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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Men’s Fashion Accessories: Watches. Tea Couturier Reporting...

While out shopping around Second Life, I noticed a really nice watch for myself. Then I realized not many men in SL wear watches and wondered why.

I decided to ask some of my friends as to why this was. Most of them informed me it started when they first came into SL when the men’s watches where over sized and either over blinged or had the time glowing above the watch or even both. That can be very unappealing for those looking for something realistic.

 Times  and designs have changed since then, so I decided to find the 5 top watches for men in Second Life and share them with our readers.

[MANDALA] HOKUSAI Bracelet set/Black
This is a unisex watch the creator has called it a bracelet because the hands on the clock are not moving. However, we will call it a watch as it looks like one. Classy and created in detail so it resembles a real watch. Its features are:

-Non rigged mesh
-removable resizer
-full bright switchable by script
-2types shape included.(formal & cuff)
-2 types metal included.
Priced at 497L

RE** ReVoX MVX Watch * MESH

This would work well as your day watch. It has a strong hardy look that will work well with any day clothing you may want to wear but yet still look trendy. 

Its features are:
*Multiple Textures*
*ReVoX Collection*
- Powerful presence | Natural shine | Unisex -
- Original Design & Textures | Top Quality & Detail | Top Quality Mesh -
- Real Time Analogue Clock (Hover Text, Daylight Saving, Time zone) -
- Customizable via HUD (5 parts) | Resizable (via HUD or Menu) | Deletable scripts -
- 2 Belt Styles -
- 12 Belt Leathers (independent belts) | 12 Watch Faces | 6 Watch Metals | 8 Numbers Colors -
- Free Life Time Updates -
- Control Access Restriction -
- Unrigged Mesh -
A lot of featured packed in one watch and priced at 1000L you can see why.

Couple Watches Oyster DayDate Black Realistic by Bandit
This watch has been branded the most realistic luxury watches available in Second Life. It has new sculpted diamonds super reflective & realistic (bandit patented) Real time hands, adjustable time-zone with Full SL Reflections (no fake shininess), shiny reflective glass ,full prim hands & shiny platinum. Box contains 2 watches for the Lady and Men size "both can be resized for men o ladies") transferable & script resizable with adjustable time-zone in nice gift box.
Now with script remover (low lag) Priced at 1500L

MB30 for men from Watch Shop Watches
This is a trendy and stylish watch. It is a large diameter man's watch with a bold, wide-band look. Silver vector hands mark the passing of time against a dramatic black & white dial. Decorative snaps and buckles are found on the front and back of the double leather strap. Watch features include:
- Time zones
- Animation to look at watch
- Alarm with custom reminder messages
- Floating time display controls
- Bling on/off (which naturally this would be turned off if you wore it)
Priced at 250L this is an amazing price for such a lovely stylish watch.

Mesh Watch for men with multi-scale face
High quality and low price make this man's wristwatch your best value in a virtual timepiece. Multiple numeric scales radiate outward from the centre so you can tell time just about any way you want to. Time zone may be adjusted through menu by clicking on watch. Bling responds to bling on/bling off in local chat.
Now probably not as detailed as the others and may seem not as stylish, however, as you know I like to include my bargain purchase this would be it. Priced at 99L it is a steal if you want a watch but do not wish to pay a lot of money for it.

I will admit it was hard locating watches for me at stores. If it is hard for me to find them then may be it would be even harder for the man who wants a watch but cannot be bothered in doing the long shopping search to find one.  Nobody got time for that.

Happy Shopping!


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