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Showing posts with label science fiction. Show all posts

Friday, December 4, 2020

Latest Sci-Fi novel Book Release! The Emperor’s Reach by R. Jacques aka GoSpeed Rasere


Who: Author R. Jacques, aka GoSpeed Rasere

What: The release of the latest Sci_Fi novel,  The Emperor’s Reach. The author will be available to talk about their work and field questions on self-publishing and writing.

When: December 6th, 2020 at 11 AM SLT

Where: Book Island. Look for the arch of stacked books.


Further details: Discussion will be held in text and SL voice. The Emperor’s Reach eBook is on pre-order and will be released on the 18th of December.

Available at:

Amazon -

Smashwords -

Promotional video:


Nine years after the events in the Rasere Awakening series the world of Simvie Loko has become a more dangerous place. The Tuscans have invaded Affenland, the island home of Grif Grasswalker, a sentient Gorilla. They’ve also forged an alliance with Rakistan and are busy building a new fleet of warships in their fabricator equipped shipyards. Finally, in the far east, The new city of Concordia, inhabited by newcomers from a dystopian simulation, presents a new challenge in the form of refugees who stream west into the lands of Lokotero causing social upheaval.

Rising to the challenge is the newly elected president of Lokotero, Andrew Jenson. To aid the Gorillas, he sends a covert military unit to disrupt the Tuscan’s military infrastructure on the island. To Concordia and Rakistan, he sends agents to gather more information on the threats posed to their country’s sovereignty. What secrets will they discover and what dangers will they face? Read The Emperor’s Reach and find out!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Spotlight Feature on GoSpeed Rasere- Second Life Resident and Science Fiction Novelist- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Book Cover
Second Life holds value to all of its residents in various ways. To many it is not a game; it is an extension of real life.  Take a moment to think about the very first time you rezzed into this extraordinary virtual world. Did you have a plan or did you discover a hidden talent that has lead you on your current path?
The SL Enquirer sat down with GoSPeed Rasere to learn more about what brought him to Second Life and what inspired the science fiction novel that is about to launch on February 3rd.

Interview with Gospeed Rasere

Hi GoSpeed, before we get into the novel I wanted to take a moment to give our readers a behind the scenes look at the person behind the novel. How did you discovery Second Life and what was your initial thought? Did you have a plan once you settled in?
I came across a mention of Second Life on a Google Earth blog in 2006 and decided to investigate it further. As far as a plan, not really. I went with the flow and wound up being a member of several communities.

How would you describe Second Life now compared to your noob days?
Second Life has matured greatly over the past 11 years I have been a citizen. The grid is more stable, The objects you can buy are of much higher quality, and the communities are more cohesive.

Prior to Second Life do you have writing and or publishing experience?
Apart from school assignments, I had no real writing experience, but family and coworkers always came to me to read their resumes and school papers asking me of they were worded right.
What was your inspiration for writing Racere’s War?
A few things inspired me to write my first, full length novel. The driving force was the concern over the continued existence of Second Life as a virtual world. I had worried that one day, SL would disappear along with my avatars and the communities they belonged to. I have poured so much time into them that they feel like individuals. I then reasoned that they can live on in images, machinima, and in writing. I was familiar with Role Play in SL and was impressed by the ability of others who could create whole stories on the fly when they interacted with other role players. I gave it a try and I liked how I was able to express my ideas in text. Finally, I am a big fan of the Sci-Fi author Scott Sigler. A few years ago he had a few episodes where he talked about writing novels and I then vowed I'd write my own stories and publish them.

Can you share some teasers about the series?
Rasere's War is the first novel in a planned trilogy called "Rasere's Awakening". The first novel is about GoSpeed Rasere realizing she is more than a simple NPC in a virtual world. She comes alive emotionally and even sexually for the first time in her 40 year existence. The second novel focuses on her continued growth as an individual morphing from a follower to a doer. The third novel is her becoming a leader and learning how to accept the consequences of her past actions.

You have another novel coming out in the Spring called “We Built this City”. Can you tell us a little about that one?
This novel follows three people, GoSpeed, Marty (GoSpeed's love interest from the first novel), and a man who's brain was frozen in the 2020s and then had his mind uploaded to the virtual world of the novels. The three characters eventually meet up in a recreation of Bay City (inspired by the Bay City of Second Life.)

