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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to use Facebook/Twitter in Second Life for your Business …. Piers Diesel Reporting...

Social media in Real Life has changed the way we interact with people whether for social or business aspects.

For businesses it is a fast and cost effective way for not only promoting your business but also keeping your followers in touch with any news you may wish to share with them in real time.

 To incorporate this into your Second Life business, does it work for your Second Life business?

The answer is Yes. Anyone in Second Life can create a business and use social media to promote it. All one needs is an email address to create an account.

Once an account is created, it is time to work on a promotional campaign. Having visual aids like posters and logos is very helpful in gaining recognition. Experienced writers can help you create a professional press release that will entice people to learn more about what you have to offer. Building a social media audience is important and will help boost your business.

How is having a RL Facebook/Twitter Account Different from an SL Facebook/Twitter presence?

  In Real Life, if you have a Facebook group page or a Twitter account than chances are you have a wider audience, including family members, friends, colleagues and friends of friends but most people choose to keep their personal lives separate from their Second Life activities.
The difference between the two accounts is the amount of followers.

Networking and Building a following

 Whilst some people have a large volume of SL friends, their RL networks are more contained. For others, it is the opposite.
If you have a Second Life Facebook/Twitter page, you might only have  Second Life residents on your list and that depends on who has Facebook/Twitter accounts to access and follow your page. Taking that into consideration, you cannot really compare SL business volume to the real world. It is obvious that there are less people in Second Life than the world itself and not everyone uses social media.

For example, you have a Second Life business which has had  a healthy number of people in your  in-world business group . You join Second Life Facebook/Twitter and create a page for your business. If you promote your Facebook/Twitter page in your group this will encourage your group members to not just wait to see what is new with your business when they log into SL but they can now check out the latest news from you outside of the virtual world and even share the page or tweet with their friends. 

Advantages of Networking
Sharing your page, inviting new friends and including your Facebook look in your press release notices are a great advantage because it will enable your business to gain wider audience and business awareness.

There is no right or wrong way in creating your Facebook/Twitter account providing you keep it Second Life orientated and professional if your product is geared more towards business and residence in Second Life.  

Don’t expect to much too soon
How effective these two or other social network tools are will depend on how much work you wish to put into promoting them. Just like promoting your business in Second Life groups, you will need to promote your business on your social networks too by getting people to like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter.

If your Facebook page generates 20 likes this can seem like a small number when compared to rl business, but you have to see it as a positive thing.  20 people may only like your Facebook page or 20 people may have only followed you on Twitter but for Second Life and depending on your business, that is a good start.

There is always room to grow
There is a high percentage of Second Life Residence using Facebook or what some may call it SL Facebook, which enables you to gear your business to them. However, it does not mean that you will get a large number of followers actually logging in to buy products regularly.  Advertising and promoting takes time. The key to success is consistency and repetition. The more often you use your social networks, the more visibility it produces.

Professionalism is Important
Facebook and Twitter are great advertising tools when used appropriately so always use a professional approach when dealing with your business and presenting it to others.

Do your Research on new promotional ideas
Facebook and Twitter are just a couple of social networks out of many tools you can use to gain revenue and business awareness.  Doing your research and organize a business plan is vital to any business.  Once you have the promotional tools you need to succeed, it will be much easier to promote on multiple networks.


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