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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Super Intelligence or Super Rich?- Piers Diesel Reporting...

Being super intelligent is something which we cannot buy. You can gain an education to become knowledgeable but this will not make you super intelligent. Being Super Rich does not promise happiness and with more money can bring more problems But it can reduce some stresses associated with paying bills and helping others.

We are lead to believe that if we are intelligent we can on this alone make ourselves rich. Which can be the case with CEO and founders of many companies in Real Life such as Bill Gates who was educated at Lakeside school (1968-1973) and Harvard University (1973-1975) and with this knowledge created Microsoft. However, you do not need to be super intelligent to become rich or even super rich, for example Sir Richard Branson owner of Virgin Airlines never went to university. However, he made his money and built his company from the ground up and would be classified as being super rich.

So I ask this question to residents of Second Life to see which one they would choose if they had the options to pick

“If you had to choose one, would you pick super intelligence or super rich and why?”
Here are just a few choices from some of the residents of Second Life.

Lanai Jarrico

I would choose intelligence over being super rich because I have this overpowering  need to be aware of the world around me. Being super rich would be a bonus because it would allow me to do all of the things I want to do, travel the world and help others less fortunate, but without intelligence a super rich lifestyle would be difficult to maintain. It can bring out the best or the worst in ourselves or others.

LovedWarrior Quan
Being with a super intelligent person is very difficult because the person is usually unable to live a normal life.

I would pick super intelligence and my reason for picking this is that I think if I was that smart, I could figure out how to become super rich

 Annmarie valentine
 I would say intelligence because I feel money can't buy everything

Blondie Lefevre

Hmmmm that's a hard choice. I'm greedy I want
Piers: lol
Blondie Lefevre: Ok I would pick super intelligence and my reason is, I could do most anything I wanted and would end up rich lol

Vincennes Demonia
I would pick super intelligence because if I was super smart I can have all the money which would enable me to become super rich also.

Neither of these answers are right or wrong. We all have our own perceptions on being either super intelligence or super rich and what the results could be if we had either one. However, to become either super rich or super intelligent is based on the individual. Being super rich or super intelligent cannot really be measured against each other to show which would result in you being more successful or happy.

Which can be seen in Real Life, were we have many examples of people who have become successful being one or the other. 


  1. Give me a Billion Euro and I'll give you half my IQ...

  2. Being super intelligent doesn't necessarily help you be very rich because most of the super intelligent people have absolutely no interest in money. Most of them live in their own lives and are unable to survive in the "natural" or "common" world. I think intelligence is over rated because every psychologist will tell you there is a fine line between super intelligence and being "crazy". Super rich people, also don't have normal lives as they have to constantly run after where the money goes and how to keep it coming rather than going. I guess everything in moderation is the answer :)


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