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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Scroll from the Realm of Usk: The fine art of Role-playing. – Glossom Resident Reporting

“Discover how to visit the past and bring yesterday's stories into our lives today”
Gillian Hovell, 'Visiting the Past'

Behold the raven carrying a scroll with news from the past. By me pen, words of Nobles, Ladies, brave Knights and commoners are written: Once upon a time in a land far, far away there was a medieval settlement named Realm of Usk...

Surrounded by the magnificent mountains of Wales and located in the year of our Lord 1313, this village is one of the most authentic medieval role-playing venues in Second Life, Crafts, commercial activities, experiences and traditional daily life scenes of that period are recreated by a very active and hierarchically structured society.

Famous for its Port at Ships Landing, Usk has an economy dominated by agriculture and by the commercialization and trading of products, with regular market days where merchants from in and out come to buy and sell. The village comes to life during market day, there’s music is in the air, the square is filled with new and familiar faces and children running around playing with each other. The atmosphere is fantastic and no one wants to miss it.

The Earl Gunner Slade and the beautiful Countess Perri Slade own the fair Laws of the Realm. As kind honorable people, their laws mirror their moral and ethical values. Sir Jeb, Lord Magistrate of Usk, has the important role of enforcing those laws and of keeping the peace in the Realm. Proper punishment is given to who dares to defy the laws.

Social gatherings are very important for the community. Sportive games are a very common cultural activity where people from the realm and beyond assist to the regular Tournaments (Swords, Jousting, and Archery) held at Usk. The bravest Knights, title attributed after months and months of practice, draw their swords or bows to once again prove their skills and give people a sense of security, after all they are in charge of guarding the Castle. Forest hunts are also a great opportunity to improve the archery skills.

Another very common activity comes from professional storytellers that ply their trade from court to court. At the Drunken Boar Inn of Usk, people rest from a hard working day while listening to those stories, dancing, playing, eating and drinking Ale, mead and wine produced by the local brewer, Sir Corvus.  Travelers can also stay overnight at the Inn’s fully furnished rooms for rent.

When exploring the village you will see that Usk is self-sufficient by the products offered in the shops. There is the town butcher, where people can buy meat for a modest amount of 
coins; a Fishmonger with fresh catches of fish; you can feel the smell of freshly baked products coming from the local bakery; there is a shop with the finest linen and spices; the Stitch and Tyme shop has tapestry making and tea gatherings. Usk also welcomes new merchants where they can sell their products in one of the local shops for rent. Travellers are also welcome to settle in one of the village houses, or buy land on one of Usk’s estates or Barony and have their own house/castle under the protection of the Castle of Usk. If you are new to the medieval theme, role-playing classes are held regularly.

At the village we can hear the noise of people doing their chores: men working at the Usk forge where fine armours are made to be purchased, the sound of hooves on the pavement, Noble women having a horse carriage tour, Knights cleaning their swords and preparing to fight, the kids going to school, Gypsies trying to lure men while dancing in the square… and that is how the village lives, through its inhabitants, and therefore, a very own culture is created and is to be prevailed throughout virtual history.



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