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Showing posts with label homes. Show all posts

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Welcome to the Posh Estates Grand Opening Weekend


Grand Opening Weekend: Friday, March 11, Saturday, March 12, and Sunday, March 13, 2022. We have been hard at work with the redesign of the Posh Estates sim. Our wonderful community is now complete and offers a number of outstanding features. At Posh, you can enjoy the beaches we have a couple to stroll along or layout with a friend on a floaty. We also have a fantastic Grotto the is the perfect place to play with that special person. Posh now has a complete apartment complex that is gated with a cafe and coffee shop for chatting and playing games. We have also expanded the Posh on the Beach concert club with a larger stage and dance area for our weekly concerts and DJ events. We have a Harbor glass stage for large concerts and events! You will love the feeling of watching one of the top SL tribute and live bands here at Posh! We have a number of upscale homes that are for rent and provide a spectacular view of the Posh beaches and wooded equestrian trails that lead to the Posh Estates public pool area and photograph locations. Grand Opening Weekend: Friday, March 11, Saturday, March 12, and Sunday, March 13, 2022. Friday, March 11, 2022 We will have an art exhibit to browse as you look around the Posh surroundings starting on Friday. Rock Doghouse will play at 5:00 pm SLT then DJ Smooth hammer will play Friday night his eclectic brand of fuck, R and B, and latest hits! Rock Doghouse is an award-winning lifelong musician and songwriter performing since the age of 6, 51 years playing with a who's a who of rock and country in RL and has been performing in SL now since 2009, over 12 years when he stumbled in and lost his car keys. He has shared stages with some of music’s greatest artists in real and virtual worlds. He is a-rockin' country boy who is classically trained, a Berklee College of Music alum, Road Warrior and gold record sound engineer with symphonic, rock, country, alternative and D.I.Y. and other bands from piano to guitar to bass, even trumpet, to singing amazing songs with passion humor and love for the music he has penned, This is someone you will want to see and hear again and again. Catch him doing solo shows, duets, and multi-streams across second life! He starts spinning at 10:00 PM SLT. Saturday, March 12, 2022 We have the fantastic band " The Rebel Element" playing its brand of Rock and Roll with a light show you can not miss, this is sure to be packed and starts at 1:00 pm SLT. We will have DJ hammer spinning after the show and fireworks in the evening. Sunday, March 13, 2022 We have more art for you to view and will start our rotation of bands playing on the weekends and DJs spinning. Check the sim information area for the latest! Link to the Posh Sim:

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Come LIVE on one of the first 16 Sims created by Linden Labs in 2002! An Incredible family Community!


Here at Clankind, We believe in communicating and learning from each other.  We like to have fun, laugh and share each other dreams and experiences! If you're looking for more than just a rental, but a family, then come on down, we'd love to have you!
We have get-togethers, Live Music and DJ's, games, fishing, horses to ride, roads to drive on, an airport, and access for all community members to protected sail-able waters!

Units for Rent, Please contact Varda for Availability.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Olde Attic is having a sale on secret items this weekend!

The Olde Attic is home to a range of garden, furniture and homes with the aim of providing low land impact, high quality products at fair prices.

The mainstore:

Marketplace Store:

Flickr Group:

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

BBX Design- A Top of the Line Luxury Yachts & Homes Company for SL’s Elite- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

When it comes to luxury living in Second Life, there is one company that stands out; BBX Design.
Living like a Lindenaire is achievable for those who have found their niche in Second Life. Many wealthy avatars want high detail and craftsmanship along with customer service they can count on.  Aymec Millet has mastered what the elite of Second Life want with his attention to detail, his use of high quality mesh textures and all the perks that the rich and famous in the real world would want.  

The SL Enquirer is a big fan BBX Design.  We have hosted celebrity style events aboard the Super Yacht Club complete with a fabulous red carpet entrance, live concerts, SLebrity guests and giveaways that would put the average venue party to shame.
BBX Design Yachts are extraordinary with features like a helicopter landing pad so you can arrive in style at your very own SLebrity parties.  Imagine you are dressed to impress stepping on deck with champagne in hand.  Your guests will marvel at your presence.  Raise your glass and toast to the good life as you welcome them to enjoy the luxurious atmosphere aboard your floating paradise. Show them what it is like to live SLife to the fullest by encouraging them to freely tour your yacht. Let the live entertainment create the atmosphere as you surround yourself with colleagues, business partners, associates and clients for networking conferences.
If you want to break away from business and enjoy some leisure time, gather your friends for a movie night in your fully loaded theater room. Impress a love interest with fine dining in your private classy lounge or just sit back, relax and watch the sunset as you enjoy your second life like a true Lindenaire.
After a nice yacht experience imagine retreating back to your mansion with the same attention to high end detail, you can continue living it up with all the amenities one would find living the elite lifestyle. Bask in your success as you walk through the threshold of your private headquarters with views of your beautiful beachfront property where your collection of cars sit displayed in your driveway and your Yacht and watercrafts waiting for you to play with them again.
Are you in the mood to entertain guests in the comfort of your home? Invite your friends and neighbors over for a couple drinks poolside as your personal DJ and chef provide a top notch experience that would make you the talk of the town.  
Don’t just imagine it. Make it happen!
The SL Enquirer sat down with Aymec Millet to learn more about BBX Design and what inspires the details he puts into his Yachts and Mansions.

