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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Original PopRocks Music Club :Poppin’ at PopRocks- Ccoursey Reporting…

The Original PopRocks Music Club is a small club I happened to come up on one night looking for something to do.  I was drawn in by the flashy colors and stayed for the friendly, relaxed atmosphere

 BonappetitLaTease should be a proud owner of her small establishment.  There’s something to catch the eye on every wall.  From the neon colors to the pictures of old movies and stars, it is a fun club.

 Not only because of the people, it is the atmosphere itself. Poprocks is the perfect size for a club. It is small enough to keep conversation flowing through the whole room and large enough that you are not bumping into the other patrons.  

Walking in, if it isn’t the wall catching your eye it may be the little elf dj’ing.  PopRocks is open to all:  Furry, Human or whatever you may be. 

 Bon is a friendly, socialable little elf that welcomes everyone that walks through her door whether she is hosting or dj’ing- she keeps an eye out.  The hosts and hostesses are also friendly, greeting and conversing regularly, keeping the chat flowing and making you feel a sense of welcome as soon as you hit the floor.

She is a believer in giving people options as well.  She has the voodoo sploder, the radioactive no lose sploder, contests, line dance, trivia ball, and even a conga line set up for people of every taste to enjoy themselves.  If the dancing and trivia isn’t what you’re looking for there is also a small shopping plaza set up with a small casino area.
  Shopping isn’t your thing?  Then what about the gold or fish hunt set up on the small sim?  Bon is a believer of catering to all.

I have been there several times to hear different DJ sets and they all seem to cater to those of the pop genre, but the music is good.  Some like the older music and some are in to the more modern sounds, but they mix it up enough so that you’re not listening to the same tunes.  JazzyFox and Viva were dj’ing when I went by the other day and both have voices meant for radio: smooth, comfortable, and they keep you listening. 

This is one of the better clubs I’ve been to on Second Life.  It is set up nicely and has captured a wide range of ideas into a nice little package. It’s one of those places I don’t mind taking friends too. There is always something to be read, whether it be a conversation over the trivia, the music or even something a bit more gossipy…  PopRocks is a club I’d recommend to anyone. 

 BonappetitLatease advertises ‘Come get social in local’… and she does. 

 If Pop is your flavor then PopRocks is certainly the one to hit. 

Cris Coursey


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