The novels you write feature several SL residents as main characters living in a futuristic virtual reality simulation. How did you choose your characters? Is it all fiction or did you draw inspiration from their personalities and SL experiences?
These were avatars I've known over the years either in world via their social media (primarily Flickr).
The character's personality is based mostly on my observations of them and then modified to fit their new environment. It's similar to how the creator of this futuristic virtual world recreated them some 500 years in the future. He analyzed their social media data and and formulated an approximate personality.

Will you be hosting a Novel launch event in Second Life where our readers can actually meet the characters in your series?
 I will most likely have one on the 27th of January at a place and time to be determined. I'll keep you apprised of where it will be and will also post it to my author website.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about Racere’s War and any future projects you may have in the works?
The third novel in the series, The Bounding Main, should be released before the end of the year. I plan to write a series based on the same characters in later time periods and locations. As a digital person their life spans are unlimited!

I also encourage people to sign up for my Newsletter. I will inform subscribers of my publishing plans and produce bonus content such as excerpts and deleted scenes. A link to the newsletter can be found on my homepage.

When will this book be available?  Please share a link.
The ebook will be released on 3 February 2018 on a few sites. You can preorder it now and it will download to your device on the 3rd.
GoSpeed Rasere
Thank you for taking the time to share your story and projects with The SL Enquirer, we wish you the very best in Second Life and in real life.

Additional Information
Preferred contact: In world, GoSpeed Rasere.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Awakening The SL Movie Project and Doc Grun” -Saoirse Heart reporting...

There is an exciting new project on the grid being made entirely in Second Life.  Doc Grun [Douglas W. Green) it the author Awakening.  Working with Lou CasaBianca as director/publisher, he is bringing his science fiction series to life using an episodic Machinima format.

 ‘Awakening’ is set in the future approximately 340 years from now.  Earth has been struck by a rogue comet in the year 2048 bringing catastrophes world wide bringing man to the edge of extinction.  Space travelers from the center of the galaxy sent a rescue force to Earth.  These travelers were called Scaliens and helped to rebuild the civilization of earth at the cost of enslaving humanity.  Humanity then rose up to defeat and enslave their captors living that was in peace for the next 340 years.  The sins of the past long forgotten, mankind lives to regret all that has happened.  To read a more comprehensive introduction to the project, please click here.

Saoirse Heart:  I am here today speaking with Doc Grun [aka Douglas W. Green].  In real life, he has worked through and experienced the technical innovations and changes in the automotive industry.  He the author of The Awakening,  and is currently involved  in his life’s dream project; creating a full length movie filmed in VR format, right here in SL.  Doc in your last press release you had completed seven episodes, what has happened to those?

Doc Grun: they were consolidated into 1 movie.  the book is 83,000 words, I had to expand my goals.  we recorded the entire first 7 episodes in voice then would pump the VO into SL to make the avatar lips move while we did the animations.  but we are working on more synchronized movements so back to the drawing board.  It’s only the beginning.  we will also be using mocap for animations that sl cant reproduce.  The project will also spotlight AR VR and how to educate students in the STEAM

How far along are you in completing the entire movie?

Doc Grun: we are working with RL film partners to do it professionally.  filming is on hold while we retool.

Saoirse Heart: How can we follow the series while the movie is in production?

Doc Grun: we are now recording podcasts that will be released 1 a week for 18 weeks, each week reviewing one of the chapters in the book and a playback of my audiobook recording of that chapter. is our main site for now.  The podcast series is titled The Awakening Chronicles.

Saoirse Heart:  Will you have a crowdfunding or other type of fund raising site for people to visit?

Doc Grun: people can contribute on the website if they feel so inclined, every little bit helps.  the more grass roots support corp sponsors see the more they are convinced the project will make them money.  indiegogo campaign is not live yet.  soon.  Did you watch the promo vids?

Saoirse Heart: yes, they are fantastic.

Doc Grun: then you get the scope of the project

Saoirse Heart: huge

Doc Grun: very, We are launching everything at the same time, so as each section is done it is placed on ice and we move to the next.  There will be 3 books in the series.  A prequel next and then a sequel

Saoirse Heart: A project of this size takes a lot of time, how are you coping with the time and keeping your real life going smoothly?

