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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Autumn Decorating for your Land or Home on a Budget- Tea Couturier Reporting...

Autumn is  here and it is time to start (if you are like me) decorating your sim/land for autumn.  It can be fun and  done on all budgets.

It can also make your sim/land look new and updated and make you feel as though you are in flow with the season.  Here are a few autumn buys for your land/sim which I think will be perfect to get you started.

I found a store called Thus Magic. They sell lovely autumn trees for only 10L and are copy able. Lovely reds, yellows, purples are perfect colors to mix and match across your land to give it that autumn feel and look.  They are really beautiful trees. A must check out store.

[KO SHIIT] PROMO!! Love Autumn Tray Table.
This is a cute autumn tray table set which will look perfect on any ones table outside. A quick cup of coffee or tea while you contemplate the next stages of your garden. It’s for a limited time and is on sale for only 10L

{what next} Autumn Porch Swing
It costs only 100L and only 9 prims. It can really be used for any season but works perfectly for autumn with its rich autumn colors. It comes with two versions - one scripted to swing smoothly when an avatar sits on it and a static version. The scripted and adjustable couples and singles animations (PG only). Friends can use the singles animations too. Touch the arm for a folder of props to wear/self-rezzing, with the various animations - reading book, mug of hot chocolate and guitar. Props can used by guests and friends also.

Ruca Tease Leaf Pile.
This is land cover pile of leaves with play in leaves animation and gently falling leaves perfect for any fall scene. Perfect for your sim if you do not have land rights to change the terrain you can add these to your grass if you have a grass plot or with grass you can purchase to create that effect. It is not has an animation to it but it is also only 75L and copy which makes it perfect.

This is a promo so a quick purchase is required as it is usually costs 350L but you can get it for a promo price for 99L!  This is a steal at such a price for what it has to offer.
The information on it states that this is the most realistic looking grass in Second Life. Copyable and modifiable. Designed for you to create the most realistic landscapes, meadows, fields, yards and lawns in SL. A soft, autumn field grass that unlike other grasses you have UNLIMITED FREEDOM to copy over and over, and modify to any size or height. Two prims (grass + pumpkin) Not only is this grass & pumpkin the most realistic looking grass, it is also the most realistic "sounding" grass, coming with two built in sounds (crickets & birds ) all menu driven. In addition to these features it comes with additional optional bale of hay that you can set anywhere in the grasses.

I think this is pretty with only taking 3 prims and costing only 45L this is such a bargain because you can do so much with it. You can place seating under there cushions. It will work so well in your autumn garden and also complete the look. One sad thing it is not copyable so you can be able to say place may be 2 on different parts of your plo/sim but saying that I do still feel this is a good buy.

There are lots of things you can buy to create the autumn effect and look on your land/sim and what I have found and shared with you does not cost a lot of Lindens. Whatever your budget is you can still have fun in landscaping your land/sim for the autumn.

Happy Autumn Shopping!


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