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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Spotlight on Castle RidgeTale: A Place of Entertainment – Glossom Resident Reporting…

Somewhere in the middle Age something majestic rose in the sky. Like a king in his throne, Castle RidgeTale sits high above in a stunning forest surrounded by beautiful and grand mountains.

To not let down the legendary title of a place of entertainment, the Castle and surroundings feature essential attractions such as the Events Hall, a place dedicated to music events in an acoustic environment, parties and special celebrations like Royal weddings, birthdays, among others. In a place that appeals to history and tradition, one can revive the medieval times and have magical and fascinating experiences that transport us to a very distant past.

As one explores the castle traversing a maze of gates, steps and corridors, large rooms and towers, one will come across meticulously detailed rooms  with an historical collection of objects as books and especially works of art such as paintings, sculptures, mosaics, stained glass or old world crest tapestry found in rooms like a rich kitchen, a luxury dining room or a library, to name a few, or even in a room with an altar dedicated to religious services like weddings and a treasures hall containing gold sacks, treasure chests, coins, crowns and weapons on display. Your Majesty’s Guards are formed up and ready to protect the Castle and its treasure, so those who cannot resist the temptation of stealing some coins will be held captive in the Castle’s unbreakable dungeon.

In the beautiful and mysterious forest full of fantastic creatures and an atmosphere barely seen anywhere else, one can ride a horse and explore the castle surroundings. Following the ground paths one will find the forest’s deepest secrets and the most interesting spots practically at every corner. Say hello to Red Riding Hood, meet her grandmother or visit the blacksmith. Enjoy the stillness and relax in secluded areas or in hidden caves specially set up to deliver quality time to the most honourable visitors.

If you want a complete experience, enjoy this wonderful opportunity to return to the Medieval Era in comfort. Indulge yourself in a number of games and recreation or engage in medieval sportive games with your friends, like Sword fighting, Jousting or Archery. The best part is that the Castle and forest are available for private events too. So if you dream of a wedding medieval style or would like to hold a medieval event, book Castle RidgeTale now and be the King or the Queen of the Realm for a day.

Do contact Edemon Gausman and frederikia Resident for booking information.

All Fair Ladies and Noble Knights are invited to venture out and discover the path of Kings and Queens, visit the past and live a thousand legendary adventures that seem to have come out from a fairy tale.


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