Doc Grun: I am working 13 hours X6 days lately, not much time for me

Saoirse Heart: Wow that is a lot of time, and it is also spent learning the most cutting edge technologies.  Has the changing technology affected the project?

Doc Grun: in fact the book was written so long ago by me I had to go back and update the tech used as what I originally wrote seemed like 1960's sci-fi instead of futuristic lol

Saoirse Heart:  What is your social media presence now?

Doc Grun: my twitter feed is @docgrun.  currently have 530 followers, get about 50 new each day.  helps get the word out.  People can sign up for the newsletter and receive a free copy of the first chapter in pdf format [through the website]

Saoirse Heart:  Do you have a bigger goal beyond this project for your life and your life’s work?
Doc Grun: my goal is to quit my day job and write and produce this, and my partner and I will be starting up a service for people who want to do what we are doing and offer our experience to help them bring their projects to life.  we have made all the mistakes so we know how to help the next person not make them lol

Mostly it is time that is lost.  our team is world wide.  my partner is in California, my film editor is in Colorado, my graphics artist is in the UK.  even setting up a meeting is hard for someone no matter what time we pick.  The reality of Second Life collaborations.

Saoirse Heart: Who are members of your team?

Doc Grun: The team includes Lou CasaBianca [Director/Publisher], Bob Cook [Film Editor] and Andreea Laura Alp [Graphic Artist]

Saoirse Heart:  Thank you for speaking with me today Doc.  I know we all will want to watch the progress of Awakenings and your future projects.  I began reading the book this weekend and as you predicted.....I had a hard time setting it down to write this article.  You may purchase the book in PDF format, order a copy of the audio book and the original music soundtrack all from the website.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Future Imperfect: The Art Of Gem Preiz - Persia Bravin Reporting...

Image by Gem Preiz

On board a spaceship circling a far distant planet, the Captain stares out of the window of the craft at the unfamiliar landscape beneath him. Soaring watchtowers hewn from jagged rocks thrust high into the alien atmosphere overlooking abandoned landing platforms and bathed by the light of the ships solar panels, he pensively writes into a logbook. The opening page reveals that the year is 2115 and he has blasted away from a dystopian Earth: a planet that is dying, desolate and ravaged by mankind. His logbook reveals his deepest fears, his human frailties and an overwhelming acceptance that life as he knew it might never be the same again.

This dark glimpse of what life could be like in a not so distant future has been brought to present times within Second Life at ‘Wrecks’ – an exhibition at LEA 26 created by SL artist, Gem Preiz. Wrecks takes the viewer on a journey – both emotionally and visually – through a series of logbook entries written on the exhibit’s starry walls and via the colossal pictures of alien landscapes and structures that Gem produces outside of SL using Mandelbulb 3D, a generator of 3D fractal objects and to complete the out of this world experience, Gem has included a haunting soundtrack that wouldn’t be out of place accompanying a movie such as The Martian or Gravity.

Image by Gem Preiz

“The background of ‘Wrecks’ is a pessimistic future of our planet,” admits Gem. “But I felt it would be interesting to give a human and individual dimension to it, by creating a parallel between the risk of giving up efforts to maintain our planet, and the runaway life of a man who doesn’t want to face his own responsibility and future. Wrecks takes place in 100 years’ time and the fifteen fractal artworks tell of a journey into space along with texts extracted from a logbook and personal mails written by the captain of a spaceship which leaves the Earth. Overall, it gives a vision of the future of our planet, which matches the destiny of the narrator. More futuristic, not very funny, but… holding hope.”

The foreboding atmosphere at Wrecks is almost tangible: from the moment you enter the exhibit through the doors of the Orpheus craft, you are immersed in the life of the Captain and became compelled to discover the outcome of his narrative. But it’s the fractal images that really capture your attention due to their size, intricacy and beauty. “I cut my fractals into plates that I stitch carefully so that the edges are almost invisible,” Gem explains. “It enables me to bring 15 or 20 times more information inworld than with a single texture. The images are much more precise, and when you zoom, you get additional details instead of getting a blurred image. That increases a lot the immersive feeling.”

