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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sky Manor Resort: Luxury Living in Second Life- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Luxury Living in Second Life is a lot easier to obtain than it is in the real world. 
Whatever it is you imagine, you can have from Jacuzzi tubs, fancy cars and private jet to big beautiful custom homes complete with the landscaping of your dreams.

Sky Manor Resort is highly ranked in the destination guide and rightfully so because it is a place that brings luxury living in Second Life to a whole new level. 
The grand entrance to the office is impressive and neatly decorated. The foliage and arches above the stone pathways make it a lovely atmosphere for taking a stroll around the resort and imagining the feeling of luxury living.  The central road connects to Westward Village, the rental office, a hotel, club and beachfront properties. It truly is a splendid place to find luxury and style for those that are looking to live the good SLife.
 I met up with Dangerous Massacre to learn more about Sky Manor Report and what it has to offer residents that have a taste for luxury living.

Interview with Dangerous Massacre

Lanai: Hi Dangerous, before we begin talking about all the things Sky manor Resort has to offer. I’d like our readers to learn a little about the man behind it all. How did you discover Second Life© and is it an extension of your real life or a creative hobby you found here in the virtual world?
Dangerous: I learned about Second Life when shut down; I wanted to find a new virtual home and after trying copycats such as IMVU and Meebs. I finally thought it was the end for me but found Second Life and created my first account on August 2004 as a Teen Avatar.

Lanai:  Wow, you have been around for quite some time. When was your resort established?

Dangerous: Sky Manor Resort was officially established on February 14th 2013; nearly 6 months from today and has been constantly growing and changing. I bet that the next time you visit our place you will always find something different here.

Lanai: Second Life is ever changing. I’m interested to see the new changes to come.  So, what is your inspiration and main objective for Sky Manor Resort?

Dangerous: Sky Manor Resort inspired me after the countless times I've experienced difficulty or an issue with an particular place it was never enough for me; I was so sick of having to wait to use my home; I wanted to use my rented place now without troubles and eventually after working at various SL Real Estate companies for more than 3 years and my decade of landscaping experience; I decided to craft something no one has ever done before which is a resort that offers cheap luxury living and no hassles.  When you rent with us you get access to your room instantly and can start playing with the house controls and security right away.

Lanai:  I like that no hassle approach. If you are a busy person in Second Life, time is definitely valued. Are you the sole owner or do you have a partner or team helping you manage here at Sky Manor Resort?

Dangerous: No, me and my real life close friend Brooke Easterwood. She co-owns the resort.  Brooke is very good with money and pretty much handles the things I have no idea to do while I am in charge of landscaping and upgrading rooms and suites for tenants. I also am in charge of handling repairs that may need to be done from time to time.

Lanai:  It sounds like you have a working system and it shows with how well everything is laid out on the sim. What else does Sky Manor Resort have to offer Second Life residents?

Dangerous: Well, I think that's self-explanatory, once you visit here you may never want to leave.. Our resort offers various rooms and suites for sale; we have condos, hotel rooms, private homes, executive suites, and remote island homes for rent. Each of these all have an grid-wide security system that will automatically warn and reject anyone who enters their suite and has no affect on other tenant's security systems so unlike some places that share floors you won't ever be rejected by another tenant's security; you also have furniture packs that can be instantly rezzed or de-rezzed on demand. As well as house controls that can be set by you and the ability to invite guests and partners to both our resident group for rez rights and security for access. Once their rent ends and they decide to not renew; their automatically removed from the group along with their friends and guests; their name is automatically removed from the house control system, security automatically wipes their list, and their objects get automatically returned in 24 hours if anything wasn't removed by them. And finally soon residents will have something to go even more crazy for, video chat! So if someone rents a place here and their friend has a place here they can actually conduct an in world video chat between each other. That's coming out this month.

Lanai: Oh nice, that is a great option for those that like using voice chat. Sky Manor resort has a hotel that rents out suites like you mentioned. What are the amenities included like space, prim allowance and price range?

