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Sunday, October 13, 2013

House of Champions Boxing Gym- Piers Diesel Reporting...

Most of us enjoy watching boxing in Real Life and have probably been to a gym to box. So to have one in Second Life to actually not just train but to box and win fights.

 Winning a belt is a plus!

Whatever your views are on boxing in Real Life, there are people who enjoy it and for that this has made the House of Champions Boxing Gym one of the top if not best gyms on the grid. 

Owned by Jimothy Stratten who has won so many belts and championships himself clearly shows that this is a gym that has an owner who knows what he is doing.

 To learn more about Jimothy and HOC an interview was the only thing to do.

Interview with Jimothy Stratten

Piers: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Jimothy: Sure. Not really much to me, I’ve been playing SL and Boxing in SL for a little over 4 years, I’m very goal driven but I’m willing to compromise for betterment as a whole towards my aims and I’m of course willing to admit when i'm wrong. I love my wife kitten, my group, and SL boxing

Piers: Can you tell us a bit about how HOC came about in SL?

Jimothy: HOC is actually not my creation...a fact I’ve never been shy about stating. Basically what happened was a group of boxers got together to discuss the things they didn’t like about the current state of the gyms in SL back in 2010, and decided to start something alternative. I took charge when a good friend of mine decided to go back into the land of RL and left the gym in my hands

Piers. You have own many championship belts in your time what would you say are the skills or techniques in achieving this?

Jimothy: Hard work is key. I started out with a single trainer, the best boxer i could find....and from there took advice tips and the like from every boxer i met. I blended those styles to create something new and ran with it. After that it was hard work and determination...just refusing to quit and not backing down from any challenge

Piers: If someone wanted to get into boxing what would be your suggestions?

Jimothy: Train, Train, Train, and take in all the knowledge you can. Do not get discouraged for longer than a day. Boxing in SL is a very mental process I call it a human chess match. Everyone has the same basic skill set there is no human advantage like size, strength or speed so you need to use what you do have...reflex, anticipation and quick thinking. Always stay 3 moves ahead of your opponent and be ready when an opening presents itself

Piers:  What keeps HOC  on the Second Life grid for it remain one of the top if not the best  boxing gym and fighting events  venue in Second Life?

Jimothy: Simplicity I feel. I see a lot of places that always try to change and be on the cutting edge and while change and evolution are good things, the same old only works for so long, you also have to be aware of your group and the people in it. Some places build up big venues with state of the art components and some expand beyond being a boxing gym and while i don't disagree with any of these moves and openly support the other gyms, i wish them well, I also feel that that much change can be jarring. You shouldn't change to get ahead of your competition or simply for the sake of change, change when you notice something in the people...a yearning for something different....and then tweak accordingly. I keep a basic theme and I put on my focus on the people, i love my group they're all my family

Piers:  What do you like to do to relax when you’re not busy working in Second Life?

Jimothy: Relax? I’m not sure i know this relaxing is easy enough. I'll either just spend time chatting with the boxers or when Kitten (my wife and co-owner of HOC) is around I like to just spend time with her watching TV or listening to music or just sat around spending time together

Piers. What's next for you and HOC for the rest of 2013 and beyond?

Jimothy: Who really knows? I've been blessed with a great group of eager young fighters and tough veterans looking to give back to something that gave them so much joy. I suppose the game plan is just to keep providing them with an opportunity to get everything they can out of this be it championships and titles of just a fun distraction and hopefully make SL fun for them

To find out more on HOC or to just have a look around tp down using

Or visit the website at:

Group : ec041d05-c0e2-5bbc-e265-4970c955bf1bec041d05-c0e2-5bbc-e265-4970c955bf1bec041d05-c0e2-5bbc-e265-4970c955bf1b


  1. House of Champions is not just a great place to go if you want to take part in Second Life boxing. There is a great crowd of people there and a lot of fun to be had outside of the ring. You are welcome to come along and spectate and join the banter. This is why I like House of Champions. Jimothy doesn't put up with griefers and trouble makers making this a safe sim to just hang out. Helen Woodside.

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