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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Observed in Second Life – Glossom Resident Reporting…

“A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all the other virtues.” - Cicero

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada. In the United States it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November and in Canada is in the second Monday of October. It is also observed in Liberia, Puerto Rico, Norfolk Island and …in Second Life. This year the big day is November 28th.

As the name translates itself, Thanksgiving is the day when families reunite to give thanks for the blessings in one's life and for the good happenings of the year. Everybody gathers around a table stuffed with delicious treats made from seasonal produce, such as pumpkin, corn and pecan nuts and many other delicacies cooked from recipes that traditionally pass on from generation to generation. Among many delights, the beautifully roasted turkey is the king of this celebration. This holiday is also known for football and great parades.

Second Life dresses in fall colors to welcome this holiday, already with  snow, setting the tone to the beginning of the holiday season. Creators devote their time to the theme to fill the stores with the best decorations, the most beautiful arrangements, inspiring autumn clothes, cozy prefabs, or to cooking the traditional meals that will fill the tables of many residents. Landlords landscape their land with leaves, autumn trees and even with the first sightings of snow, new themed sites are created offering spaces for celebration, some faith-based and others of pagan nature, nevertheless, all having a common denominator: to be thankful.

Venues are decorated to match the holiday; clubs have their Thanksgiving events scheduled, Marketplace is filled with fantastic products. Second Life is in motion, in transformation to fit to the season. Friends and second family will soon gather on a single platform to recreate this holiday and be thankful for their virtual achievements.

For those still undecided on where to celebrate, the SLE went around the grid and visited some Thanksgiving venues. Here are a few of so many places to choose from:

Mountain Rose Village
“Join us for a month of thanksgiving!  Visit our Thankful Heart Shrine, available 3 Nov.  through 29 Nov.  Light a thanksgiving candle, pray, meditate, sit quietly. As always family and child friendly, with lots to see and do.”

Thanksgiving Celebration Dance & Pow Wow NOV 22 – 30
“Join us for our 7th Annual Thanksgiving Celebration Dance & Pow Wow Nov 22 – 30. 5000+ guests attended in 2012! Another "Too Much Fun" event hosted by the Aero Pines Park Rangers and land-sponsoring residents.”

Madhatter Island and Yacht Club
A  Yacht club where to celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving buffet available. Venue is decorated to the theme.

Chocolate World
The main theme here is chocolate: chocolate made houses, a chocolate factory, among others. Nice Thanksgiving decorations. Club and Indian village are available on the site.

Fall, Harvest & Thanksgiving @ Purple Moon
“Nice and affordable decorations to celebrate Autumn Season”

Seasons of  Palenia, Thanksgiving Treasures
This store sells decorative items for your Thanksgiving Day.

Keep an eye on the SL Enquirer in the next days, because we will share some heavenly roasted turkey recipes that have been kept under wraps.



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