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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Children’s Fashion in SL - Tea Couturier Reporting...

We tend to assume fashion in Second Life(c) is only for adults, but in SL fashion is also available for children and babies. Believe it or not, it is in high demand because we do have a high number of children avatars in the SL community too.

It is important to feature the top deals and children stores in SL for those who have SL children or are SL children themselves.
We are aware of zooby clothing but  there are other stores available out there.

Mimi Boutique
 Mimi Boutique caters to girls. Mimi’s has good quality clothing for a very low price. Ranging from 0L to 500L.
I found 3 autumn looks for girls which are only 1L each which is a shocking price for such pretty clothing.
The first one is a Funny outfit.
It is no mod/copy but is transferable.
It is a beautiful, Princess little girls Pink outfit. It comes with boots, tights a stripy top and a pretty spotted skirt all for 1L Perfect for autumn.
Next we have the Plush again in pink. It comes with pink and white stripe tights with pink boots. A white dress with pink flowers and a pink jumper to be worn under the dress. Smart yet practical. This also costs 1L !

 Finally from Mimi we have Emily with boots. This comes with brown Uggs boots. Pink white and brown stripped knee high socks. And a dress which is white with pink flowers, with brown sleeves and collar. Warm practical and affordable all for 1L

Little Closet

Little Closet has lovely children’s clothing for both girls and boys. Priced between 11L-500L.

I found 3 perfect outfits for both girls and boys

Little Closet - Cardi Combo - Natural Pack 100L
This cardigan shirt combo includes a texture changing HUD for the shirt.  It is uni-sex and with the options of being able to change the pattern on the shirt it enables you to have several looks from one outfit. Warm yet perfect for the autumn.

Little Closet - Dust BunBun Hoodie 50L

This is a uni-sex hoodie and comes in a variety of colours black, brown, blue, pink and cream. It is warm and can be worn not only in autumn but also in winter so practical for 2 seasons. Worn with jeans it can make a lovely outfit for a girl or a boy.

Little Closet - Knit Polka Dot Leggings - Natural Pack 55L
Leggings are a good buy for any child or even adult but perfect for the little ones. These leggings can be worn under dresses and even under a long jumper to create an autumn/winter look which keeps the kids warm when running around. For this pack you get 5 and priced at 55L I think you will agree this is a good buy.

Finally we have a store called The Blossom.

The Blossom
This shop sells trendy clothing for the child that wants to be trendy. Most of the clothing are priced between 11L-100L. You can find some between 100-L-500L but a bulk of The Blossoms apparel is between 11L-100L.

The Blossom. Awesome Owl outfit TD TODDLEEDOO only 99L

This outfit is made for Toddleedoo avatars only
The set includes Mesh sweater baby size, Mesh sweater kids size, one pairs of cute sneakers which have a resize script which you can delete if wish. The outfit is no mod/transfer but is copyable. It is perfect for autumn and winter

The Blossom. Deer Lounge outfit Toddleedoo kids only! 99L
This is a comfy lounge around the house playing outfit or for school. It has a cute deer print on the sweater with grey patterned pants.  It comes in Mesh sweater baby size and pants. Also mesh kids sweater and pants size. Again no mod/trans but is copyable.

The Blossom. My knitted dress blue/green ombre TD TODDLEEDOO only
This is a complete dress outfit for Toddleedoo kids.
You can wear this green/blue knitted dress with or without the shirt and pant layer.
The set comes in a TD clothing HUD for the wool shirt and pans layer.  A shirt border. Mesh dress in baby and kids size and one pair of matching boots which have a reszieable script. Again no mod/trans but is copyable.

Just a small collection of children’s clothing that is available in SL for a reasonable price. Children’s fashion is just as popular as adults fashion and if you have an SL child or you are one, you will find a whole lot of clothing too browse from and will be spoiled when it comes to choices and price.


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