Interview with Aymec Millet

Lanai: Hi Aymec it is a pleasure to meet you. I am delighted to be interviewing you and just wanted to say I absolutely love the Super Yacht Club and had plenty of successful SLebrity style parties and events on it. I am thrilled to be the proud owner of several yachts and mansions in your 2016 collection, in particular the latest version of the Super Yacht Club v4.0. Wow what a creation! Can you share with our readers how long you have been in business, what BBX Design stands for and what they can expect from your luxury creations?
Aymec: Hello , I am very honored and nice to meet you too !  When I started my creations in March of 2012 , I never saw any party boat in second life.  I started making big party boat and big cruise ships  for parties because Second life has a large ocean and boats are very important. I also noticed that people loved party boats.
I created the Super Yacht Club 2012 model but I updated it in 2013. I upgraded it to Super Yacht Club v3.0  and it was the best party yacht in Second Life because of the size, design and theme. Also, I included the option to make it drivable and added extra yachts and textures. This year, Summer of 2016,   I decided to make a new version for the 4th year So ,  Party Yacht Club v4.0—SYC V4.0 was launched. It is 100% Mesh, elegantly designed with tons of features :)
Super Yacht Club v4.0

My goal for BBX Designs &  Yachts is to continue to make LUXURY and REALISTIC models and not just for yachts.  I also create boats , clubs , homes , stores , buildings , cities and more. Also, full support for each customer always. That is very important.
BBX Friends will soon get Super Luxury Drivable and Static Big Party Yachts and super realistic houses and cities coming soon too. The BBX Design team is working hard on those new products as we speak.

Lanai: The detail you put into your yachts and mansions are awe inspiring. Where do you get your inspiration?
Aymec: From 2012-2014 I worked by myself. But after 2014 I created nice team and we are %200 better now. The BBX Design team is like a family. There are co-creators that work hard together.  Together we work faster, include more detailed realistic work. This is only possible with a dedicated team. We have creators , scripters and managers and everyone does their part. I think it shows in the products we sell.

Our medium size yachts is a hot item that sells great because they are so nice with features like HD quality and resolutions.  We look at customers reviews. If they need something specials, we make it. We also  look at  real life yachts and homes for inspiration for our new models. We really do work hard and nonstop to come up with new ideas for our products.
Lanai: Do all of your Luxury items come fully loaded with furniture and animations? If so, what items are included?
Aymec: We include fully furnished houses, yachts, clubs and more in selling contents and always with full support.
Our 2016 New homes models include fully furnished , low furnished , un furnished models so our customers have options.
We use clean textures too.  The fully furnished houses include animations and poses as well.  Some models have extra perks like yachts and cars in packs.
For example, the  newest homes included all of the above and aircraft too!

Lanai:  BBX Design is in a league of its own. Aside from the layouts, the amenities are fantastic! Can you share some of the perks that luxury seekers won’t find included with other yachts and mansions sold in second Life?
Aymec: Second life has tons of yachts, boats, homes, buildings and more.  I’ve seen lots of realistic models but second life creators use low resolution items generally.  If you zoom in on BBX yachts or homes you can see LOW land IMPACT and HIGH Resolutions.  Low Prim – High Details High LOD – very important.

SILENT House Model

Lanai: besides Yachts and Mansions, do you create other luxury items?
Aymec: I am happy you are asking me about luxury items because BBX Design only creates luxurious things. Yes, all our yachts and buildings very luxury. But we are trying concept models. For example the  SILENT Home model is very natural. It is a concept home that is warm and cozy , low prim  and very realistic.  We are currently making clubs, stores and cities too with great features.
Lanai:  Two of the important things that buyers look for are sizes and prims when deciding what would work for them. Can you share with our readers the various options for your most popular models?
Aymec: My Post Popular Models are low prim and high quality  Plus the Animations are very important. So together, Price , Prim , and Size is a  combinations that is important.
Queen Model

For Yachts, the top selling models are  VEN, Piranha, Taty, Princess , QUEEN , MTR A4 and MTR A2. For Homes it is HEAVEN , Calm , Xuri , and the Silent Home Sold nice too.
The best way to check out our selection is our marketplace page.  Search ‘’ NEW ‘’and customers can see how we developed.

