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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Nobody Likes Busted Looking Toes: If you have Feet Problems, Do something about it!- Introducing Mesh Feet- Tea Couturier Reporting...

When we buy skin we go for the realistic look. For our face and hands we do the same, however if we look at our feet they can appear unnatural and lack detail as though they were painted on.

So when mesh feet came onto the grid residents were happy that they would be able to show off their toes and feet when they slipped off their shoes. However with so many on the market now it can be daunting if not hard to find the pair that will not only look good but also not cost you a lot of Lindens to create the natural look. 

 I have comprised a few of the mesh feet that I feel not only look good, but also are a good price for all budgets.

Here are a few locations to check out!

Tip Toe Bare Feets :: {kokoia}

These mesh feet are priced at only 10L!

These feet are 100% mesh and comes in 5 sizes. They also include one model size which has not been rigged. The mesh feet comes in 10 standard skin colors that can be used by many skin brands. These feet also comes with 10 different nail colors and also the ability to create your own shades using the palette provided in the HUD. 

 The accessories are tattoos and toe rings that can be worn together or separately and the colors can be changed.

So for 10L This product is packed with all these great features. If this is your first time plunging into the  mesh feet world, this could be a  good stepping stone to start with.

Mesh feet can be for men too!  I found a pair of great men's mesh feet that look very realistic.

JOMO MESH men's feet 2.0     520L

 With the men’s mesh feet you are able to add or change the toenail color and also change the skin tone. These feet come in 5 sizes and all color changes are done using a HUD.

 The ankle color can also be changed to make it darker than the rest of the skin if needed. A perfect realistic pair of men’s feet. If you are not sure if these are right for you and you want to make sure before you buy them, get the demo pair first.

Male Feet rigged Mesh - 4 sizes by Vika Design   599L
These mesh feet come with 3 HUDS for nails and skin. It also comes in 4 sizes. The HUD comes with a few textures which you can also use the color pallet to complete the look so as to make your feet more realistic as you can. 

With the 3 HUDS you will get 4 alpha’s with your 4 different sizes of feet. Try the demo before you buy the product to make sure it is exactly what you want.

Gaeline Shoes - Female Mesh Tip Toe Bare Feet: just be natural and free 380L
These mesh feet for women come with a lot of extras.
2 additional tattoos
2 additional nail arts
29 skin bases to give you even more possibilities to adjust rapidly your skin tone
An improved and innovative skin tone calculation algorithm
A useful Clever RGB feature based on this algorithm which enables you to easily and rapidly set and retrieve the skin tone of your feet as a RGB value (without any loss of skin details) Also the ability to remove the scripts from the feet.
With the new Gaeline Skin Picker function which allows you to simply select your skin among a list of hundreds of pre-configured ones and directly set the skin tone of your Gaeline feet.

NOYA [1 WEEK PROMO SALE] - BARE FEET - MESH - Elegant Female Barefeet  150L

This is a one week promo sale at this price! It comes with 10 different mesh feet sizes. Including skin color and nail shades you can change using the feet HUD. The feet are rigged mesh so allow you to walk and change poses with your feet on. Nice price even if it is only for a week!  Only  150L.

Mesh feet are as important as shoes are. They help complete your look and make you appear more realistic.
Choosing the right pair can be tricky but if the creator offers demos it would be best to try these before you buy.

Mesh feet can be fun and easy to shop for, once you know what you’re looking for.


  1. Oh no, what happened to SLink feet? With so many creators making content for them I'm amazed they were left off this list; they are super popular!

  2. Hi Ellen, thank you for bringing that to our attention! We are on it and will have more information about SLink feet coming up soon!


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