immediately fled never to be seen again. 

 There is simply no explanation for the behavior of some griefers and what part of acting a fool is actually entertaining. The situation has left both Lanai and Justice perplexed and un-amused.

The SL Enquirer is issuing a griefer alert to all resident to beware of the idle hand pushing mime, he might strike anytime anywhere and may want to shove you around. If you see this griefer be sure to give him a swift boot and ban to keep you and your visitors safe! Don't bother offering an explanation.

Case # clown3094857


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