Dangerous: The hotel suite includes an entire floor with your own room. Trust me it's a big room! We recently upgraded our hotels and residents were extremely happy. You get 80 prims for 100L a week; that's really cheap if you ask me. It's already furnished so you don't need to put your own furniture if you don't want to.
Lanai: That is a great value, especially on a sim that is well maintained. Let’s talk about the Luxury Living.  Besides the suites in the hotel, what other type of living space do you offer?

Dangerous: Well, we offer a lot too much to name but some of the most popular places are Westward Village and Forest Homes which are beautiful mesh homes that are 2 story's and have 4 bed rooms. The Condos and Hotels are also very popular here too and offer a very nice view of the resort and the Blake sea.

Lanai:   I have seen them and they are lovely. Do you create homes yourself and if so, do you accept custom orders?

Dangerous: I'm not much of a builder so sadly no but I do accept orders for custom landscaping services or furniture packs.

Lanai:  That’s a great option for those that have their own personal style. What is the price range for these homes?

Dangerous: The prices for homes range between 280L-500L a week

Lanai: Not bad. Can they be purchased and used at other locations or are they only available for residents at Sky Manor Resort?

Dangerous: The houses can't be purchased; they're exclusive to the residents at the resort. Along with the security, furniture packs, and resort features.

Lanai: That’s another incentive for those that like exclusive items. I noticed you had a raffle board in the lobby of the Resort office. Can you explain what it is for and how it works?
Dangerous: Well, we like to give back to everyone who voluntarily puts our name out there by profile picks, visiting, or just mentioning us. So, we decided to throw a monthly raffle for one lucky person to win some lindens.

Lanai: Fun. You also have a nice party area on the beach, Do you have events at Sky Manor Resort? If so, how often and what type of parties should residents expect?

Dangerous: Our Partnership with Tilly's Club used to run events at our private lost adventure island but the owner had to focus on RL so as of now we rent out that island for events. We do plan on throwing some holiday events this year though but our primary focus right now is upgrading our rooms and suites for our tenants. We have also thought about running our own club here at the resort long as it does not lag.

Lanai:  That’s a fabulous idea you are considering.  Griefing and feuding neighbors can be a problem in Second Life. What type of security do you offer your residents for a peaceful experience?

Dangerous: We have the best security available in Second Life; it's an custom high quality grid-wide system that allows residents to set their guests, anyone who isn't authorized by this resident excluding staff will be automatically rejected by the system. We also offer privacy as well; no one can see or hear what you're doing in your own home. Also tenants will not have to deal with being accidentally booted from their home as the security systems do not collide and each tenant has their own custom list not shared with others. Once their rent ends and they decide not to renew that list gets automatically erased and becomes available to the next resident that rents. So, it's one of the best security systems we have available.

Lanai: Security is a major concern. I’m glad you got that covered. While exploring Sky Manor Resort I saw a sign that said you were currently hiring. What type of positions do you have open for readers that may be looking for a job?

Dangerous: Yes we are hiring for one attendant currently; but anyone can put in their application at anytime and when we are hiring we will be checking our application lists at the information center hiring board. So, if you're looking to become an attendant my suggestion is to put in your application in our information center job board and see what happens. I do know that with the growing number of residents and constantly updating features and expansions that we will likely need more staff every few months.

Lanai: Indeed.  Is there anything else you wanted to share with our readers about Sky Manor Resort?

Dangerous: Well, if you're looking for rates that are affordable; pure privacy, full automation and control, instant rez rights, beautiful landscaped communities, and lots of space to decorate your new home then check out our resort. We are ranked the top #3 best place for real estate in the Second Life Destination Guide! Also, if you have any suggestions for us please let us know by either messaging me (Justbecauseicanbefriendly or my business partner Brooke Easterwood) or put a note card in our suggestion box at the information center and we will personally read it and get back to you. We do take suggestions seriously because we want to know how we can improve your experience. If for any reason you had a bad experience with us we certainly want to know about it!  I've never gotten any complaints yet. So, we must be doing great!

Visit Sky Manor Resort today!

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