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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Live long and Prosper at The Star Trek Museum.- Shaneos Howlett Reporting…

Every Star Trek fans fantasies come to life at The Star Trek Museum.

In early November 2013 I lucky enough to be able to interview Owner / Manager of the Star Trek Museum - Emillie Piccard for insight in to behind the scenese operation and what makes The Star Trek Museum location worth visiting, including...
SL's best collection of Everything Star Trek - Full size USS Enterprise, dine on gagh, fly in a shuttle, visit a Vulcan town, a Klingon home, Science Museum, swim with George and Gracie whales and learn about everything scientific and educational within Star Trek, details follow...

Where does your average Star Trek fan go in Second Life© for everything Trek related ?...

To the Star Trek Museum located on Eridani sim where residents are teaching real science in a Star Trek Format, since 2006.  Beam up to 10-Forward and explore exhibits on Astrometrics, Engineering, Warp Theory, Starship Design, bridge recreations, TWO working Holodecks & more.

Andorian, Borg, Cardassian, Klingon, Orion, Romulan, Vulcan
 Learn about their History, Philosophy, Eating and Mating Habits.  The Star Trek Museum has exhibits, artifacts and movies representing All Star Trek Species.  Dine on live gagh and blood wine at the Federation Buffet.  Pay a visit to the home of the Grand Nagus, a Borg Cube, or a typical Bajoran or Klingon house.

A full-size re-creation of Capt. Kirk's Enterprise complete with the Bridge, Captain's Quarters, Sickbay, Engineering and Shuttle bay with working shuttlecraft to return you to land   Sit in the Captain's chair and watch "A Star Trek Tribute" on the main viewer.

The sim is packed with Star Trek trivia and memorabilia from almost every season of Star Trek with heavy influences based on the original series, The Next Generation and Voyager.

The sim is based on the Vulcan Museum and  Town of Wakrubaya
After the destruction of their home world, a small group of Vulcans relocated to New Eridani (named for the star Epsilon Eridani or the star 40 Eridani, around which Vulcan is said to have orbited. The town and nearby residential areas provide a home for Vulcans and other species to live in logic and harmony, while providing an opportunity to educate visitors about Vulcan society and culture.

Roddenberry Dive Team
The Charles "Trip" Tucker III Memorial Scuba Tour (Trip was an avid scuba diver). See Capt Picard to pick up your free scuba gear. Beam over to the raft to see a movie courtesy of the Roddenberry Dive Team. Founded by Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry the son of Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett Roddenberry, RDT combines the philosophy of Star Trek with exploration and protection of Earth's oceans.
Dry Dock-Occasionally used as a very cool space for parties.

Being an intermediate trekkie myself, I was amazed at how much information and trek related activities the sim contained - I for one can highly recommend a visit to this entertaining location.... do not delay ... beam there today !

Interview with Emillie Paccard

Shaneos Howlett - How many people work with managing and operating The Star Trek Museum?

Emillie Piccard - Emillie Piccard - 60 Years Old - USA - Financial provider & Owner, Wabisabi Matahari  - Curator, Gardener, Benevolent Dictator, Tsora Enoch - Chief Engineer - 20‘s - England, Head Chef Plushie Wrangler and Sabri Picard England - 50‘s - Founder, Captain, Curator.

Shaneos Howlett - Do you like any one particular episode / season of Star Trek?

Emillie Piccard - I like all of the episodes.

Shaneos Howlett - Do you have any plans / hopes / wishes for the furture of The Star Trek Museum ?

Emillie Piccard - To see more visitors arrive - previously there use to be hundreds per day - now there are only a few visitors per day.

Shaneos Howlett - Do you have any concerns with running The Star Trek Museum ?

Emillie Piccard - Yes, financial concerns - being the sole provider for the Sim means we have to rely heavily on donations to keep The Star Trek Museum operating.

Trivia day = Friday once a month - date via entry note card   
Event time(s): Once a month - Friday - Details via entry note card.


For more information contact Emillie Piccard - Owner / Manager 


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