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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Spotlight on TenderLove: an Animation System for Loving Couples-DoctorKaren Kanto Reporting…

Full disclosure: I own TenderLove and have for some years now, and I love it. TenderLove is a sex animation system with some very special features that come together to allow a couple to do more than have sex.

It allows them to make love. Where most animations are separate and involve jerky jumps from one to another, TenderLove allows for sequences that are smooth, flowing and graceful. Where control of the animations is usually with only one of the parties involved at a time, TenderLove provides huds to both parties at the same time, allowing the process to be much more interactive.

Co-developed by Kizmet Kidd and Menwar Skytower, I was able to spend some time with Kizmet at her beautiful home in SL, where she told me that Menwar was the animator and scripter for TenderLove.

Interview with Kizmet Kidd

Karen: How did TenderLove come about?

Kizmet: Menwar and I met randomly and as we became friends we talked about all different things. As he is a scripter we talked about some ideas I had, and at some point the topic turned to sex animations in SL. He told me of an idea he had been thinking about for a more realistic experience. He knew he could create it and wanted to take the project on. We then talked about features we would like to see in the system. We agreed we wanted it to have a dual control system, and wanted to get rid of the jerky and unnatural transitions from one animation to another. We also wanted to only include poses that were realistic, as some of the poses around involved positions no one could, or would want to, do in RL. As much as anything, though, we both wanted a system that communicated a loving experience, and I think that was accomplished. Our first shop opened about five years ago, and TenderLove had been in development for at least six months prior to that.

Karen: I imagine that you've gotten good feedback from customers?

Kizmet: Oh, yes!! That is one thing I'm very proud of. Many of our sales are due to word of mouth, or by someone having used TenderLove with someone else and getting one for themselves. We offer gift certificates as well so it makes a great gift! The other thing I am proud of is our customer service. I handle all questions and requests and work hard to ensure a good experience with the TenderLove.

Karen: I note that TenderLove starts with a single pose ball. Why is that?

Kizmet:  TenderLove needs to identify which partner is the man and which the woman, so the man is the first to sit on the pose ball, at which point the second pose ball for the woman appears. The pose balls are also set to distinguish between being on a floor or on a bed. If on a floor, the couple will start in a standing pose. If on a bed, they will start lying down. When you sit on the pose ball,  TenderLove will offer you a hud to control the activities, and allow the hud to be configured for your viewer and resolution. If you wish, you can save the hud and reuse it from one time to the next, allowing you to retain where it sits on your screen.

Karen: Did Menwar write and script all of the animations in the TenderLove, or just the transitions?

Kizmet: Oh, no, all of the animations are Menwar's. We did tons of trial and error tests driving of the animations. Menwar is really a perfectionist and works very hard on every detail of the product. He tries hard to find and fix bugs before the release of any version. He works to line up the avis as much as possible, but he also allowed for the parties to make adjustments to their positions in the poses very easily, and to have TenderLove remember those adjustments according to which avi's were using it at the time. Adjustments for one pair of avi's will not undo the adjustments for another.

Karen: That is a feature I have very much appreciated. Who came up with the idea to include a blanket to rez?

Kizmet: Menwar did.

Karen: It was the first time I ever saw an SL blanket that covered a couple.

Kizmet: Yes, it is a nice touch, especially in front of a fireplace or saying goodnight to your partner in bed. All of our shops have a fireplace area and bed area. Another nice feature is that the pose ball goes transparent, so it can be left out.

Karen: Even though TenderLove distinguishes the man from the woman, I have found it quite effective with my lesbian lovers. Is there any thought, though, to a lesbian version of TenderLove?

Kizmet: Not at this time, though the idea has been discussed, even with the boy-girl orientation though, I've never found any other system that gives the experience TenderLove does in terms of emotions and relating to your partner, and I think this works for any two avis using it. TenderLove is for any couple seeking a tender, relaxed and genuine intimate experience.

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