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Monday, September 16, 2013

Luxury living in Second Life- Tea Couturier Reporting...


In SL you can live the life as though you have won the  lotto. There are lots of things you can easily spend your money on living the millionaire life style in the virtual world.

 Did I hear you ask how? Well I am going to do the top homes, cars and yachts in sl from the top budget to the medium budget.

First we have:

This house is amazing. Built with lots of head room to angle your camera as you move around the home. It is spacious and very glam. Each room is generous in proportion in size. With an Olympic size pool to complete the outside mansion. The only disappointing thing I found with the mansion was with some of the furniture such as the master bedroom en-suit bathroom the sink did not have any menu options for you to animate actually using it. Also some of the rooms where not furnished to show what you would be getting when or if you bought the fully furnished package.
Apart from that it still is an amazing home.
The mansion can come in two different packages
1.    Fully furnished priced at 40,000L
2.    Un-furnished priced at 20,000L

Maven Homes
One house that caught my eye was:
The Vita by Maven Homes.

This was a stylish modern home which would work with any working professional in sl. It is also quite reasonable on prim usage with or without furniture package. It is suited for land which is either beach or just grass facing the ocean.


• Land Impact
    • Unfurnished version: 295
    • Furnished version: 429
• Size: 56 m x 57 m
• Recommended parcel: 4096 sq.m. or larger


• 2 bedrooms
• Bathroom
• Living room
• Dining room
• Kitchen
• Bar


• Unfurnished version:
    • Furnished kitchen, bathroom, and bar
    • Kitchen stools, bar stools, and pool seats with animated poses
    • Bath tub, shower and sink with animated poses
Price 7990L

• Furnished version:
    • Kitchen, bathroom, and bar as above, plus various decor
    • All other rooms fully furnished
    • Chairs, couches, and beds equipped with animated poses
    • Web TV

• Large patio with pool
• 3 balconies
• 2 fireplaces
• Version without kitchen, bathroom, and bar items included
Price 9490L


• Lockable doors can be set to open automatically
• Blinds can be raised, open, or shut
• Lighting can be turned off, on, or dimmed (except some exterior lights)
• Lighting color can be adjusted
• Automatic mode adjusts lighting according to sim time of day
• Adjustable window tint and opacity
• Security system with radar controls access to house.

The Domineaux Effect
Villa Di Campagna is a lovely detailed home full of character and giving you the rustic charms of a villa in Italy.  However, walking around the villa I found it personally a little hard with me trying to angel my camera so as to see the rooms I was entering. Also there were a few rooms which were very boxy and not sure what you could do with them and if they would just remain empty rooms.

For me it isn’t the best configuration of floor plan for a house it may work for others though. However, saying this I have included this villa in my best house find due to the detailing of the build which I think is very realistic and has some very quaint features to it.
The villa does come unfurnished but allows you to add your own interior flare to your home.

The house alone is 378 prims only. It has 5 bedrooms, 4 upstairs and 1 downstairs each with their own closets for that extra touch of realism and charm.
Large open living and dining area with a lovely fireplace to relax by. The large kitchen leads to a big pergola covered patio great for outdoor dining or relaxing. String lights add to the atmosphere at nigh time. Easy to use home control system which powers tintable windows, multi-phase lighting and lockable doors and owner controlled access.
The footprint of the home itself is approximately 31 x 24 meters but it is best suited to at least a standard sized 4096sqm parcel at 64x 64 meters to have room for the included sidewalks and cave.
Price 2999L


(E-Tech) Odyssey Mega Yacht Fully Furnished
Is a very large yacht which is packed with features and fixtures which have been tastefully created to make this yacht a luxury yacht. It is fully furnished with a prim count of
Odyssey Furnished Version = 1887 Prims --- This Version is fully furnished
Odyssey Basic Version = 1128 --- This version is very lightly furnished but does include all the lighting systems for each room, which ever option you choose it is included in one pack.
Swanky bar and top notch DJ booth with animations programmed in for both, sit back and chill at the bar or make the crowd jump at the DJ booth, the choice is yours.
Sculpted and professionally textured relative decorations such as
alcohol bottles, glasses, drinks etc...

