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Showing posts with label SL Agony Aunt. Show all posts

Sunday, August 4, 2013

That's SLife - by Lacy Muircastle ....

Dear Lacy, I have been in Second Life for over two years and have been in the dating scene just as long. Within my time here I must have slept with about 25 guys. As time passes, my interest in sex in SL has faded and doesn’t seem as exciting as it once was. I recently met a great guy that is so much fun to hang out with but he is interested in more. I am afraid if I don’t put out, he will move on. How can I bring back that desire again so that we can have an exciting relationship? Should I just fake SL sex to make him happy?

Struggling with SL sex

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Introducing the SL Enquirer's very own Agony Aunt - Lacy Muircastle reporting ....

In our quest to be of service to our loyal readers and to the SL community at large, the SL Enquirer now offers an Agony Aunt column.

That’s SLife … with Lacy

Your SL Enquirer Agony Aunt

Really? And what exactly is an "agony aunt" I hear you ask?  According to that 100% accurate repository of all human knowledge, Wikipedia, an agony aunt is "[a]n advice column . . . in a magazine or newspaper written by an advice columnist (colloquially known in British English as an agony aunt, or agony uncle if the columnist is a male)."

Do you have a burning question about manners, style, sex or relationships* in Second Life?  Lacy has experience with all of these, in spades, and she will knowledgeably answer your questions about them!  (And, unlike your real aunt, she won’t judge you.)

How do you ask advice from Lacy?  Simply ask your question by sending me a detailed notecard inworld or emailing me at  I will then post your question and my answer below in the SL Enquirer, in a relatively timely manner.  Your question may be modified slightly for clarity/brevity's sake or in order to omit identifying information, or ignored if you're clearly just messing with me.

* Lacy will not give legal advice, but may be able to point you in the right direction
   Lacy regrets to inform younger readers that this column is for persons aged 18+.
   Lacy reserves the right to decline to answer any letter.

I look forward to hearing from you.