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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Skywalk Gallery at The Station Announces its January and February Community Exhibit and Photo Contest “What Is Love?”

Between January 5 and February 10th  2014 visitors to The Station Skywalk Gallery may place an original photo of the theme “What is Love” into one of the blank  photo boards in the Skywalk gallery for free to enter into the contest and exhibit. (See further instructions below).  Contest prizes will be as follows: 

1st place “What is Love” image or words taken/created in any SL sim or first life=$1,000L 

1st place “What is Love” image taken in The Station sim=$1,000L

2nd place “What is Love” image or words taken/created in any SL sim or first life =$500L

2nd place “What is Love image taken in The Station sim =$500L

All awards will be granted to the winner whose one name appears on the winning image regardless of avatars that may be in an image-please remember to follow TOS when taking pics. (original work only)

Winners will be announced at a party around Valentine’s Day
 February 14th.   Winners need not be present to win.  Judges will include 3 members of sim management.   Open to all SL residents and although judges may place one photo each for fun and exhibit purposes only, they are not eligible for prizes.
Contest Rules:
*All photos should be placed into the photo boards on a first come first served basis -one photo per SL resident.
*Photos can be rough or edited images -standard photo board size is: 3.4 x 5.65-come have a look and get info prior to making pics if needed.
*Be sure to place your full legible official LL name in the lower right hand corner of the photo for contest and exhibit purposes. 
 (If you don’t know how to add your name, see sim management.)

*Photos should follow the theme designated and should be tasteful with no nude bits completely showing.  Tasteful nudes allowed, but be advised photos may be deleted if not considered in good taste by any of the 3 judges. If words are used in the images they must be deemed in good taste.

 Sim management. reserves the right to disqualify and remove any image for any reason. 

*If all photo boards are filled in please contact one of the first 3 sim mgt. listed below and consideration may be given to adding more, but mgt. reserves the right to consider the boards filled on a first come first served basis in the skywalk area initially designated.
*Inappropriate use of the photo boards may result in sim discipline and disqualification from the contest.  The photo boards are to be used for this exhibit and contest in good taste, one per entrant.
*Words/sayings may be used as well as pictures/photos taken RL or SL, but all works must be original by the artist.
*Be creative and have fun, make it sweet, show your loved one how much you love them by making a pic with them, make it funny, is love about family?, children?, pets?, a beautiful scene?, show everyone what love is to you. 

Thank you in advance for your participation in this event and exhibit that should be fun and enjoyable for all.
Entrants retain the rights to their photos but first place winners will be asked for a copy of their photo to place into the Skywalk gallery museum being established.  Photo boards will be deleted upon completion of the exhibit, date yet to be determined, so please keep a copy of your own photo for your own use.

Visit The Skywalk Gallery at The Station here:

Instructions for photo placement:
Locate The Skywalk Gallery group joiner and join the group to participate. Find a blank photo board and follow the instructions on the board to place and lock your photo if desired.  Please note, once an image is placed and locked you will be unable to change it.

While visiting the gallery please also enjoy the rest of this exceptional sim with many levels. 

Sincerely, Kara Trapdoor, curator

Sim mgt: 
Enigmatic Deir: sim owner/builder
Sonrise Seminario: sim manager
Kara Trapdoor: gallery curator and PR

Mirianette: Miri’s club owner
Moi orfin: club coordinator
Jax (brendenjackson): The Attic manager


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