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Showing posts with label Star Trek. Show all posts

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Top picks of the best RP Sims- Sarah Elisabeth Brenham reporting

Are you looking for a sim to role-play in, but don't know where to go? Then keep on reading to discover my top picks of the best RP sims that are currently on the grid!

I had to begin our journey through Second Life with a Gorean sim, as this is the type of role-playing that I am the most familiar with. For those who don't know what Gor is, the planet and culture of Gor were conjured up by John Frederick Lange Jr aka John Norman. The premises for this world and its traditions are based, in my mind. off of Colonial America. What does that mean exactly? Well during the Colonial times in The U.S.A., gender roles were very defined, slavery was popular and modern conveniences didn't exist. The Gorean community in Second Life is one of the platform's longest-running colonies. With over 50 sims to choose from, where does one even start? Thank goodness that you have me to guide you! In my opinion, I believe that one should look for a place that has stood the test of time. While there are two Gorean sims that fit the bill, the one that I would like to present to you all today is geared towards role-playing, instead of lifestyle (yes some people do practice a form of this life offline.) So, what sim am I referring to? Why but Svago of course! Svago has been on the grid for over three years and although it is classified as a place that follows the Gor novels as closely as possible, it truly does welcome all Goreans.


Calling all Game Of Throne fans! Do you miss the show dearly and hope it returns one day? While that may or may not happen, there is a place where you can create your own characters and storylines within this theme. This location is called HIGHGARDEN. So, if you loved the hit Medieval HBO drama, then I highly recommend that you check out this sim!


 Centauri Alpha Prime 
Are you a Trekkie? Do you think that you would have been friends with someone like Spock? Then Centauri Alpha Prime might be right for you!


Tulagi Seaport & WWII Central [VICE]
Do you have a passion for WWII? Tulagi Seaport & WWII Central [VICE] is comprised of over forty sims and I believe has something for everyone who wishes to reenact one or more parts of this time in history.


 Cedar Creek
I could not conclude a round-up of role-playing sims without including one for Family RP, as it's one of the most popular forms of role-play that people decide to do. Individuals choose to participate in Family RP for a variety of reasons. Regardless of why you are interested in Family role-play, I feel that there is one sim that you should check out if you wish to go down that path. That sim is Cedar Creek. This location has everything that you can think of when it comes to a typical American small town and so much more.


So, there you have it, my recommendations of the hottest RP sims on the grid right now. All you need to do is just to bring your creativity and of course, have fun!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Join our Monthly meeting of Art and Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI) Sunday, September 25th at 10pm PDT/1pm EDT

Meeting will be held at Quat Gallery 

 Topics for discussion:

Are we going to Mars because of Star Trek?

Will we find ET? Has ET found us?

What are the odds of an asteroid killing us?

If we have time:

Testing the tooth fairy?

Universe has no direction?

Water powered satellite?

We hope you can stop by to join the fun and share your Metaverse
experiences, along with your virtual gaming, computer geek adventures,
cyber art projects, and dorkbot stories. You can teleport to the meeting

Meetings are held using text chat, a transcript is recorded, and selected
transcripts are posted at: Your participation
implies your agreement to have your words and image published.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Are you a Trekky? Visit the Star Trek Museum in Second Life

The Star Trek Museum was established in 2006 and teaches real science in Star Trek format. Visitors can explore exhibits on Astrometrics, Warp Theory, Engineering and experience being beamed up to 10-Forward and using the two working Holodecks. Trekkies can also get a close up view of the starship and bridge recreations.

The Enterprise NCC-1701 is a full sized recreation of Captain Kirk’s starship. You can even sit in the captain’s seat and watch a Star Trek Tribute on the main viewer.

ShuttleCrafts are available at two locations on New Eridani. They fly from p’Jem Monastery to any place you want to see around the sim. Don’t worry if you cannot fly, these shuttecrafts are piloted automatically.

The virtual Star Trek experience does not end there. The museum offer information about the history and culture of Andorians, Borgs, Cardassian, Klingons, Orion, Romulans and Vulcans. Exhibits include recreated artifacts and you can even visit the home of the Grand Nagus, a Borg Cube or a Klingon house. Be sure to collect the freebies that are all over the sim and browse the outdoor market. After your tour  grab a bite to eat at the Federation Buffet table and dine on live gagh and blood wine.  

New Eridian is a sim full of adventure and so much to see and be a part of. The Vulcan Arena showcases a Star Trek Style Wedding and the Ceremonial Center offers formal events and trivia. Vulcan Home rentals are also an option for Trekky Roleplayers.

Aside from Star Trek culture there is also educational information on real life whale conservation you can learn about while at the Whale Observation Pier. Whale Watching and Scuba diving are some fun activities to incorporate into your tour. Inspired by Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Roddenbery Dive Team is another educational tour that combines the philosophy of Star Trek with exploration and protection of the earth’s oceans.

If you are interested in joining the Star Trek Community, contact Wabisabi Matahari
Sabri Picard-Founder, Captain, Curator
Wabisabi Matahari  -Benevolent Dictator- Curator, Gardener
Tsora Enoch - Chief Engineer
 Plushie Wrangler -Head Chef  

Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Live long and Prosper at The Star Trek Museum.- Shaneos Howlett Reporting…

Every Star Trek fans fantasies come to life at The Star Trek Museum.

In early November 2013 I lucky enough to be able to interview Owner / Manager of the Star Trek Museum - Emillie Piccard for insight in to behind the scenese operation and what makes The Star Trek Museum location worth visiting, including...
SL's best collection of Everything Star Trek - Full size USS Enterprise, dine on gagh, fly in a shuttle, visit a Vulcan town, a Klingon home, Science Museum, swim with George and Gracie whales and learn about everything scientific and educational within Star Trek, details follow...

Friday, April 27, 2012


Beam Me Up Scotty

The Star Trek Museum of Science, established in-world by Sabri Picard in 2006, remains at full throttle (if not at warp speed), though it has moved to a single island in-world. “We downsized last year (2011),” said Wabisabi Matahari, the museum’s curator and Benevolent Dictator. “No more room,” she added when this deadline beater inquired about the model starships that were part of the original exhibit. “(It) just got way too expensive and donations dried up,” the amiable dictator revealed.