3, count them 3, large animated fish tanks (because we're cool like that).
Glass bottom dancing area for your viewing pleasure of that amazing ocean as you dance and party the night away.
Fully customizable lighting system with dimmers and color changing features that are throughout the nightclub and bar.
Pool table with animations
Movie Theatre

Ever wanted to own your own movie theatre? Now you can and you can have all the butter you want on your popcorn because it comes equipped with its own animated concession stand that has popcorn, nachos, snow cones, hot dogs, soda machines and more!
This area also comes with state of the art lighting, you may want to set land settings to midnight however so you can snuggle up to your significant other in the dark.
Vehicles & Vehicle Hold
With the 3 fully functioning bay doors you'll be able to unload your land and sea vehicles with ease. Comes with: 1 Zodiac, 2 Jet skis, 2 ATV's.
2 Helipads for all your aviation needs and comes equipped with 1 fully scripted and animated helicopter.
Living Quarters
2 lavishly furnished and animated bedroom suites with customizable lighting and security/privacy systems.
1 modern bathroom animations.
The pride of the ship, the bridge, is decked out with several computers with modern visual animations as well as animated seats.
1 animated swimming pool with lights on the stern of the ship and 1 Jacuzzi on the roof.
Color changing lights through the interior and exterior of the Odyssey. Price: 6799L

MTR A2 - Drivable Party Yacht
The Drivable Yacht is a lovely compact but still very stylish yacht were you can sail across the sl waters and still have a party of friends on board as you sail. It is also a good price for all the features it has. Priced at 3000L

Features are:
• BLACK + WHITE versions
• 2 SPEEDBOAT + 2 JETSKI vehicle rezzers - (People Can Use)
• Drivable & Party Mode = Park to marine with rezbox
• 20 avatar can sit to drivable version
• Access Control (OWNER - PUBLIC)
• Realistic Waves & Motor Sounds!
• Lockable Doors!
• Massage Room + Jacuzzi for couples
• Very Realistic Bedroom with Animated Bed +600 Pose
• Television and Realistic Aquarium @ Bedroom
• 4 Gear System (page up - page down)
• High Detailed Textures & Realistic Shadows
• Realistic Bar + Bar Stools + Drinks + Poses
• Have Sculpt + Mesh Parts
• Have Realistic Couches + Cockpit + Lounges + Animations
• Permission: Copy - Modify - No Transfer
• Prims: 464 PARKED - 133 DRIVABLE

Lush Motors
Lusch Motors – Chelsea
This is a super car which has lots of features packed into one range rover.
* Fully sculpted body and interior
* High quality handmade, baked and photo sourced textures
* 12 colors included
* 7 wheel styles included
* Ride height changer
* Tog gable roof rack and grille guard
* Working head and taillights
* All four doors and hatch can open
* Hatch can open in two way: all the way up or split
* Window tint
* Functioning blinkers/direction light: use the HUD to control the blinkers
* Access levels: owner, group and everybody
* License plate customizer: set your own texture and switch between Euro or US sized plates
* Custom side decal: set your own texture on the front doors and hood (make sure the texture has enough white space around it) 

* Place for 1 driver and 3 passengers
* Eject passengers with a click
* Moving sculpted steering wheel and driving animations
This is a luxury car at a reasonable price at: 1,099L
This car is available on MP only
However, still tp down to the show room to see the other cars for sale.

NEW* RSZ V.2 (Colorable) MESH [NeurolaB Inc.]
Is an ultra-realistic Car, 100% fully Mesh in High Quality, Ultra realistic baked textures and shadows.
It Comes with a Driving HUD (owner and free)
- Includes NEW SMART HUD for complete customization! Many choices of Features to make your Car unique!
- You can customize the lights independently of wheels, headlights, instrument panel and body car, by choosing your color, glow and shine.

- 4 modes of realistic handling.
- Drive/Hover - Simulation/Arcade
- 5 Gears, Turbo Boost - Auto/Manual
- HUD Driving Owner and Free public
- New Physic Engine
- VICE ATMS Combat systems: laser cannons, guided missiles and much more...

(It is available in others Models: Black, Aluminium, Sliver, Anthracite, Colorable and Interceptor Police)
Priced at 4,490L

This is just a rough idea what kind of luxury products are available in sl. 


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