Lanai:  Are your yachts stationary or they sailable?
Aymec: Both.  Big yachts +64 meters can’t be drivable because if you create objects, you can see maximum object size is 64x64x64 … So QUEEN is the biggest drivable yacht that we have. Also, maximum link distance for second life is 52 meters . You can't link 52 meters or more. Drivable yachts or boats are 20-50 meters. They are better for control. The big yachts or boats can't be drivable . But you know, I added drivable extras on it  FOR FUN and PARTIES!
Second Life needs more events on yachts. We will make the Super Yacht CLUB V5 in 2017 and The MTR A5 model will be AWESOME!
Billionaires House

Lanai: Great, I cannot wait to see it!  So, Do you have any suggestions for people who are shopping for a luxury living experience?
Aymec: Yes, browse our selection in world. Rez our models and so them up close. My best combinations are:
  1. Billionaires House + Queen Yacht
  2. Concept BW House + MTR A4 Yacht
  3. Super Yacht Club v4 + Billionaires House / Concept BW House
  4. Social City + Usable Yachts , and homes ( City is Modifiable )
  5. Real Club + Super Yacht Club v3.0 + Heaven House ( all in one sim )

You can make different combinations. Pick what is best for you!
Please IM me before or after your purchase for full support .

Lanai: Customer Support is very important in Second Life. Do you have a specific support portal or group people can join for BBX creation?
Aymec: This is best important thing for me. since 2012 , I’ve sent the super and big gift packs to each customer . I  respond to all IM’s. If there are any problems. I solve it in one day. I also help with extras. Some of my customers need flags or names for their yachts . I  make and send them textures, usually in about  5 minutes. Also, if someone needs different colors. I can do that too but it takes a little more time. But  99% of BBX design customers are happy because of gift packs +25 items and full support for each one . I also have +2500 friends because I am very friendly and I  give discounts!
Also, HAPPY FRIDAYS means more discounts! Everybody needs to own a house and yacht.  I  help with that.

Lanai: Aymec, keep doing what you do. Not only are you very talented but you really do care about your customers needs. Thank you for taking the time to chat with me about BBX Design. Is there anything else you would you would like to share with our readers and what’s in store for your 2017 collection?
Aymec: Thank you for the chat. I am very honored!
One last thing, we are going to make a DREAM HOUSE. It will probably be the best  BBX House yet  and will be one of the top 10 homes in second life . Features will include 8192 sqm , ULTRA HD details , and super extras.
Just imagine, a house with yachts , boats , vehicles , pools , docks , helicopters,  bedrooms , party areas ,effects , rooms , bars , garages , palms , and all on hills. It will be awesome. Also, we are going to make a SAILBOAT Series , SLB A1 and SLB A2 are finished .. now SLB A3  and SLB A4 are in the works. Also, MTR A1 A2 A3 A4 are Finished , and MTR A5 Will come! Plus Super Yacht Club V5.0.
AND OCEAN CITY + URBAN City coming soon too …
Plus extra speedboats , smart homes and more buildings ..
Let’s me just say, get ready for 2017!

Additional Information
Group: secondlife:///app/group/0c39ce6f-ae8a-7c00-43bd-d7740988e3dd/about
Facebook: Aymec Millet
Preferred Contact: Aymec Millet

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Guide to Finding the Perfect Mesh House for you in SL- Tea Couturier Reporting...

If you are like me and love to decorate then you know that interior design inside some of the houses available is just not enough.  When searching for a new mesh house it is important that is has the potential for modification so that you can include your personal style. With so many good designed mesh houses on the market it can be hard to find or even know where to look. Well never fear, SLE is hereto help!  Here is a list of a few houses to help get you started on the path of your dream home in Second Life.

LAQ Decor ~ Scandinavian Villa (Multi Color System)

This is one of my expensive finds and if money is not a problem and you are looking for the Scandinavian villa look then this is a perfect house for you. Not only can you change the color of the outside whenever you wish with to the color HUD, it is 100% mesh! Keep in mind you must have a mesh compatible viewer!
Additional Information:
Measurements: Width: 27,5m Length: 30,1m
Minimum Parcel Requirement: 1024m2
Prims: 107
2 floors.
Rooms: (including in theory; Kitchen, Living room, bathroom, bedroom, 1st floor hallway and 2nd floor hallway but all rooms can be used for anything)
Backdoor in the kitchen.
Uses the new Advanced Lighting Model system. All textures are Normal Mapped and have specular maps applied to them.
It is Unfurnished. Included is a tile stove and outdoor wall lamps. The stairs inside also comes with a small cabinet storage with openable doors.

