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Friday, October 18, 2013

How SL Residents Celebrate Halloween- Tea Couturier Reporting...

Halloween is a fun time in real life and there is no reasons why this fun shouldn’t be extended to Second Life.

Many of us celebrate Halloween and here are just a few ways the residents of SL will be observing the holiday. I asked a few residents what they would be and many said visiting they would be haunted houses.

 Here are a few of the recommendations SL residents have given me

DarkDharma Haunted Manor
This is a haunted house made especially to scare you and it does a great job of it. Each room has its own unique ghost or ghoul acting out a horror or scaring scene. Without spoiling it as you wonder threw the house from room from room you will be able to mingle with the scene and take some very funny photos of yourself and of your friends. A definite must to see!

Spooky Haunted Mansion
Happy Haunted Halloween party from 7pm-11pmslt at the Spooky Haunted Mansion will be hosting Halloween events from the 1st October to 1st November 2013. It has 3 floors for you to visit.   Each room is decorated in a Halloween theme, including the dungeon. Each night is theme night so be prepared to see some outlandish Halloween costumes. The place is no doubt going to be packed so be prepared to have some scary fun.

The Flaming Cock
If the name of this place isn’t scary enough...The flaming Cock will be having a Halloween Bash which will also coincided with their grand opening on the 19th of October 2013
 From 12 noon slt- 12 midnight slt. There will be a live Dj appearances by Master Dj Subzero, Dj Asmodeus, Calisto Whitewolf The Timewarp  Dj, Dj Legion and Dj Night.

It will be a best in costume contest every 2 hours and the top prize is 500L with free giveaway gifts.

Halloween Town
Halloween Town was one of the places a few people recommended to visit. It is a sim that sells Halloween products, clothing and decorations. At the bottom of the long winding road you will find a haunted house for you to explore after your shopping. For Halloween products and costumes this is a definite must
The haunted house is a modern fun haunted house and I would defiantly recommend visiting it on your own or with friends.

Quantamis Halloween/ Rezz Day party at Quado.
On the 19th October 2013 at 1pm slt there will be a fun packed evening complete with ghosts and ghouls. It will also be the venue where Quantamis will be hosting his rezz day party and performing. After Quan finishes playing Satch aka Joesatrian Feden will also be performing so it will defiantly be a fun packed evening!
There is a Halloween theme so dress up!. Take a sneak peek before the event, you will be dancing in the castles grave yard. O.o

Finally we have the Halloween Costume Fashion Show at Goddess Lounge Pagents
At 1pm slt on October 19th, 2013. The show will start with the singer Athene Forder who will sing while a variety of costumes worn by sl models will make their way down the runway in Halloween style. This show will allow you to see what is out on the grid for Halloween costumes.  Get your outfit before Halloween officially arrives!
After the show Dj Machiavelli will be playing tunes for the fashion show after party, A perfect way to combine the 2 events.

Happy Halloween!


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