Image by Gem Preiz

Visiting Wrecks leaves a long lasting impression on the viewer, and despite his shortcomings, you can’t help but hope for a better destiny for the Captain – and planet Earth. As for his own future, Gem says that he has plans for further artwork and exhibitions in SL that might include “an extended range of digital images: not only fractals. I am also curious about the new technology coming, with virtual reality masks, to see how I could use it.” If you visit Wrecks, be sure to see Gem’s other exhibition entitled ‘Vestiges’ too, because there is no one better in SL art right now than Gem Preiz for showing us how the choices we make can affect our present – and our future.

Wrecks and Vestiges run until the end of June

Monday, February 29, 2016

Battle at Cosmos Master

Cosmos Master is a new interactive RPG game within Second Life. Check out this click showing two gamers engaged in battle with onlookers observing the action.

For more information about Cosmos Masters checkout this link Cosmos Master Spotlight Feature

Sunday, February 7, 2016

AWAKENiNG Friends, Family & Colleagues Crowdfunding SNEAK PREVIEW FOR SECOND LIFE FANS

You love Science Fiction Books & Movies!
We want you to be part of what we believe will be
a new best selling Book & Animated Film & TV Series
"AWAKENiNG - The Eye of the Scalien”
By Author, Douglas Green & Director, Lou CasaBianca,
We have the book & scripts just about ready to go!
Join us in bringing this Visionary Project out to the world in 2016.

Friday, May 30, 2014

The SL Science- Fiction Convention -May 30-June 8th

Returning for its 7th year, this event brings together a wide range of RPG communities and merchants to raise funds for RFL and to celebrate the creativity, innovation and spirit of community within the genre of Science Fiction. 

Past guest speakers have included actors, Richard Hatch, Johnathan Frakes and Peter Jurasik.  

Check out the website at for more information.
Coordinators: Kirk Wingtips, Ariadne Fall, Teresa Firelight and Ramius Easterwood

Beam up to some fun!

Nowlan Hub - 
Emmerich Hub - 
Verne Hub - 
Straczynski Hub - 
Larson Hub - 
Whedon Hub -

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Live long and Prosper at The Star Trek Museum.- Shaneos Howlett Reporting…

Every Star Trek fans fantasies come to life at The Star Trek Museum.

In early November 2013 I lucky enough to be able to interview Owner / Manager of the Star Trek Museum - Emillie Piccard for insight in to behind the scenese operation and what makes The Star Trek Museum location worth visiting, including...
SL's best collection of Everything Star Trek - Full size USS Enterprise, dine on gagh, fly in a shuttle, visit a Vulcan town, a Klingon home, Science Museum, swim with George and Gracie whales and learn about everything scientific and educational within Star Trek, details follow...

Friday, April 5, 2013

SL Newser: Perri Prinz’s Green Meadows Club

One club that's been around for a few years that was built as a tribute to classic rock is Green Meadows, formerly known as Xanadu.

 Run by Perri Prinz and RECoyote Mindes, the club has events a few times every week. But as good as the music is, Perri being an expert of the music of the time period, the club is well designed to the point of being a work of art, in addition to a nearby building having a gallery of science-fiction/fantasy art. Recently, Grease Coakes went to Perri and Rec to ask about the club.

Read More

Monday, January 21, 2013

Cheshyr's Landing- Allen Eppenberger Reporting...

If you’re like me, you kind of use a “click it and see where it takes me” approach to Second Life.  On this particular day, I was in a Sci Fi mood and did a search and came up with the usual suspects.  A couple of links in and I came across a place called Novatech HQ & Sci-Fi Mall.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sci Fi in July: Machinima Fest and Appearances Program

Here is the exact schedule for the Sci-Fi in July science fiction machinima event (and cosplay contest) JUL 29 at AviewTV in Second Life.

We will be running many films and hosting personal appearances from some of SL's best machinima creators. This is a great chance to meet the directors!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sci Fi July! SUN 29 Film Fest and Cosplay Contest at AviewTV

It's SCI FI JULY at AviewTV this July 29! A film festival celebrating the art of speculative machinima! Premiering new works by Glasz DeCuir, Miles Eleventhauer and more! PLUS COSPLAY CONTEST!!!