House Functions:
Included is a texture and color changing system that lets you choose between many premade textures for both the outdoor and indoor look. Each independent part such as the roof, gutter, facade, kitchen floor, 1st floor ceiling, stair steps etc all have their own textures which gives you great modification options to make it look like you want. Every single texture can also be tinted to any color or made darker.
This house comes equipped with the "A.E House Control Unit" with functions such as:
HOUSE+: Some house specific options such as setting either or both chimney smokes on and off.
RADIO: Many radio stations included.
SECURITY: Included is an avatar scanner which kicks anyone not granted access by you.
WINDOW BLINDS: Turn the blinds on or off.
It has a lot to offer and priced at L$3,849 pricey but could be your new home.

The Sunset Cove House

The Sunset Cove House has a rare combination of luxury, grandness and yet succeeds in being built on a human scale. The creator felt that some country houses in SL are just too large to feel like a home, but the Sunset Cove is in fact just that, It has a cozy comfortable feel which would be a home that you will be proud to own.
 It has several rooms, a large living room, 2 fire places, a loft, balcony and large terrace for entertaining. It is a nice house and can be decorated in any style. Priced at L$850 and only 165 prims and is partly meshed.

~BAZAR~ Arizona House (unfurnished)

This is a very popular house. I have seen it across the grid used as family homes. The unfurnished house allows you to use your interior decorating skills to furnish it however you wish. This house is partly mesh
House information:
Minimum land required: 4096
-Many hang out areas with built in animations
-Sauna with animations for singles and couples (cuddles, massage)
-House control system
-Tinting windows
-Lockable door
-Access list
-Possible group access
Priced at L$2,590

ROOST 'Glen Ridge' House

This is one of my favourite ROOST homes as it is roomy and has a garage.  It is a perfect family home and is probably why it is used by a lot of family RP sims.
It is a Beautiful 2 story homemade of 100% Original Mesh that is custom created by ROOST.
It has a large open plan living areas, Bi-Folding doors leading to the back deck lined with gorgeous railing to sit under, and upstairs split level design.
3-4 large bedrooms with huge wardrobes that could be used as en-suites instead if you wanted, and also a study room which could be used as another bedroom.
The walls and floors are tint able to fit your own colour scheme by using 'Select Face' in Edit mode.
Package includes:
Separate planter box with flowers
3 Bedroom with 2 Bathroom version (216 prims)
4 Bedroom with 1 Bathroom version (215 prims)
Floor plan size: Front width= 30 meters
Side length= 28 meters
Height= 20 meters
(Glen Ridge Fence, Snow Roof & Porch Swing NOT Included, but is sold separately to match the House).
Priced at L$3,200 I think it is definitely worth a look.

These are just a few mesh and partially mesh houses on SL to help you with your new home search.Happy House hunting!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sky Manor Resort: Luxury Living in Second Life- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Luxury Living in Second Life is a lot easier to obtain than it is in the real world. 
Whatever it is you imagine, you can have from Jacuzzi tubs, fancy cars and private jet to big beautiful custom homes complete with the landscaping of your dreams.

Sky Manor Resort is highly ranked in the destination guide and rightfully so because it is a place that brings luxury living in Second Life to a whole new level. 
The grand entrance to the office is impressive and neatly decorated. The foliage and arches above the stone pathways make it a lovely atmosphere for taking a stroll around the resort and imagining the feeling of luxury living.  The central road connects to Westward Village, the rental office, a hotel, club and beachfront properties. It truly is a splendid place to find luxury and style for those that are looking to live the good SLife.
 I met up with Dangerous Massacre to learn more about Sky Manor Report and what it has to offer residents that have a taste for luxury living.

Interview with Dangerous Massacre

Friday, May 31, 2013

Home & Garden Expo 2013: Relay for Life- 2 DAYS LEFT! Tea Couturier Reporting…

The Home & Garden Expo is the biggest home and garden event this year and brings together over 100 exhibitors in homes, gardens, landscaping and interior designing across the grid.

It also includes the 2nd annual Breedables fair covering all the different kinds available in second life.

Home & Garden Expo 2013: Relay for Life open to the public until June 2nd!